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  • Good Day. My Name Is Jack. I work as a CMT with the British Army apart of 212 Field Hospital (Yorkshire). I have Previous Work in the West Yorkshire Fire Rescue Service as a Control Operator. There for I am able to access MOD & National Records for Police, Fire, Ambulance and RNLI/Coastguard placements of resources that are PUBLIC!!!! its just easier to access as i have direct access from the Mod working formally as a Fire Emergency Control Operator (999 Call Operator & "MDT" Mobile Dispatch Terminal / "CAD" Control Automated Dispatch).

    So If you need help finding Resources for the British Military for Locations and rough simplifications of callsigns for: RAF, Navy, Army; Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), Army Air Corps MERT Squadrons (Combat Emergency Air Ambulance Squadrons), RAF MERT Squadrons (Combat Emergency Air Ambulance Squadrons), RAF Fire Service, RAF Police, Navy Police, Royal Army Military Police (RAMP), Any Fire Rescue Service, Any Ambulance Service, Any Police Service, RNLI, Coastguard & NHS Provider.

    Send me a message on here and I will get back to you as soon as I can