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    I am giving up on this. Our alliance submitted a great idea for a mission. We are not to resubmit or we will automatically be denied. We frequently run our submission as an Alliance Mission and it is a favorite of the members. I see several other great ideas. I also see others that are either duplicates or ridiculous. Many of the new Monday Missions that are produced are either duplicates or ridiculous.

    Unfortunately they can't accept or create every single "suggestion" that is submitted.

    Unable to purchase FBI Bomb Technician Unit at Police Station after purchasing FBI Extension and training 2 bomb technicians and transferring2 others from an FBI station. I am, however, able to purchase FBI drones and FBI investigation wagons.

    There are many departments in the U.S. that have bomb disposal teams. Many also have narcotics officers, so DEA vehicle might be good to have too.

    you have to have the "bomb squad" extension as well

    I find small fire stations work for most of my stations. Not many North American fire stations have more than 5 units. For the ones that do buy bigger. For the others don’t.

    the cost in coins is only 5 more and as you add stations the cost in credits changes exponentially but looking at mine the cost right now in credits for a small station is approximatley 1/2. My current department is small and has 2 chief officers, brush, ladder, Engine, attack, two medics. Most companies when you add their support and staff vehicles have more than 5. More economical to just buy the normal size station and then you can make it as big or small as you want and if you decide to expand it later it does not cost a ton more

    ok here it is i got about 130 stations or so. after the first 30 i cant expand past level 5 with no problems. the other 90 or so are stuck at 5 with no way to expand them til i keep expand the others first. As for wildfire mission they generate i play them no problem but they havent added any to daily tasks in quite awhile

    Are you buying "small stations" If so, that is why you can't expand unless you change the size of the station. I can't say that I have ever seen wildland missions be part of the daily tasks.

    i love the game only issue i have is way to much repetitive stuff as in missions. seems to me it gets boring when the daily tasks are always the same.. you have 330 missions, 1250000 credits, 100 ambo missions, 25 police missions, 100 fire fighting missions all the time.. i havent seen 25 wildfire missions in forever. TBH when i wished they would fix a few missions like Powerline Struck by lightning mission or arborist accident these are definitely not an ambo mission they are fire fighting missions. I also disapprove of how you cant just pick and choose stations for expansion i got so many stuck at 6 that i have to waste money expanding stations to 20 or 30 til i can move on. there def needs to many fixes by the devs before they can add whole new things. .No stations in the US that i know of have 20 apparatus in one station. Devs need to fix this to 10 max in the US. just my thoughts but im sure the powers to be here will have some things to say about it hopefully to the dev in the future cause it helps us all out

    First it s a game and they try to make it real as they can and it is "FREE" unless you buy coins. The missions are randomly generated and you can slow some of them down by slowing down the game speed and also disable the wildland extension if you are getting to many. Additionally you can go into settings and deactivate the "expanding missions" and that will stop the dozens of wildfires generated from other wildfires. I agree on the power line and powerline calls but if you look at it from the perspective that they generate patients, then it could be an EMS incident where fire apparatus are required to assist. But since they are Ambulance missions regardless of the patient my thoughts may not prevail there. I am not sure about your game, but I have never had a problem expanding any station I wanted. Just because it holds 20 does not mean you have to have 20 but for the record, the main fire station in Orlando has 18 different units assigned and the main Baltimore City fire station has 15 units. The daily tasks are there for you to make extra credits or coins. There is nothing that mandates that you have to finish them, if you don't want to expand a station then build another or two and expand them as new stations or simply let the task slip by. Not sure I even understand why you mention stations "stuck" at 6

    They are called wardens in the game but you can call them what you like when you name them. I typically call them "animal control officers" when assigning them to a PD but when I put them in State Trooper or Federal Police Agency I call them Fish and Game or Wildlife Officers

    Much simpler and less complicated to just create a Station along the interstates for example and then name it for that type organization (FHP) in my case of Florida and name each unit accordingly as you build and then deploy them as you want...

    I spend $$$ to get coins on the sales so I could complete the specials to get more points. My set up is huge and covers 2/3 of florida

    What is the deal with the Bulk Trash Fires? I have been playing consistently daily for 28 months and have only managed to get or complete 613 out of 4000 required. Some days you get perhaps one of them and others 5 or 6 but they are rare and some days I have had none. Is there a specific POI that I need to add more of? I am sure I missed some of them, but each day I scroll the list of incidents to find them and now that search is available, I search two or three times a day for them.

    After 28 months of playing the game daily I was finally promoted to Division Chief on June 2, 2024. No easy accomplishment entailing daily play, lots of large scale alliance events and missions, lots of credits to build and expand as well as coins. The credit requirement is a bit steep, but I have enjoyed playing.

    i brought this mission up before and I am bringing it up again. It needs to be fixed... First, even the largest airport in the US does not have 8 ARFF units counting their reserves. 75 Engines? I follow the stories for most plane crashes and read the case studies. Not one will come close to having that many engines assigned. Then, look at all the units required to manage this mission and transport 195 patients (which is what this mission had) and compare the payout. Pleading with the developers and content advisors to fix this.... Thanks