US Public Safety Alliance Recruiting

  • US Public Safety Alliance is recruiting for the most realistic players possible covering the entire US area. Players will have the most realistic placements of stations and contact the staff pertaining to the area of their structures to not conflict with other players already in the alliance. Players will be required to read the rules of the alliance and agree to follow the rules in place.

    Below is the home page statement for the alliance for interested players to join. Please read over the statement carefully.

    Welcome to the United States Public Safety. We strive on Communication and team work to get missions done. Please look over the rules as it will have a great effect on your play here in the alliance.
    Reason for this is People need to be on to help and an event can take up to 15 hours real time to complete depending on the level of it. The missions ask for an excessive amount of resources that a lot of people may not have.
    When you are applying, please message someone to see if your area is open before coming in, the only exception is a new person playing that hasn't set up his/her buildings yet.

    Realistic Settings of resource buildings is a must, There is NO fire station or Police or hospitals built on a highway. Be Realistic as possible.

    If you are interested, Please go to the Alliance list and look for the Alliance Name: US Public Safety to join.

    The Alliance is not related to any real Public Safety in the United States at any given time. Players may be part of a department as part of a real job. The alliance has no relation to any real Public Safety.

    US Public Safety

    US Public Safety

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