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    I've found workarounds too, but the only major city in my area is St. Louis, and now that I am well-advanced into rural Missouri it's getting silly. MCV would also not be needed on Tanker Truck Explosions.

    Interesting... I feel like I've had Foam Trailers not fulfill the requirement but maybe I'm crazy.

    As far as Mobile Commands, in the US they are very rarely deployed. Missions such as:

    Commercial Fire

    Unknown Tanker Spill

    Fire in an Office Building

    Fire on Farm Medium/Large

    Museum Fire


    Should not require an MCV. In the US most of these would be a simple Commercial Structure Fire response, which rarely requires an MCV. For those who are attempting realistic setups where there are only 1/2 MCVs in an entire region this extremely taxing.

    Hi all,

    It's been a LONG time since I've hit this forum. I've been playing since the beginning, with a long break in the middle.

    One question I can't seem to answer on my own... will Foam Trailers fulfill the Foam Tender requirement on National Archives Fire? What about Large ARFF Crash Tenders?

    Also, returning to the forum to say to admins, PLEASE remove some of the Mobile Command Unit requirements.... they are SO excessive!

    Frustrating to send brush trucks dozens of miles out of their designated area into downtown St. Louis for wildfires. I'm not concerned with the game spawning wildfires because it doesn't recognize rural areas, but keeping them in the general vicinity of where I have brush trucks (for good reason) would be great.

    The cost of the stations are proportional to the number of stations you have. The more you build the higher the price goes.

    Take advantage of the half of with coins to build new stations.

    I'm not sure what you mean, Half Off with Coins? I don't see that option.

    I'm sure this has been brought up numerous times before, but I wish there was a paid option to reduce station costs. I know I would put up money to not have to spend 800,000 credits on a small station...

    Hello players! This thread is for the suggestion of new missions. Use the following template for your ideas.

    This thread has two strict rules:
    1. You may ONLY use the template when you post. Please do not just type a paragraph. The template will make things easier for the Moderation Team to pass along and hopefully implement your ideas.
    2. This thread is ONLY for suggesting missions. Please do not debate mission ideas amongst yourselves. You may only “like” or “dislike” missions that you have opinions about.

    Violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action. The Moderation Team and the Developer reserve the right to alter suggestions in order to properly balance units and credits.


    Name/Type of Mission:

    Units Required:

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed):



    Credit Reward:


    Name/Type of Mission: Trench Rescue

    Units Required:

    3 Engines

    2 Rescues

    1 Battalion Chief

    1 Patrol Car

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 2-4

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2500

    I know this thread is closed, but I do want to address one of the comments made by OP. We moderators have no power to regulate or "delete" alliances. Everything is in the hands of the developers. We are only able to control things on the forum and provide input to the development team.

    Good evening everyone,

    Lately we have been noticing an uptick in posts and messages about two unfortunate things.

    The first is alliance poaching. Alliance poaching is essentially stealing members from other alliances by maliciously attempting to recreate an alliance through copying rules, graphics, pictures, etc. Though ridiculous, unprofessional, rude, and pathetic, there is not a lot that we can do as moderators about it. We would also like to point out that actively recruiting members from other alliances is perfectly fine so long as there is no malicious intent. Alliances are designed to be a competition!

    Second is abuse among alliances. This can come across as abuse by alliance administrators through verbal insults, harassment, blackmail, or threatening. Unfortunately since we are only forum moderators we can't help much. Because of this we encourage you to avoid posting on the forum, but rather privately messaging a moderator with screenshots/evidence of your issue. Publicly posting does nothing to solve the issue, but a private message allows us to pass it on to the developers.

    Ultimately, we want to foster a positive community on MissionChief. We are not trying to hide the issue by asking you not to post about it, but rather to not start the back-and-forth arguments that descend into two alliances openly slandering each other. Please help us encourage this positivity! Thank you for all your many suggestions and for bearing with us as we transition to the new development team.

    Letsgohope12 and the Moderation Team

    My department in real life has 4 engines and two tankers. On each of the tankers the panel is on the side, but on all four pumpers the panel is a series of levers located on top of the truck behind the cab. The reasoning for this is that it allows the operator an elevated view of the scene and his homeliness, as well as ease of use for the deck gun when necessary. As a result the operator can also access spare foam cells or additional equipment located up top.

    We hesitate to implement too many combination units into the game as it can sometimes defeat the purpose. For example, the engine at the station I work for in real life Has firefighting capabilities, rescue tools, and an air cascade, yet in this game that would fulfill the requirements of 3 vehicles.

    I don't think so. While the release of the UK game is very exciting, it has a lot of work to do which I fear may cause dev time on the US version to slow up a little bit. Only (more) time will tell.