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  • Hi,

    I was looking at alliance event seeing what you could select so I clicked small and then clicked medium and then I clicked fall weather but I turned off both extensions

    Flood Control Extension


    Disaster Control Extension

    And I did call number every 30 seconds

    For some reason after I hit start event it changed it to Large Event and Turned On Both extensions and

    We had 328 missions and

    we have now 279 missions and was wondering if there is anyway you guys could get rid of them I have contacted support but never was gotten back to and I contacted support yesterday?

    Was just wondering if there way to get rid of them or if they will disappear after couple hours my alliance team we are trying but it’s a lot for me the co-admin of the alliance and my team to try and take care of 279 missions

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to access the forum for about a year and I have never been able to get anyone to help so I gave up, however i have so much to share and would like to be able to post but unfortunately i cannot seem to get a code sent to my email even when i change it. Could you help me out?

  • i am reporting the east coast dispatch because the have banned me multiple times for no reason and they keep being rude and asking me personal questions.

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  • i am filing a complaint against the USES alliance for discriminatory and abuse of power on its alliance members. i have been banned from the alliance chat for no reason what so ever by their co admin eagle and i demand that action be taken by the USES team to enforce them and have that admin banned for his abuse of power.

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