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    Generally Medical Only calls shouldn't have a payout (as the payout is for the treatment and transport only).

    However, I will look into it.

    I think the reason is when the mission was orginally encoded it had a fire pumper requirement & station requirement. Devs removed fire truck requirement (before launch) and still has a fire station requirment today. As seen here: Mission Monday Vehicle and Mission Changes - Errors, Bugs - Mission Chief Board

    After months of playing I just noticed this, but the average payout for the cardiac arrest call is 10 credits. I get that we do make money from the transport to the hospital but it is just such a low payout. I was curious if it might be a typo and missing a 0?

    Your pretty lucky to even get any payout. On US & UK the same call has no payout

    I feel that this is a very accurate demonstration of the bugs/changes needed

    I would love to see doctors (with a toggle similar to critical care) I would defo make good use with it/

    Jetski: (no lights - by design) - I get that its smaller but its the only way that it makes sense as your obviously not gonna have a single jetski on a trailer the same size as a police car.

    Jetski Big for those who want to go big:

    Done HMCG its only fair that RNLI gets a turn too :) - Some of the trailers not having lights is by design



    Boat Trailer


    Hovercraft Trailer

    Jetski is a WIP (trailer) Bare with me on that.

    Despite being chastised for commenting, I discovered I was partially correct. It appears that you can only set the "range" in fire stations and coastal rescue stations. I see no place to set it for police stations, firefighting plane stations, or police aviation.

    I think it being on fire stations is a bug. As I dont think it works on fire stations. (And it isnt on fire stations for UK game)

    This would be amazing and would bring back some functionality for what is an expensive vehicle. Since the "Requires HEMS" was removed from patients, there's been no use for HEMS. Sure, they'd transport back to hospitals faster than an ambo, but you still need to wait for an ambo to get to the scene to treat the patient. So 1.3million for "faster transport to hospital" really isn't worth it.

    I would even like to see some missions that require the helicopter present on scene espeially with these more complex rescue calls. So it could need a helicopter present on scene to finish

    Unless you completed it instantly it takes 24 hours for the upgrade to complete. Also, when I upgraded one of my police stations I had the same thing happened. I had to log out, close browser and log back in to fix it. I am sure someone will say that I am wrong, but I can only relay to you how I fixed the problem I experienced.

    I had this issue and the steps I had to do to fix it are the same