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    If I am not wrong I think I saw a post on the German Versions Forum which suggests a vehicle Editor where the price of set vehicle increases the more functions it has (with some obvious limitations of course). That discussion has been going on for years and nothing has happend yet.

    I can tell you right now we most likely won't see this for a long time. And honestly there's a possibility it may not happen in the US Version. This Option would cut out any type of release for Combination Units which would take out a few Content Updates. This has been brought up before and yes it would cost more Credits for each type of Advanced Combinations but it also wouldn't be fair to Alliances trying to play realistically. I don't think the idea of a "Super Pumper Tanker Ladder S.W.A.T. Boat Crash Tender Mass Casualty Airplane" would fit well into the Game if I'm being honest.

    If the German Version has talked about it for years and nothing has happened yet then we may never see it at all.

    This has been routinely suggested over the course of probably upwards of 4/5 years now. It has been turned down or disregarded on each occasion, however I would also like to see this and if the devs decide to do it, then great!

    Not so much turned down or disregarded. Just not implemented yet. This is an unit we'd like to see but in due time.

    Thank you for your mission suggestion. Unfortunately at this time it is not right to add a mission of this kind. Maybe somewhere in the near future once the pandemic breaks it will be considered. Not saying this to harass nor put down. Just don't want to draw any unwanted attention until things pass. But this mission will be up for consideration down the road.



    Name/Type of Mission: Person Tapped In s
    Storm Drain

    Units Required:
    -1 Battalion Chief
    -1 Fire Engine or 1 Heavy Rescue
    -1 Boat Trailer
    -1 Ambulance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 1

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 350

    Wanted to clear the air with this. The US Coast Guard may be a Military Branch but it does however provide Essential Emergency Services. At this point no Information has been given out as to what will and will not be released in the Upcoming Content Update. Only Members of the Moderation and Content Teams have knowledge of this.

    Thank You


    I'm trying to get a Mass Casualty unit at one of my fire stations and the other alliance i am in is RP, do I need to build an EMS station next door then max out the bays in both buildings to make a complex to get the realism?

    Right now in order to get the Building Complex of all 3 Services you need to have either 3 Large Stations Maxed Out or 3 Small Stations Maxed Out. Unfortunately Players cannot mix them.

    Grubber33270  Gooochy

    Please keep the conversation in here civil. The Mission spoken about was a Team Effort not just one side. Yes it is crazy for a bunch of people to have seizures from Fondue but! It is realistically possible if it was poisoned. I'm not expert personally but I do know from my knowledge that it can be done so technically it is in fact possible.

    Anything regarding Game Content is a Team Effort between the Game Developers and Moderation/Content Teams. We also take what the Player Community likes into consideration. I'm not pointing fingers but the blame game is not something we do here. We can't please everyone but try our best.

    This Mission was on more of a humorous level same as the Porto Potty Mission.

    We may not respond all the time but are certainly watching.



    Okay, So!

    It has come to my attention by multiple players that the US MissionChief Community would like Standalone Forestry Stations. I from a players standpoint also agree to this and can understand the frustration. So with that being said I have started a Petition Per Players Request that will ask for any and all players who would like this Feature to Vote Yes on the Poll so that the tally can be counted. The Poll will take place of having Manual Players Vote to prevent any unnecessary conversations from disrupting the count.

    I will however ask any and all players wishing for this Feature to state their reasons as to why they would like this Feature. Any negative comments are being asked to be left out.

    Thank You,

    MC Mod - JerseyBirds

    Personally, I would create a Lightforce under your Alarm & Response Regulations using an Engine and Platform Truck. A Quint will work too but if you want to respond with two units I'd use the AAR for it.

    Hope this helps!

    Hello to all Players of MissionChief.

    So I will be taking a break from my role as a Moderator/Content Advisor, In my place the other Team Members will be stepping up. For those who know me and how much I try to do for you all I need to focus and tend to my personal/emotional health due to the stress relating to my role and recent events of updates.

    I'd like to point out that the recent change of the crew size increasing was not meant to disrupt your setups nor cause an uproar. It was only meant to help as there are some area's with larger crew sizes especially in more rural areas. And I apologize for how it was immediately taken back. That was to benefit you guys. Because of the many complaints it was taken back and now players are complaining that it was reversed.

    I understand not everyone agrees on the updates as we all have our own separate opinions which I respect. We do our best for the MC Community and it's Players. We get you all don't always agree with the updates but we do ask you to understand we can only do so much with what we have to work with and the time that is available to us.

    While I'm gone I expect you all to show the same courtesy and respect to the rest of the Team as you would with me. I will be doing random checks and be on standby in case I am needed.

    To all Alliance Leaders/Admin Staff I do ask that you make sure your Members are acting accordingly and not giving personal attacks on our Team. Names will not be given, I just ask this.

    Thank You,