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    Welcome to the Kansas City Metro Safety. We strive on Communication and team work to get missions done. Please look over the rules as it will have a great effect on your play here in the alliance.
    Reason for this is People need to be on to help and an event can take up to 15 hours real time to complete depending on the level of it. The missions ask for an excessive amount of resources that a lot of people may not have.
    When you are applying, please message someone to see if your area is open before coming in, the only exception is a new person playing that hasn't set up his/her buildings yet.
    Realistic Settings of resource buildings is a must, There is NO fire station or Police or hospitals built on a highway. Be Realistic as possible.

    Alliance Leader

    2. Another really useful tool would be the ability to see hen a member was last online. I am well aware of the fact that the members icon turns pinkish red after 2 months but this does not help alliance admins if they want to know when there members where last online.

    This suggestion has been mentioned several times in several other posts.

    I don't understand why this call would have a 3 hour timer before the call runs. Any thoughts about this? I don't think its a special event or anything, so why the 3 hour wait time before the call runs to clear it?

    I recommend a dispatch button for a Station Call-Out if the entire Station would be getting called out. It would work in this manner:

    Call comes in, the player selects the station to be called out in the Call Dispatch page. Once the station gets check marked, all the units in the station that are not set for status 6, will be dispatched for a quicker response.

    Coding Pattern:

    Under the calls, there would be a Station Drop down box for the stations listed in the Stations list that was created. Remap the stations in the stations list to be available in the pending Call to be dispatched.
    Another possibility, As the player creates the station, That station name becomes available in the Stations dispatch page as a Station call-out. Then it would send all the units as stated above. Each of the units would have the same radio communication as if it was dispatched individually. Responses would be the same and all the other details as it was dispatched individually.

    This was just a quick thought on this. Let me know if this is even possible as it will reduce the several individuals clicking on each vehicle to send them to a call where several units from the same station would be going.

    I think it would minimize the issue of delayed responses due to having to find certain vehicles and if a particular vehicle is needed, you dont have to scroll through over 100 vehicles to find what you need.

    Please let em know your thoughts. Thanks

    Hello i have a problem.I have an 7 fire stations and i get only 3 calls.

    How many apparatuses do you have and how many staff in each station? Also, check your speed make sure its up a bit to like 1-3 min to see if they spawn faster. If you only have 1 truck in each station, or your speed is too low, then that would only give you a small amount of calls. However, the quicker you set your speed (ie: 1-3 min) it will increase the number of calls you will receive.

    units respond to a call but show up with zero personnel

    To fix this, Go back in to the assigned station and make sure you have enough personnel in that station. Then, reassign them to the vehicle that is missing the personnel. If you don't have enough personnel in the station, you must go through a hiring process. Then, assign them when they come in. I have had the same issue and used this process to fix it.

    Sending more than the required units will complete a call faster.

    This does not happen with Ambulance calls, Mainly ones that have a patient. You can't speed up the time if you send 2 ambulances or 1 ambulance and another truck, like Type 1 or 2. It stays the same the whole time. Any fixes for this in the thought process?

    On almost all the calls, there is a timer on each of the calls, except for the calls with patients. There is no timer to show how long the call is remaining or how to reduce the time on the call. Is there a possibility of adding these features like you can on all the rest of the calls?

    Automatically cancel a rescue service when it is needed
    This is a premium account feature, It cancels an ambulance if you need it, if the patient does not need transport

    This is NOT a premium account feature. Anyone can find it under the Dispatch Center under settings, but the definition is on point.

    There is an indicator. This has been brought up before.

    This indicator only activates after 2 months. The frequency of how often it lights up need to change or we need another means to keep active players in the alliance. Having to wait 2 months to find out if a person is inactive is way too long.

    Sebastian has said he’ll look into this when we asked him about about a week ago. No timeframe though. Both station and hospitals would be upgradeable for more space.

    Thanks for the reply, Jason. Remember, my focus is only on the hospital capacity, not the stations. The ambulance stations already have expansion capability to house more vehicles. I was more focusing on the maximum capacity of the hospital. The capacity is 30 currently. Everyone knows that 30 beds can get filled up rather quickly if you are running 12-20 ambulances, and getting a lot of medical calls in the process.