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    I can send a water drop helicopter to a mission that is 17 hours away, but I can't send a smoke jumper plane that is 2 hours away, in fact, it doesn't even list it.

    This has been reported and will be looked into.


    I Know there is nothing that can be done about it, but I do still find it amusing. Scree shot of my small coastal boat returning rom a mission!:D

    Coastal Station on Land away from Water?

    I do think they are lazy. Why? There has been so many bugs that have not been fixed. Creating the weekly missions is easy as can be, literally copy and paste, change some code. And bam you got a new mission. Sure they've made an amazing game, but there is also a lot of things they can improve. And I know it just doesn't a day to code something new in. Some things take hundreds and hundreds of line of code. But still they can provide updates of things they've been working on or something. Sometimes I feel like the game is abandoned.

    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling unsatisfied. The Devs are doing whatever they can with the time they are given as they run multiple versions of this game. Some bugs/glitches are not as easy to fix than others. Please understand they are aware of all the current and past issues and are working on getting them fixed. Besides MissionChief there are other games being worked on.

    Rest assured the game is not abandoned. However if it makes you feel at ease, Please feel free to post any of your Complaints/Issues in the thread below so they can be further looked into and processed.

    Thank You


    State Your Game Issues/Complaints

    Each Firefighting Hanger has 3 Slots for Smokejumpers opened by Extension. I'll have to find out but I'm not sure if you can transfer one SmokeJumper Plane to another Hanger with that opened Extension or not.

    I do know you can only have three though for each Firefighting Hanger.

    in RL Hot Shots are more of the elite group of the smoke jumpers and are inserted into remote areas for extended amounts of time via aircraft, Jumpers normally working average of 48 hours then take a break for 1-3 days depending on their policies. they all are part of the USFS, NPS, BIA and BLM.

    This is good to know. So Hotshots also go in Aircraft as well?

    Not an issue per say, but I just need a clarification. I built some forestry specific stations and scattered them about the state as well as adding the equipment. Then I added lead planes and smoke jumper planes to my firefighting plane stations and personnel to all those locations and trained them. My question regarding smoke jumpers and hot shots. If I have the folks in the plane stations trained as both smoke jumpers and hot shots can I send the plane when hotshots are needed or do hotshots have to go in crew carriers?

    I can look into this and hopefully give you an answer by Tomorrow but to my knowledge Hotshot Crews will only work in regular ground Firefighting Units. Engines, Ladders, Rescues, Commands, Wildland Units, Crew Carriers Etc.

    Everyone needs to start discussing peacefully and not at each other's throats.

    This discussion looks like it's starting to get out of hand. If it continues to go down this path, I will start handing out warnings and lock this topic.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and freedom of speech. Let's respect that.

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    Just like EMS-Chief said, This was done to make sure players weren't forced to use certain units if they didn't want to. If those expansions weren't put in then there would be total chaos which is not what we want.

    I was the one who suggested this method in the first place. Yes, you would need to use credits and coins to unlock them, but shouldn't we have some bit of a challenge? We shouldn't be able to have everything handed easy to us. Myself included. We have to keep grinding the credits in order to unlock things so that way we can move up to higher ranks in the game! 😉

    The reason for all of these extensions set in place are so that players will not be forced to use these units if they don't want to.

    Also so that there is on and off switch for them per say.

    This update was just released this morning so I am sure there will be kinks worked out to make sure everything runs properly.

    We are trying to prevent some issues that were caused in the coastal rescue update.




    So without giving too much away. To answer your questions,

    1. Yes, You will be able to.

    2. Commandos is just a way of phrasing them.

    3. That is being discussed but hopefully yes.

    4. That I am not sure atm, More information will be given as it arises.

    For your suggestions:

    -That might be a possibility, Will be discussed among the team.

    -At the moment I am not sure where we are at with hospital bed expansions, This is something the team needs to look into. Thank you for asking about that as it is something players have asked for.

    -Again that is also something that needs to be looked into for the EMS Chiefs. All of this I have noted down and will discuss among the team and see where we are at with them.

    Thank you for reaching out and bringing all of this up!


    So, As stated above there is already an ALS Training Course for Fire Apparatus for this specific purpose. The only issue is for some reason the course will only work for the EMS Engine/Ambulance and none of the other Fire Apparatus Units. This has been an ongoing issue for months and still being looked into.

    Back when we came out with the EMS Update there was a course released for ALS Fire Apparatus Training. It's purpose was to treat patients with ALS needed care however only works for the EMS Engine Ambulance.

    For some reason that training course won't work for any other Fire Apparatus in the Game. It's still being looked into as to why. Eventually we'll have that figured out. Sorry for the inconvenience though! As a Player myself I'd like nothing more than for this as well.


    Yes, It's been going around a lot. We have let the Devs know of the issue so hopefully things will be taken care of.

    Thanks for letting us know! Sorry about the Game Issues! Hope they get fixed!

    This Topic will be locked before things get out of hand. This issue will be discussed among the Moderation Team & Admin.

    We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences.

    Thank You