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    One of the "tasks" or "vents" today is "treat 60 patients" I had four (4) missions where I transported multiple patients (this would also mean they were "treated". Correct? After those missions completed (each of them having 10 patients that were transported), my number of "treated patients" only increased by 5 patients. Yet another special event that does not give correct credits

    Thanks Chief...appreciate the direction/advice on the way to go..

    LSSM has the same functionality regardless, you can add any vehicle to any catagory

    Thank you.....I did realize that this was the AUS forum but I also read them all and as Goochy confirms I was certain that LSSM worked the same regardless of the location you are in.

    Ok so today there is a task/event for Federal Missions and all day long I have not had one Federal Mission Generate. I have multiple Federal agencies and multiple police stations with Federal Police and Bomb extensions. Yesterday with no special task or event, I had at least a dozen Federal Missions. Also, there are multiple missions that "require" federal police such as the suspicious package, discovery of a bomb in vehicle but yet they do not count as a federal police mission. Additionally, in another thread, I mentioned not getting airport missions when there was a special event. Today, since 7AM I have had 8 airport related mission. So while it is explained that the mission spawning is directly related to the number of extensions and such, it appears they go away when you can get more points.. May not be a thing that can be done about it, but it remains frustrating when they post special stuff that they seemingly know you can't complete.

    Not really sure where to ask this question and didnt really want to start a thread to get bashed on.

    How is it calculated for station upgrades? Some of my oldest stations the upgrade costs are like 100k to go from small to large a new large station is costing me upwards of 700k. The more recent stations are costing closer to 700k to upgrade. Any insight on that?

    The more stations you have the more it costs is the basic answer

    I've tried to FOI the Callsigns. Unfortunately, the callsigns are exempt from FOI.

    Yes you are correct. That is the case in the US as well, for obvious reasons. As I said earlier the only way I know is to be able to access their live feeds for they radio systems (some places still have that) and listen to it that way. However you will not get much information other than just a number, so it won't do much good. Much different for the fire side. For example, in the US there is a link that gives you names and locations of fire stations across the country. But on the police side if you google "orlando police" you will only get the address of the headquarters. In my set up, I just started giving them names and unit numbers such as "Orlando PD 1, Orlando PD Chief, Orlando K9 Goofy and so on.. Good luck.

    on a side note for comparison purposes relating to the spawning of missions... I went back and counted and I have 14 airport stations throughout the state with all the extensions and specializations and ARFF training etc., By comparison I have two (2) of the coastal lifeguard/rescue stations and two (2) of the Coastal Air Stations staffed and trained. Yesterday I had 8 coastal missions generate as compared to only 5 airport missions the entire day. I understand what the moderators say regarding what determines the amount of missions (more is better) but it does not seem to be working that way for the airport ones. And again, yesterday one of those 5 missions for airports that spawned did not give me the credit for completion towards the task.

    Enough said about this as i am sure it is being looked into. Thanks for all the feedback.

    As of yesterday I have been playing three (3) years and have not missed one day logging in... May not have played all day every day, but I have managed to log in consistently even when under the weather or travelling on the road.8):):!:

    JerseyBirds Thank you for the explanation. i guess it is a mute point now since that "evet/task" is done until the next time, My other point was that in playing all day yesterday and earning about 1.5 million from missions with over 1500 missions generated between midnight and 9pm I had one (1) airport mission generate. Since midnight as of 530 am I have had three. The day before the "event/tasks" for airport missions I had 5 or 6 during the day. Same with the federal police missions. Did not generate enough to complete the tasks but the days before and after I was flooded with those missions.

    Also, this should be in another thread probably and if you like I will cut and paste it, but I noticed there are multiple missions that "require" federal police that are not of the list of Federal Police Missions. I would think that the content advisers would consider looking at that list and adding missions that "require" Federal Police. Thinks such as explosions and or discovery of bombs and so on. I have tons of plane crashes in the wildland or on a roadway or emergency landings.... In most cases in real life wouldn't this happen near and airport and closest ARFF would respond from the airport(also making it an airport mission? The unit requirement for some of those incidents is wildland heavy in most cases. Just some positive suggestions here. Thanks so much for your detailed response. Wouldn't any airplane crash "require" a Federal Police Response as well?

    I do not have the forestry expansions in all airports but I do have the foam expansions and they are activated JerseyBirds

    I am fairly confident the spawn rate on these missions are related to the number of extensions you have built. Also I have seen suggestions to put the specialized stations like the airport one on its own dispatch center. I have done that but not seen it help. Seems to me the day after I always get all the missions I needed the day before.

    You are correct as that is the way it was explained to me by EMS-Chief .. However, exactly the same thing happens to me. I get them the next day. Since midnight I have had well over 1300 missions spawn and only one of them was an "Airport" mission and despite finishing it, I did not get the credit but also there were multiple "federal missions" which was the "task" yesterday. I have at least 13 airports all with fire stations having the extensions/specialization. I also noticed this morning as I said earlier there are several missions that "require" federal resources and they are labeled as "federal" but do not count in the list of possible federal missions. I am certain that these issues are just an oversite buy the developers when they push them out. Hoping that bringing these forward is a way of getting them fixed. I love the opportunity to complete the various tasks and daily events, but it does get to be frustrating to not see them appear and then when they finally do, they do not work...

    You be lucky to find any up to date and in use callsigns for any police service the UK as they are deemed sensitive and also exempt from FOI requests.

    Based you can do is use callsigns that have been heard(recorded) in any documentary.

    Generally speaking for security reasons, you will not find the unit names (or call signs) published for police agencies like you do for fires. I know it is that was in the US but not sure about the UK. In the US, the only way I know of to get them is have some sort of police scanner app where you can listen to the units on a radio. However, it will just be unit unit numbers and you wont be able to tell if it is K9, supervisor, SWAT, CID or otherwise. Again, I know it is that way in the US for security reasons.. Not sure at all about other countries, but suspect the same.

    Additionally, when these "events" take place to offer more points the missions required do not generate with any consistency.

    I played all day yesterday with over 1000 missions generating and all day long there was only one (1) federal mission generated towards the completion of those events....... just one. Overnight with 1000 missions in the list I now have 5 federal missions.

    Likewise with the airport missions for today's events, there is only one (1) that has shown up for today's "event" and it did not work. Frustrating to play all day and try to meet the requirements to get the extra credits and it just can't happen.

    I have send out lots of airfield fire mission, but still not tigger valentine day missions, such as Aircraft Accident, Hot Brakes and Bird Strike... I have 12 Airfield Firefighting Operation activity... also all Airfield firefighting Specialization is activity too, I now have 12 hours deadline hours left. Can someone help fix the bug please? I would like completed all Valentine's Day mission please? Thank you

    This is absolutely correct. I cut and pasted from the possible missions tab and attached below. I had that exact mission this morning. Completed it and was not awarded the credit for completing the "Event" task