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  • Hello! Wasn't sure if you are still active or not, but I noticed that you are from the metro area? If so, do you have a lot of information about Fire Departments/Districts in the St. Louis region?

  • This is how I am recruiting apologies its posted in the wrong bit but haven't figured forum out yet

    0612e60b28d31965b96c3f14faf2a551_f1895 FIREFIGHTER118 is online. FIREFIGHTER118 22 Feb 13:04
    Just looking at getting people into my alleince we are more active than mission cheif and we help new members to the actul game and teach them instead of leaving them on there own .. i actually make it fun for them .. i trained one guy in one week from mission chief grouo hes now my 2nd admin .. u should remember how good I was stopping the admin in mission cheif group more active you dont have to join it's just I'm so experienced and looking at training new gamers I've been in all the alliances and topped there funds created the most missions storms out of alot of admins and I used to train people 1-1 I also used to bring joke to the alleince and I was so good at making it fun and realistic I'm not one of those admins that's bearly active I'm active even at 4am sharing missions doing 3 or 4 large missions day and stuff I'm really experienced and have over 28 stations its down to u but if u would want to join that would be great I wont be offended if u say no i am legit more active than mission cheif i update new and forums everything to make it fun and real if u don't wanna join its cool

  • Hi. Hope you are well? Just a quick question. Is it better to make your own alliance or join an established on?

    • I recommend joining an existing alliance for awhile and seeing how it operates. Then, if you have some friends who play you can make your own alliance since you’ll get a feel for how they work.

  • What can i do, if somebody use my grafics in a public Grafic pack without permission?

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations on the new position.