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    Hi there,

    as you may have noticed the latest forum posts from the last week or so were suddenly gone yesterday. This was due to a database error. We have now restored all the posts. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

    Your MissionChief community team

    Sorry for the mistaken values, looks like some extra zeroes snuck in ?( We have updated the mission and it should now take the correct amount of time (if you still see the wrong value, you can force it to recalculate by withdrawing and then immediately dispatching a unit again).


    Dennis of the dev team

    Hello, this issue hopefully is fixed now and came in due to a broken mission update which mainly affected larger players that got a mission variant that no longer existed. Sorry that this happened, we'll take care to ensure that this kind of issue cannot show up anymore.

    Regarding the button that ChiefBoden61 mentioned: This is actually a slight "enhancement" that tries to alleviate issues with very large missions; usually you would get a timeout / server error after 15 seconds, this instead allows you to resubmit the remainder of the request. Of course ideally we fix the issue in a way that it never comes up (which isn't easy for a variety of reasons but always something we strive for with small improvements over time), but this way at least you can dispatch your units in smaller batches instead of being stuck with an error.

    Sorry again && have fun playing without issues once more

    Dennis from the developer team


    We would like to inform you that we have made a few adjustments to the PSU content we introduced on Monday:

    • We added the new Police & Public Safety Extension to Small Police Stations
    • PSU Carrier, Fire Arms Personnel Carrier and M-RAV now count as IRV
    • We added a new extension that can be build after the Police & Public Safety Extension which allows the purchase of two additional Detention Vans. (Not available in Small Police Stations)
    • Mission variation with new requirements for "Large Public Disturbance" is now available.

    If you would like to have more information about the new content, check our FAQs on on PSU vehicles and the Large Police Depot and the updated FAQ on educations.

    You MissionChief team

    Hi everyone,

    we got and hear your feedback about the new mission list sorting and see that we still have some issues to resolve here. We will revert to the old behaviour for now (should come up later today) and prepare an improved version that hopefully fits everybody's needs soon.


    Dennis of the dev team

    This might actually be a possibility, when the user deletes their account, we're looking into this. Of course in that case the mission should have been at least aborted in a way that all vehicles return on their own. We are looking into that and how to prevent it, meanwhile feel free to post here or contact support with any vehicle link still stuck at that mission, then we can release them manually.

    Dennis of the dev team

    While the mission was fixed, it also became kind-of invalid as a subsequent mission to serving an eviction notice; those of you, that got the mission as a subquent following therefore got the "broken" version of the mission. We have fixed up the issue and corrected the invalid missions manually, so everything should be working properly again. Let us know if there are any more issues surrounding this.

    Dennis for the dev team

    Oh dear, that's definitely not what was intended. Seems a minor patch accidentally made the sheriff unit half prisoner transport, half patient transport (which definitely is not a good idea ;-) ). We have identified the issue and fixed it up just now, so hopefully all sheriff units are properly accessible again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience && Greetings
    Dennis of the dev team