Introduction of New Ambulance Vehicles

  • Hi all,

    As you all well know, the current ambulance and medical system is very basic, and rapid response vehicles have little function within the actual missions. We are all working hard in the background to discuss the best method of going forward.

    Below are a number of vehicles I would like to see introduced into the game at some point; when this will be, I don't know.

    -Patient Transfer Ambulances (strictly for HOSPITAL TO HOME transfers)
    -Critical Care Paramedic/Advanced Paramedic
    -Operational Team Leader/Paramedic Team Leader
    -Hazardous Area Response Team
    -HEMS helicopter & HEMS car

    This would be a brilliant starting point and with a more advanced medical system in place, a great way to introduce realism into the medical side of MC.

    NF14 - Content Adviser Team (UK)
    Ex Emergency Operations Centre Staff
    Current Operational Ambulance Staff

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