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  • Sorry to be a bother but I've been trying to get my account activated for a month with no success. I've had this message since day one. Would you possibly let me know how to get it activated please. I'm not getting e-mails for the activation code...ugh!

    Your user account is not activated yet. You must complete the activation process first.


  • Anyway you can make a couple of vehicle graphics if i supply you with some pictures (new to the game)

  • you get your first bomb call - i get 1/3 illegal internet activity , lol

  • not sure why you are having trouble moving airbonre units between stations - i was able to this past weekend - moved a heli to NY and heavy tanker to cali (swap)

    • I seem to be able to relocate helicopters and air Tankers but NOT Lead Planes or Smokejumper planes, despite having the extension/specialty active. However, I just made a new firefighting plane station and activated the Wildland Command specialty and it now shows I can have 3 aircraft but will only let me buy a lead plane. I have one in another station I want to transfer as I accidently purchased two

    • that does sound weird, id take some screen shots and send a ticket to devs

    • I find most of that is a waste of time and they just send you a formatted message that says "we will get to it" nothing is ever done

    • maybe, maybe not - but they cant ever fix what they dont know about

  • Hey, Boden do you got discord if so add me at AmericanAware#3927

  • Hi Boden I am a little late but Happy Birthday! Also being in the fire service for 52 years is crazy that is some serious dedication.

  • Hey, whats your alliance name

  • How are you 64 damn :rofl:

    • what is your point?

    • nothing, never thought a elderly gentleman would be playing these games no offense.

    • 52 years in the fire service.... this is just something I do to have some enjoyment on my days off

    • very nice, Im a volunteer sorry for being a jackass.

    • its ok,....I just thought you were one of the moderators or forum administrators continuing to be a dick. I started as a volunteer in 1971 at the age of 13 as a junior member. worked my way up to chief. Volunteered there for 28 years and then two more in Florida when I moved. Joined the career service in 1979 and retired from that in 1999, moved to florida and got back to work in 2002.

  • I am new to this so I don’t know how to use it can you help me?

  • Hey saw you created your own alliance. Just to give you heads up recruitment is next to impossible in this game until you make the top 10 pages or so. Most new players don't look in the forum and rarely look past the first few pages of the leaderboard. Not trying to discourage you in anyway. Just thought I give you a heads up is all.

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  • As I said....I am still learning this stuff. But if you are in SC how can I realistically participate in alliance missions. Would seem all I would be doing is contributing funds. In one that is a Central Fla one but no one seems to play except me and the "Chief" of the alliance. Biggest advantage for me that I see to his is that I get money for taking to his hospital and it keeps mine free.

  • I am in Florida where is your alliance?

  • Not sure where your located, but your welcome to join me. I created the alliance last Sunday and already at 3 million.

  • Pretty sure he's just learning to play himself. I've been playing a year and half. I'm in Richland and Lexington counties in SC as well as NYC.

  • Hey seen your last post on NATO. Was you serious or just messing with him? lol Just curious as I started a new alliance last weekend.

    • I am in an alliance and right now it has done nothing. Advantage is I can MCI or Fly patients to his hospital that he has open and save my rooms, which helps when you play all day like I did yesterday. I was serious when I replied to him but not sure how joining a NATO alliance is beneficial in any way. I have only been playing about 60 days and am still learning the ins and outs