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  • Why is it that you dislike everything I have said or posted. I thought the rules were to be civil to each other and respect their opinions and not be negative?

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    • 1st off not eveyy thing and sometimes you post MCUS ideas bl or ways to do it on the American game when I posted it on the UK game

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  • im just referring to fd stations with the ambo expansion- no all fd stations- since any staff in that specific station can go on the ambo they are all technically paramedics- for an example (not sure if you can see this show) Station 19 on ABC is a fictious station in Seattle, WA, they have an engine/ truck and ambo- each day 2 members are assigned to the ambo- but all members are paramedics, as any one could staff the ambo any given day

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  • please don't look at MCGD related threads.

  • are U a dev?