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    ok let me rephase this, I have 52 police stations 8 of them right now have 10 jail cells being built in each of the 8 police stations. I can not build more jail cells in the 9th 10th 11th and so on police stations, I have the capital to pay for them but the option to purchase is not high lighting green in the 9th to the 52nd police stations

    (This addition if for chief boden 61 since he doesn't understand english well)

    Can you send me some screenshots of this so I can see if I might be able to help?




    Also another thing to take into perspective. Look at the amount of Stations you have total. Fire, Police, EMS and Specialty. Each Specialty Expansion/Stations holds a Small Percentage of chance that a Specialty Mission will pop up.

    Say if you have 100 of each Station but only 10 Airport Expansions. Yes 10 is quite a bit of Expansions to have but in a Larger Set-up that's really not a lot.

    In order to even remotely see enough Airport Missions for you to utilize your Crash Tenders you would need like half the amount of Airport Expansions compared to your Fire Stations.

    I would say for every 10 Fire Stations, 5 of them would need an Airport Expansion. And to notice them even more, Getting the Airport Specialty will make that Station spawn only Airport Missions itself.

    So if you had 10 Fire Stations with 5 Airport Expansions AND the Airport Specialty Expansion, Then you will notice Half of your Missions will be Airport Missions.

    In other words, The More The Merrier!

    It's taken me years to get things pat down for my expansions. It takes a lot of work. So if you want Airport Missions more often, Go for the gusto! ;)

    Hope this helps!


    Do you happen to have the Forestry or Foam Expansions to your Airport Station? And if so, Are they also turned on?

    In some cases, This will randomly tamper with the Expansions and no Specialty Missions will spawn.

    If not, Then this is a totally different issue that needs resolving.



    I see what you guys are saying, I cannot say much right now but something is in the works to rectify this so all parties are satisfied.

    May not come immediately but it is being worked on and I think you'll like it.

    I've been listening this entire time. I have an idea that's been passed forward and it's a good one that'll work for everyone! ;)

    The EMS Engine Ambulance is used more than you guys realize. And this is a Realistic Unit as different departments utilize it in multiple states.

    How it's used is up to that department. Even though it has a water tank it's mostly used for Transporting Patients.

    Some have the Ambulance Cab in place of the Crew Cab while others have it at the rear of the Engine and only a Single "Two Man" Cab at the front.

    Same goes for the Rescue Ambulance. It's a Heavy Rescue with Ambulance Transport Capabilities. It may not be entirely popular with most departments but it does get used a lot.

    The post of it's release in the EMS Update was to bring Realistic Vehicles to the Game. This is a Realistic Unit.

    It's only optional. Players do not have to use it if they don't like it.

    To be a little blunt, There's no need to make a fuss about it if you guys don't like it. Just don't use it is all. It's only a Game and the Content Teams do their research first before forwarding ideas for implementation.

    Sorry to say, This Unit won't be going anywhere 😉

    Thank you,


    Honestly as stated above.

    This is how the game has always been. I see your point in how stations have their staffing in real life and understand players want to be realistic but from a game standpoint this is how it's set.

    Unfortunately this will not change. My recommendation is to transfer staff around to other areas you'd like them at.



    In real life large jobs last hours and hours, so why not have the large missions, last a few hours? No objections here to get the large missions my understanding is you have the resources and more, and also have the option to alliance it of you need.

    Because 1. Most Players would object to the length of time it would take to complete. Even though in a good Alliance, it could take hours to complete a Large Scale Alliance Mission, Especially Multiple. So realistically it does happen. Just not Missions on your own. You can do that without needing a Mission to be set that way.

    2. From a Game standpoint, It wouldn't look good. I get this is a simulation Game but honestly it wouldn't really sit well with most Players.

    I just think its unrealistic when a call requires half the state

    You'd be surprised what real life calls could realistically require.

    Going to be honest here for a min.

    Yes, This game is based off of realism. But! If we went off of realism to 100% like some players do then you two would be waiting hours to days before finishing a Mission.

    Eventually you'll have to get a little creative. Any Missions created are based off of real life scenarios and our Missions Team goes over things very thoroughly before submitting newer Missions.

    Not to mention in real life how much manpower you'd need.

    Overall though, This is a game. We can go off of realism which I'm totally down for. But in the end you'd be waiting longer to finish your Missions.

    On a side note I'd appreciate it if the 9-11 comments/comparisons were limited to a low.

    Thank you


    Yes, that was the mission I had. Problem is, I had 16 trained personnel on scene. All 16 people had both USAR and Technical Rescue training. I also had 3 vehicles on scene that had USAR and Technical Rescue equipment on board. And yet, the game still said I was short.

    Screenshot please?

    I would report this. I will in the meantime say something to the Devs about this.



    I agree this needs to be cracked down on.

    Now there's an issue though. There's Players using Dispatch Bots and then there's Players using Macro Keyboards and Macro Mouses. They act similar but you need to switch them on to use the program in some cases.

    I have a Macro Board but mine is a Preset Keyboard. I simply press the Preset to select my Units then send them out. I'm sure other have more Advanced Macro Boards however. These have a big impact on the Game. It's like a whole Dispatch Center itself with having the Extra Keys.

    Now I can tell Players are using them but until we can figure out how to stop it or track the usage then like VICFire has stated above, Keep playing how you are and let bygones by bygones. I stand by VICFire on this.

    It's not fair no but not much can be done. This will eventually be figured out. Until then I suggest Players keep cranking down on their gameplay and not let anyone else ruin the Game for them.

    The Leaderboard has changed from time and time again so the competition is still there. And also Players form and go from Alliance to Alliance as they please which also affects the Leaderboard cause one fact is that Players always go for the Winning Teams and unfortunately that will never stop. Alliances are merging with one another in order to stay alive.

    Just gotta Overcome and Adapt. That always works!



    The Game Generates Missions at Random Locations around a Stations Perimeter. In this case your Stations have the Wildland Expansion.

    The only way to stop them from spawning so close together is by spreading your Fire Stations out farther from each other and slow down your Dispatch Time so your setup doesn't get overwhelmed by too many Wildland Missions and you run out of Units to send them to.

    Missions do expand into larger ones. You have the choose to decide of they expand or not in your Dispatch Center Settings.



    I can send a water drop helicopter to a mission that is 17 hours away, but I can't send a smoke jumper plane that is 2 hours away, in fact, it doesn't even list it.

    This has been reported and will be looked into.


    I Know there is nothing that can be done about it, but I do still find it amusing. Scree shot of my small coastal boat returning rom a mission!:D

    Coastal Station on Land away from Water?

    I do think they are lazy. Why? There has been so many bugs that have not been fixed. Creating the weekly missions is easy as can be, literally copy and paste, change some code. And bam you got a new mission. Sure they've made an amazing game, but there is also a lot of things they can improve. And I know it just doesn't a day to code something new in. Some things take hundreds and hundreds of line of code. But still they can provide updates of things they've been working on or something. Sometimes I feel like the game is abandoned.

    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling unsatisfied. The Devs are doing whatever they can with the time they are given as they run multiple versions of this game. Some bugs/glitches are not as easy to fix than others. Please understand they are aware of all the current and past issues and are working on getting them fixed. Besides MissionChief there are other games being worked on.

    Rest assured the game is not abandoned. However if it makes you feel at ease, Please feel free to post any of your Complaints/Issues in the thread below so they can be further looked into and processed.

    Thank You


    State Your Game Issues/Complaints

    Each Firefighting Hanger has 3 Slots for Smokejumpers opened by Extension. I'll have to find out but I'm not sure if you can transfer one SmokeJumper Plane to another Hanger with that opened Extension or not.

    I do know you can only have three though for each Firefighting Hanger.

    in RL Hot Shots are more of the elite group of the smoke jumpers and are inserted into remote areas for extended amounts of time via aircraft, Jumpers normally working average of 48 hours then take a break for 1-3 days depending on their policies. they all are part of the USFS, NPS, BIA and BLM.

    This is good to know. So Hotshots also go in Aircraft as well?

    Not an issue per say, but I just need a clarification. I built some forestry specific stations and scattered them about the state as well as adding the equipment. Then I added lead planes and smoke jumper planes to my firefighting plane stations and personnel to all those locations and trained them. My question regarding smoke jumpers and hot shots. If I have the folks in the plane stations trained as both smoke jumpers and hot shots can I send the plane when hotshots are needed or do hotshots have to go in crew carriers?

    I can look into this and hopefully give you an answer by Tomorrow but to my knowledge Hotshot Crews will only work in regular ground Firefighting Units. Engines, Ladders, Rescues, Commands, Wildland Units, Crew Carriers Etc.