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    We have tried this many times. For some reason the devs don't seem to want to allow it because "that's not how the Germans do it." I believe it was raised again when the crew limit was upped as well, but with no success.

    Quite frankly I don't care if the Germans do it one way or another this is the UK game so the hems chopper should work like the hems crews work in the UK that is just being lazy if you ask me

    What's actually happening is the crew cab semi/mass cassulity trailer have no treatment ability and have took the paitents but don't hand them over because they were treating them but don't have treatment capacity. The phantom paitents isn't the issue in this case as the 3 names Match up so what really needs to be fixed is too allow the trailer to work as a Flycar and issues like this won't happen, to fix it now just remove the crew cab semi and trailer and should be fixed

    Would it be possible to allow the tactical Medic in police stations as it is a combo between police and ambulance so would be nice aswell as to respond along side SWAT teams at the same base

    A Unknown struature fire could be anything form a room on fire to a whole building hence why it upgrades also 1 Engine is fair imo if its a big issue the misison will upgrade and further units will be required and a unkown structure fire may not be even real however smoke investigation could be anything and hue fire could be small 9r huge hence the 3 units and it gets worse the mission always expands anyway, the burst water main is dangerous and often fire departments send multiple engines in case a accident happens a command Chief and a rescue who have equipment to fix the water main/deal with the potential accident aswell as police to stop traffic before FD arrives. The power line requires 2 engine and a ladder the engines have equipment and the man power to deal with it and the ladder helps reach it, I don't get why your always complaining the missions are fine

    The extension is to tell the game using a speclized station tool available in the UK version (not currently in the US version) which allows the game to only spawn extension specific calls around it

    A idea I have for the specialised stations is 2 add 2 new extensions

    Rural Extension - free takes 1 day

    Urban extension - free takes 1 day

    Ruarl will only spawn rural type missions

    Urban will spawn urban kind of missions

    Then the foam one already spawns industrial missions

    It's just a idea please let me know your feedback

    MR = Mountain Rescue completely different and this is the UK form so the US wya has 0

    I have agreed with the devs to focus on Search and Rescue next and put airports on the back burner. I will fight for this to be as true to UK SAR as I possibly can

    Could you clarify what kind of SAR or just generally like MR HMCG RNLI etc

    Hello all, as you all know I try and be as upfront and honest with you regarding the game as I can be. Unfortunately things are in my view deteriorating in the communication and willingness to listen to the content we put forwards. My first thing to be honest with you all about is I am starting to get to the end of my tether with this and I am seriously considering stopping. The hours put in are not being reflected in the content being produced.

    I was recently told that content should only be of the emergency services dispatched through a control room. This has ruled out SAR, MR, Highways etc if they go ahead with this which I have tried to tell them. They feel that these as I called them tier 2 services aren’t emergency so don’t fit the game.

    This was all in response to them being airports forward to be added to the game. It’s no secret that we on the UK team feel airports had no real depth when added to the US game and didn’t want a repeat in the UK version. So we had planned to add airside safety, ops, and security alongside airport fire to almost make airports stand-alone to a degree.

    I don't understand MR/SAR/Highways not being allowed as as far as I am aware the American coastguard is techically a military service whereas SAR and MR are litreally emergency services

    If the devs *really* think the facebook players are worth more then the players on here maybe the devs should do a google forum where both the facebook users and the one on here can vote on and we vote on the stuff we want to see more on in terms of missions and content packs. But honestly you guys are the back bone of this game and if the devs created the content them selves, their coin sales and players who want to play will drop dramaticly they need to start listening to our feedback just like they do on the german forum

    do they not understand that the content advisors know better then the devs do on the emergency services for the UK? Even if ARRF units arent dispatched via a control room they still do get assitance form local fire services and I am down for extra services like this

    Just generally the MissionChief-Team Account just needs to do better

    edit: Honestly if TACR Left I would for sure not spend a penny on this game and i doubt many others would spend any money