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    Good Evening Everybody! The US MissionChief Team would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a fresh start as we approach a new year in less than 2 weeks! Hopefully 2021 brings us a better life than 2020 did.

    So this year I have given you all hints on the upcoming content updates. Some of you are spot on but I’m not one to spoil the fun! I will however say this next upcoming update will bring the New Year a fresh start. Right now we are focusing on EMS which many of you have guessed.

    So I will simply give you hints once more.. Tac Pack, Radiation Suits, and Broward County.

    Once the EMS Content Update is complete we will be moving onto Federal/Police again as there is much unfinished business to attend to. After this we will work on Fire again.

    For Fire there is so much we’d like to see which in due time we’ll work on getting. USAR and Search & Rescue are two big ones we’ve seen asking for. I cannot give a time frame for any updates because I do not want to get everyone’s hopes up. This has happened in the past before. Things may be quiet right now with the Moderation Team but we are watching and we are listening! You can always reach one of us on here or through the Alliances.

    It may seem like slow progress right now but rest assured, There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and the wait is always worth it!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone on the US Forum Team, and I hope 2021 is better than 2020 for you all.


    Real talk : Is anyone here have some MDPS documentation available to share, please ?
    I found the basic code list and the first response protocol applied in the county I play on the web, but as a French Auxilliary Ambulance Technician, I'm curious about this system and all sheets and protocols applied.

    Could you further explain please?


    The reason we have ALS and BLS is to give players the option of how they want to have their setup. Some places have BLS Ambulances with Fly-Cars acting as Paramedics and some have ALS Ambulances that automatically have a Paramedic on board.

    Yeah water rescue is an odd one haha, it’s sitting there ready. Once ambulance is done (I’m thinking one more major update which will add the missing important units) then we will move onto police however may try to slip water rescue in between, just need to get some calls done for it.
    As Vic said, with airport we don’t want to just add an expansion with crash trucks and that’s it, honestly it was boring. We have some ideas for an airport update featuring a wide array of airport safety and security related features rather than just fire. The airport expansion was never added to fire stations because it was coming imminently, it was added because the buildings were copied from the US game. For now, just treat it like it doesn’t exist.

    To get back on topic (which is regarding the us game) @rescuenut93 @Buggs maybe something to consider for you guys?

    Thanks, Noted!

    Just giving an opinion about that rule : Okay, new topics keep the forum alive. But for a new member (and player) comming tomorrow with a question, he will make a research with the search feature and he will find a plenty of topics with a similar or approaching title. As a former forum admin and mod for the last 15 years, I'm not sure it's the best way to improve the research experience.

    I realize he's new and didn't know about the rule. I was just simply answering his question and letting him know about the Forum Rule so he knew later on.

    This won't be the last time a new player will bump an old thread so I'll just simply do the same thing like I did here. No harm done.

    Just doing my job as a Moderator for MissionChief.

    Thank You,


    How often do you do double credits and was wondering if we could do a double credit event

    We generally do them monthly give or take. Tbh I am not sure when the next one will be as we currently have a Coin Sale going on.

    So normally we have a rule that if a thread is older than a few months we do not bump it. Since you are a new player you were not aware of that which is fine. We try not to let older topics linger around and encourage players to start new topics to help keep the Forum's alive.

    Welcome to MissionChief!



    So the Hidden Mission Bug has definitely been a major issue lately.

    So we can have everyone's reports on it in one Thread, "Please state all the mission's you've noticed are hidden" and also please list down the "SPECIFIC UNITS" you have to click on to find them. The Dev are aware of the situation but need a little more information in order to resolve this issue.

    Thank you all for your patience during this time and on behalf of the MissionChief Moderation Team I apologize for the inconvenience you all are experiencing.

    Thank You,


    It did and I considered that possibility, so I removed the third aircraft but it still gave me the same message. Is it possible that it's telling me this because I extended the air base to hold 2 aircraft and that extra slot is being counted as a third station?

    If your extra space is blank then yes. Having 3 slots with only 2 of them being filled will do it. Did I get that correct?