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    So if I am on the right track. No money was payed out when sending the ambulance away from scene without transport.

    I don’t think this is a bug. The way medical missions work is all the money for that mission comes from the patient rather than the mission, the missions themselves have no set reward hence why no money is payed when the patient is essentially deleted.

    If a player fully treats a patient and then leaves without transport, it would be nice for the player to at least get treatment, I will speak to the devs about that this week

    Yes could this be done across us as well

    Agree with this, first person on scene is always crucial. I get where you're coming from with the amount of people required does not really work for paramedics, I guess the fact critical care, ambulance, HEMS, etc makes up for that. However with deterioration I would say each paramedics there, perhaps topping out at 4, would slow deterioration, therefore making a requirement of multiple paramedics to be present to an extent.

    Potentialally they could make it so it needs 4 hands on scene using the same thing as how it dose for hems or cc

    The detiroation rate could be linked to how much time it takes for the first unit to arrive unfortunately due to the way medical missions work there's no way to make a call need X amount of Medical staff or X amount of vehicles sadly

    Thats correct! On the uk server you can have critical care AND hems on 1 transport giving you: 868 credits

    I have a member in my alliance saying that when he has a patient Transport request, he cant send anyone to Hospital as he dont have any but it wont give him the 225 credits for going to it.

    Can someone confirm he is correct?

    yes he wont get money for it BUT he will gte money for treating (which is about 225 credits on UK, could be diff on us though)

    Name/Type of Mission: Person Under a Train/Tram

    Units Required: 5 Pumps 4 Officers 2 RSUs 5 Police Cars 1 OPT 2 PRV 2 SRV

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed):Train tracks/Tram line

    Patients: 1

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 12000 W/ HART W/o HART: 9000

    I believe its more of a on call doctor. (I maybe wrong). I have set mine as BASICS. It could also be set to how it suits your set up. Myself I don't really use these much as I don't think they serve a purpose yet. The same as CFR, they act as a RRV. So I don't have many of those either.

    Yeah secambo has 2 on call doctors in Kent so I have been using them as on call doctors

    the helicopter request chance is only active if u have a medical helo