UK Emergency Services

  • [ UK Emergency Services Alliance ]

    ➤ [ EST July 27th 2016 ]

    ➤ [RECRUITMENT:Open]

    ➤ [Available on both the UK & US Version]

    [About Us]

    The UK Emergency Services alliance was formed on July 2016. Initially based on the US Version of Missionchief, we soon became a successful alliance, earning a place within the top 4 on the leaderboard. On September 2019, we opened up our community to players on the UK version of the game. Although not the largest in terms of member numbers, we're an active community, offering our members a great experience (regular majors, ingame roles, lively community) .

    [Joining Rules]

    You'll need at-least 10,000 in earnings
    ➤ You'll need to have named & placed all of your stations correctly

    ➤ You'll need to have read through all of our rules & agree to follow them
    ➤ You'll need to leave any other alliance before joining. Multi-alliancing is not allowed.

    [Building Rules]

    ➤ All buildings must be in the correct locations
    ➤ All buildings must be named correctly
    ➤ Members MUST not "duplicate" other members normal buildings

    ➤ Schools, Firearm Stations, Dog Stations, NPAS Base & Air Ambulance Bases can all be "duplicated"
    ➤ Former stations/buildings may be built
    ➤ Once accepted, members must not move any stations to other areas without checking with support staff

    • free access to schools, prisons and hospitals
    • daily majors, events
    • available roleplaying positions

    [Extra Information]

    Alliance Discord;


  • One of the oldest MCUK alliance recruiting.

    If you'd like to join an alliance where

    -you can build a realistic setup,

    -you can play without having alliance mates with

    stations with 10x ALPs, 15x ICUs init :O


    -if it hurts your sense of beauty seeing stations in the nowhere or a fire station in a shopping mall

    -if it bothers you seeing 5 stations of others on the very same spot

    -if you want your very own cities, counties

    -if you thinks dispatching is a role where you have to plan, divide your resources, not just

    click to buttons and send out your endless stuff,

    ...then consider joining us, for the following now free areas:

    1. Bedfordshire -
    2. Berkshire -
    3. Buckinghamshire -
    4. Cambridgeshire -
    5. Cornwall -
    6. E.Sussex -
    7. Essex -
    8. Heref&Worcsh -
    9. Hertfsh -
    10. Humberside -
    11. Leicestshire -
    12. Norfolk -
    13. Northamptonsh -
    14. Oxfordsh -
    15. Shropshire -
    16. S.Yorksh -
    17. Staffordsh -
    18. Surrey -
    19. Warwicksh -
    20. West Mid -
    21. West Yorkshire -
    22. Wales - Mid &West Wales -
    23. South Wales -
    24. Scotland - FREE - parts

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