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    Name/Type of Mission: Tractor Trailer Jackknife

    Units Required:

    • 3 fire trucks
    • 2 police cars
    • 1 heavy rescue (30% chance of needing it)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Highway {Exit}

    Patients: 0-2 [50% chance of patient needing transport]

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 1000

    Name/Type of Mission: Alligator on Golf Course

    Units Required: 1 game warden

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Golf Course

    Patients: 0-1 [90% chance of patient needing transport]

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 300-500

    Name/Type of Mission: Lightning Strike Victim

    Units Required: 1 fire engine

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 1 (100% probability of transport) [Traumatology or General Internal (idk which is more suited)]

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 300-500

    Your In-Game Username:


    A description of the issue.

    The call "Serve Eviction Notice" was generated for my North Dakota stations. However, the issue with that is; I only have 3 police stations (none of which have Sheriffs). The call requirements screen/tab says I need 1 Sheriff and 1 police car to complete the call, but also only needed 3 police stations to get the call. When I went to the police vehicle market and looked at the Sheriff Unit, it states it will be required at 7 police stations. However, when I "refreshed" [for lack of a better term] the call [i.e. sending a unit and canceling it before it arrived at the call] it said I only need 1 patrol car. After sending 1 patrol car to the mission and letting it sit for the entire call duration, it cleared with no other issues.

    A screenshot of the issue if it's visual. (Print Screen, paste into, provide the link)

    When the issue started.

    Sometime around 9:30-10 AM EST on 4/29/2021

    [note: this happened 1-2 days before the aforementioned date as well but I forgot to get screenshots for it and I can't remember if it was the same call or a different one]

    What operating system your computer uses.

    Windows 10 Home

    What web browser you're using.

    Google Chrome

    What graphic pack you're using (if applicable to the error).

    Probably not applicable but I'm using PulsePoint inspired icon pack for missions. The first time I encountered this I wasn't using any mission graphic packs.

    What error code you see, if any.


    Did you clear your cache? (Ctrl + F5)


    Any other applicable information.

    None that I can think of.

    (Sorry if someone posted something like this already, I tried looking and came up with no results)

    I just thought of a small Quality of Life thing in regards to the chat. If someone were to @ you in the chat, it should have its own sound so you can tell if someone is trying to get your attention or if it's just random chatter.

    Add an option to spend coins to decrease or completely skip the travel time to or from a call. The longer the travel time, the more coins required. And make it cost free or a lot less for premium account users.

    I haven't this issue in a while but I just remembered about it; People sending vehicles that aren't even required/won't even help the call just so they can get credits. Please add something where if someone does this they won't get payed anything. (If this already exists then you can just tell me and delete this)

    So I sent my fly-car to a Fever call since there was an update that was supposed to allow fly-cars to clear certain calls on their own.
    When i checked back on it to see its progress, it was telling me I need an ambulance, even though Fever is supposed to be one of the calls that a Fly-car can clear on its own. I tried canceling it and re-dispatching it back to the cell and it still told me I needed an ambulance.

    What I mean by "Double Follow Up" is to allow units to have two follow up calls. For example; say me Fly car is dispatched to one mission, then two more pop up that also need a fly car. So then I would select the first follow up to whichever is closer and the second follow up (What it's going to be dispatched to after it completes the first mission it was sent as a follow up) so then I don't have to check for when its done and then dispatch the second mission as the follow up while the first one is being dealt with.

    I feel that the prices of the fire boat and rescue boat should be decreased, due to the fact that (at least for now) in order to get the new missions that came with this update, you would need to gather 1 million credits {total} in order to get both stations. It does take quite the lengthy amount of time to get to 500,000 credits, especially for those who have an alliance building, resulting in them donating some of their earnings towards the alliance. I think either they both should have a price decrease or at least one of them.

    I feel there should be alliance thread muting for those threads that are particularly active and some people just don't want to partake in those threads. Having the option to mute a thread will make it to where you won't get a notification whenever someone types something in that specific thread so they don't have to open it just to remove the notification.

    I was thinking that the gas leak call can be given another expansion into something big / medium. It could be a call that's already existing, such as residential fire or gas station fire. Or i thought of this specific call that could work;
    Name: Gas Explosion

    • {5-10} Fire Stations
    • 2 Police Stations
    • {3-4} Rescue Stations
    • {5-10} Fire Engines
    • 2 Patrol Cars {Or Police Motorcycles} for traffic control
    • {1-2} Heavy rescue
    • {1-2} Platform Trucks {30%-50%} chance of needing
    • {1-2} Bat. Chiefs
    • 1 MCV {If sensible}


    • Min. Patients: 0
    • Max. Patients: {4-6}
    • {40%-50%} Chance for needing to be transported

    Obviously, everything here can be changed by the developers based on what they feel would be the most sensible for this mission.
    (Also a side note, can someone explain to me how a gas leak expands into a road accident and a dangerous goods truck accident?)

    I recently noticed that the Burning substation call was modified by changing the requirements to 2 firetrucks instead of 3, as well as including patrol cars being needed. So i figured a few other calls could use a slight tweak to them as well.

    First; Road accident. I found it a little odd that the road accident call only needed 1 firetruck and no patrol cars for traffic control / close a road if needed. So my suggestion is either modify it to require 1 police station and 1 patrol car or make a separate one with those additional requirements (like I've seen with Engine fire; one required 2 ARFF and one required 3) just for the sake of being realistic.

    Second: Smoke investigation. This has the potential to confuse and maybe even make some new players worried. The mission requirements tab shows that a ladder truck and battalion chief are needed for the call. However, you first get the call when you have 2 fire stations, and you're not required to have a ladder truck until 3 fire stations and 6 fire stations for a Battalion Chief. While the call can be completed at this stage with only 1 fire truck,it'd probably be better for newer players to divide it into 3 different versions. First version would say only needs a firetruck at 2 fire stations, then the 2nd version; 1 fire truck 1 ladder at 3 stations, and 1 fire truck 1 ladder truck and 1 bat chief at 6.

    Third: Trench Rescue. This is another modification for the sake of being realistic. Instead of being able to treat patients before the end of the call, it should be changed to be like the Stuck Climber call where patients won't be shown until the end of the call.

    I was browsing through the current P.O.I.'s that are available, I remembered that there were a decent amount of P.O.I.'s that didn't give any specific calls. So I thought of a good use for the school P.O.I. While the topic of school P.O.I calls has appeared at least once in a different forum, I thought I'd add another type of call to be generated from a school P.O.I., if we ever get any to begin with. The call could be Chemistry Lab Fire, maybe a Minor Hazardous Chemical Spill, and maybe a Science Lab Accident.
    Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

    Call requirements:
    Minor Hazardous Chemical Spill:

    • 11 firehouses (since that's when it's said to be required to have a HAZMAT)
    • School P.O.I.
    • 1 firetruck (if it sounds sensible)
    • 1 HAZMAT
    • No patients
    • Can expand to Chemistry Lab Fire

    Science Lab Accident:

    • 1 Rescue Station
    • School P.O.I.
    • Min. & Max Patients: 1
    • 30% chance patient needs transporting
    • Can expand to Minor Hazardous Chemical Spill.

    Chemistry Lab Fire:

    • 12 firehouses
    • 2 Police Stations (if it sounds sensible)
    • 3 Rescue Stations
    • School P.O.I.
    • 3-4 firetrucks
    • 1 Battalion Chief Unit
    • 1 HAZMAT
    • 1 Ladder Truck | 50% Chance needed {in case it's on the 2nd / 3rd floor}
    • 2 patrol cars (if it sounds sensible)
    • Min. Patients: 0
    • Max Patients: 3
    • 40% Chance patient needs to be transported

    I was browsing the new boat missions when I noticed there was minor typo;
    Where it should say required boats, it instead says required boots. While this is obviously nothing major, I thought i'd just bring it to attention if it wasn't already known about.

    it shows this for all the missions that need boats, I just picked this one because it was the first one I noticed it on.

    Can you make it so that HEMS in not considered a normal ambulance when choosing nearest/fastest ambulance in the mission menu? Just like the Police heli is not a normal patrol car? A bunch of my friends says it's really annoying, and I believe them TBH.

    Besides HEMS is supposed to be worst-scenario support unit, not first response unit.

    I understand why you don't want it to be considered a "normal ambulance". However, I have to disagree with you. I think it's good the way it is now. It helps me transport patients faster and becomes available faster, especially when all my normal ambulances are busy.

    But hey, you're entitled to your opinion.

    So I was browsing through Calls & P.O.I.'s when I noticed that there was a Hospital P.O.I. as well as an actual Hospital building that also has calls that can be generated with that specific P.O.I.
    So I thought it would be a good idea to have a Jail/Prison P.O.I. which would give access to a call which would be Prison Riot.

    Requirements for this call;

    • 10 Police Stations
    • 2 Rescue Stations
    • 3-4 S.W.A.T.
    • 10 Patrol Cars
    • Max Patients: 10
    • Minimum Patient: 5
    • 50% Chance that a patient would need transporting