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    Incident command is just thr mobile command one

    Looking forward to most of this but not the community midwife, these are normally arranged by the family having the baby, not by the ambulance service. Nor are they a emergency vehicle. Probably gonna be a update that wont bring me back to the game and just annoy me as all these new wards are pretty much useless as it takes so long to get them running

    In-game, there was an option to subscribe to it under the edit account tab, however I've had a good look and I cannot seem to find it. Possibly been removed or it's a bug that it's no longer visible.

    Pretty sure it only shows up if you havent subscribed

    In-game, there was an option to subscribe to it under the edit account tab, however I've had a good look and I cannot seem to find it. Possibly been removed or it's a bug that it's no longer visible.

    Alongside this, incredibly frustrating that the 4x4 isn’t able to tow either the flood or support trailer - especially given that the RRV is capable of towing the support trailer. Really needs reviewing I think as it’s more than capable of towing both. And should be able to hold enough crew for the boat too.

    Its should also be able to carry some drones.

    I get a lot of the advisors and such do this in their spare time but is there any news on any actual changes to MCUK? there have been some new missions here and there and occasional bug fixes but we've not had an actual update in over half a year now (SAR P2 was almost 7 months ago now, which was randomly added and never really expanded on at all) I understand one issue was a lack of mountain rescue advisors but there's still plenty to be developed in other services, police and fire especially (a lot of which don't seem to be too complex (e.g. a Police command unit could pretty much just be a duplicate of ICCU or something))

    And I'm sure the rest of the community understands that all the people who support MCUK's development side have a life but the game has been pretty dead for ages now because of the lack of not even updates but any communication at all on further developments

    So much content thats hardly used in the SAR expansion, implemented pretty bad interms of missions and stuff. Like there would be 1 single mission for the specialist SAR stuff

    I don't believe the coins are meant to show up under the credit transactions. They don't for me. Therefore, to make sure I am getting my coins, I have always checked the number of coins before claiming my 7th day reward. So far I have always gotten the correct amount.

    While I was writing this, I noticed that with the LSSM V4 credits expansion, you can see a sperate list of coin transactions (screenshots). All my rewards are shown there, though I haven't been able to find this feature on the base game.

    I don't think this thread is a bug.

    - On the german version the coins do show up under their own tab called "coin transactions" (under the same UI though)

    I understand if this is not high on the list of priorities, but I would really appreciate some moderator input on this issue. Just an acknowledgment that this has been noted, brought to the devs or put on a list of bugs. Currently, I am not sure if this thread has even been seen by a CA. This issue has plagued the game for a while now, and I feel a bit left in the dark with this problem. Some input or acknowledgment would be greatly appreciated by me and others who share the same issue. Thank you,

    ATP might aswell add you to the team of CA's you seem to know your business

    That might be so, but the problem still stands. Part of this was the update to AU that was not wanted or needed. As said here RE: Vehicle type issue there was a misunderstanding between what myself and some other players wanted, and what got implemented into the game (which no-one was asking for). Please moderators and devs, can you take another look into this to try and resolve the problems that continue to be present.

    So the devs changed the vehicle market, not the dispatch window?????