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  • As I said....I am still learning this stuff. But if you are in SC how can I realistically participate in alliance missions. Would seem all I would be doing is contributing funds. In one that is a Central Fla one but no one seems to play except me and the "Chief" of the alliance. Biggest advantage for me that I see to his is that I get money for taking to his hospital and it keeps mine free.

  • I am in Florida where is your alliance?

  • Not sure where your located, but your welcome to join me. I created the alliance last Sunday and already at 3 million.

  • Pretty sure he's just learning to play himself. I've been playing a year and half. I'm in Richland and Lexington counties in SC as well as NYC.

  • Hey seen your last post on NATO. Was you serious or just messing with him? lol Just curious as I started a new alliance last weekend.

    • I am in an alliance and right now it has done nothing. Advantage is I can MCI or Fly patients to his hospital that he has open and save my rooms, which helps when you play all day like I did yesterday. I was serious when I replied to him but not sure how joining a NATO alliance is beneficial in any way. I have only been playing about 60 days and am still learning the ins and outs