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    Sorry for the late responsw but perhaps changing the generic one we had for a long time to perhaps "epileptic seizure" or somthing because having 3 specific ones and 1 generic one feels kind of oof

    why do we need 4 seizure calls

    The "basegame" seizure

    The prolonged seizure

    The mutiple seizure (missing Ambulances station requirment mind you)

    The absent seizure

    I think this is actually a problem just not as described, missions that are generated by other missions, e.g. "phonebox on fire (caused by bin fire)" and missions such as smoke inhalation do not spawn close to the mission but instead on top of the station that generated it? issue has reocurred for me a lot, as seen with the mission attached this mission was caused by the other mission at the bottom left yet spawned directly on the station that originally spawned it as described.. this has been happening with all my 'caused by' missions for the past week or two and I think this is more what Goochy was getting at with the smoke inhalation issue.

    in some cases for me its spawned even further away causing delays on units

    Generally Medical Only calls shouldn't have a payout (as the payout is for the treatment and transport only).

    However, I will look into it.

    I think the reason is when the mission was orginally encoded it had a fire pumper requirement & station requirement. Devs removed fire truck requirement (before launch) and still has a fire station requirment today. As seen here: Mission Monday Vehicle and Mission Changes - Errors, Bugs - Mission Chief Board

    After months of playing I just noticed this, but the average payout for the cardiac arrest call is 10 credits. I get that we do make money from the transport to the hospital but it is just such a low payout. I was curious if it might be a typo and missing a 0?

    Your pretty lucky to even get any payout. On US & UK the same call has no payout

    I feel that this is a very accurate demonstration of the bugs/changes needed

    I would love to see doctors (with a toggle similar to critical care) I would defo make good use with it/

    Jetski: (no lights - by design) - I get that its smaller but its the only way that it makes sense as your obviously not gonna have a single jetski on a trailer the same size as a police car.

    Jetski Big for those who want to go big: