Great Lakes Public Safety

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    • Great Lakes Public Safety

      A new alliance has been created in the upper Mid-West for the United states. Great Lakes Public Safety covers all the areas of Public safety services. although this is a new alliance the membership is mostly seasoned for the game. Currently we have 3 Admins, and 9 Members. as the membership grows as will the administrators.

      Great Lakes Public safety currently has Fire Stations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Michigan, we are looking to grow in any of these areas or anywhere between them. we will accept anyone.

      As do many of the Alliances out there we do operate on a Discord Channel for our availability, Large Scale Missions, and general chat.

      Our rules are simple your station locations need to be exact locations as real life, and the names of your units need to be appropriate names.

      we also are very understanding in this game, we understand that this is just a game and Family, home and unfortunately work life comes first so we have no minimum requirement for activity.

      Message me for more information, or if you want to just come check out what we have to offer. we try to do either alliance missions or a Storm weekly.
    • We are actively recruiting. Currently We have 11 active members with Fire/Police/EMS stations in Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan and Ohio.

      We have over 3 million in alliance funds currently ready to build on request we are working on banking this up and keeping funds set aside for emergency last second builds for members if needed.

      Come check us out.
    • Great Lakes Public Safety now has Fire Stations in 7 Different states in the upper midwest. We are up to 15 members and have currently over 5 Million in credits saved up ready to assist with building new prisons, or hospitals for those that need assistance. currently we have several Police and Fire academies and several members willing to assist new members with growth and calls.

      We only ask if you apply that stations be in the location of a real life Station. What you staff in those stations is completely up to you.

      These are the states we currently cover
      North Dakota