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    Ladder Truck
    Platform Truck + Heavy Rescue

    All US Ladder Trucks Carry Rescue Equipment Unless Its a snorkel or water tower. Its a real vehicle and would be loved by all members, Carries 6 crew members max.

    i love the idea, West Yorkshire Fire Rescue Responded to 18 Passenger train related accidents last year including a minor derailment. Love this idea for a mission

    Join an alliance with realistic member service layouts and non realistic all up to you on how you play.

    We have several hospitals and training centres around the country.

    We are recruiting Regional staff and alliance staff.

    We have a dedicated research team.

    If you choose to join us you will be treated equally and will have the chance to be part of a family that looks after each other.

    Co-Admin Of NFRA - JrdaaggyWYFRS

    its the person who requested it plus if the bus is on its side tower ladders are used as over head anchor points for recovery and rescue if say its on its side or over the side of an overpass

    Heavy Rescue + Platform Truck
    That way we can have functioning Ladder Trucks in areas that have Platform Trucks with Rescue Capabilities id love to see it so yeh

    could i get those for Scottish Police & Ambulance plz

    Name/Type of Mission: Elevator Collapse

    Units Required:

    2 or 3x Fire Trucks
    2x Platform Trucks
    2x Heavy Rescue Unit
    2x Battalion Chief

    1x Mobile Command Vehicle

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): High-rise, Office Building, Mall

    Patients: 2 To 15 Patients (70% Transport & Traumatology/General Surgery)

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 4000

    water is a thing that wont be looked into and foam is somthing tacerfan is looking into, the mods have stated on many occasions at the end of the day a pump is a pump and their are more pressing/wanted stuff then this such as police updates, usar, pods, sort all that stuff so these probally wont happen.

    agreed however in the future as like say one gets added in-between updates or as content filler it would be good but im saying is the system that the mods are saying a pump is a pump is flawed as hell. like this is like a wish list if anything

    If you cant see the difference between all the types then you have no clue what you are talking about

    ill tell you every type of fire engine or appliance and there use.

    Major Rescue Pumps.

    • Rescue Pump - Carries 13.5m & 9m Ladder, Standard Firefighting Equipment, Extraction Equipment. (1,500 Litres Average)
    • Water Ladder - Carries 13.5m Ladder, Standard Firefighting Gear, Search & Rescue Gear. (1,800 Litres Average)
    • Water Tender - Carries 10.5m Ladder, Standard Firefighting Gear, Wildfire Gear. (1,800 Litres Average)
    • Pump - Carries 9m Ladder, Standard Firefighting Gear. (2,000 Litres Average)
    • Pump Ladder - Carries 13.5m Ladder, Standard Firefighting Gear, Extraction Equipment. (1,500 Litres Average)
    • Water Rescue Ladder - Carries 10.5m Ladder, Standard Firefighting Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment. (1,200 Litres Average)
    • CAFS Water Ladder, Water Tender, Rescue Pump - Vehicles Above But With A Foam Tank Instead Of Water (Foam Tanks Very On The Type Of Appliance.

    Everything above is an example the different types have different purposes having only one type like the water ladder is just flat out wrong. if people get confused make an index or help file in the game to tell you their purposes otherwise the game you guys think is realistic turns into a non realistic and yes arcade type game. all the other branches of the game have gone full realistic why you refusing the UK branch the right of full realism.

    just personnel experience and i know a lot of collages that play this game and they say they dislike it due to it being non realistic. So for UK firefighters IRL like myself PLEASE MAKE IT REALISTIC. the person who is advising you on the appliances has no clue what they are doing and if they cant tell the difference between a WrL or Wrt, RP or HRP, RSU or RT, WRL or WRU, ICU 1 or ICU 2 so if they don't or cant tell the difference then its obvious that the game will never be realistic. I know others feel the same way.

    CARPS are 18m and i should know as WYFRS have 18m carps, our reserve ALPS are 18m

    NameHose Wagon
    Service-Fire Service
    Purpose-Carries large amounts of hose to connect to a water source Like a hydrant or water source 30cm deep, they stretch hose over long distances up to 200 metres.
    How many personel are required1 - 3
    Building expansionN/A
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsN/A