• English version of the mission generator 18

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    Hey guys.
    I'm the leader from a german development team and we are developed a generator for missions. With this tool u can (only with clicing) get the program code for a mission in missionchief.com and than u can suggest it in the board.
    Do u want a english version too?

  • Thought modding wasn't allowed?
    Think I read that too quick, is this for alliance large scale missions?

    This isn't modding. This is an external website where u get the code from the mission, that u can generate only with clicking on boxes or filling up textfields.

    You can generate missions like u want. It is like the mask when u create your own alliance mission, but u get the program code an than u can do a suggestion in the forum. My main thougth was for normal missions, but alliance missions of course.

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