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  • What do we do If you do not get an activation code.

  • hey jersey. is there anyone you would recomend me for some vancouver canada graphics? i am wanting to get some custom graphics for my stations

  • Hey its been a while how are you feeling?

  • do you know how many fire fighting plane stations a player can have?

  • ok i got a question when did they do away with being able to see alliance stations? like i cant even see my alliance staging areas for large scale events which my alliance use quite frequently as a tream

  • Where can i send the pic`s?

  • hey, any reason the coins ended early? I cant collect my 3/30 ones.

  • ok thank you very much, but first i want to help a friend in an other Alliance. Try to share my large missions until he will have his 10 Stations and can walk alone :-)

  • Would be anybody around me? Or would i be alone?

  • And there I will stay

  • only Brooklyn and Queens

  • would u take me?

    • For my Alliance? What states are you in?

    • Yes definitely

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