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    Hi all,

    Could someone please kindly make a graphic for the South East Coast Ambulance Service Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV ?

    [Blocked Image:]This is the model if any one can skin battenburg over this? [Blocked Image:]

    If anyone could make this I'd be very grateful.



    Yes! Love it.
    It's always amazed me that we haven't had timers before for the medical side.

    It would be a nice introduction to see. Perhaps including some sort of reward/incentive to respond quickly and prioritise missions would be great.

    Hi all,

    Just a quick one about the new traffic stop missions requiring traffic cars.

    As with any mission in this game it has to be static (IE a fail to stop can't be racing around the map as funny as that would be).. It seems a bizarre concept that we're sending a traffic unit 25 minutes for a vehicle stop for no MOT or something.

    I think it would be great to see vehicles which are not on their way to an emergency 'pulling over' the vehicle. The mission spawns on top of any random IRV or traffic car around the map and it automatically attached to the call.

    For example, a response car has a traffic stop on a vehicle with no insurance/MOT, and requires a traffic unit to back them up.

    Appreciate this may not work/be a priority for devs, but would be nice to see!

    Just my two pence.

    I agree
    I feel like other medical jobs also need timers, such as Cardiac arrest and if you respond with the right resource within the time frame you get a bigger payout (but one to actually make you aim for the timer)

    Fantastic idea. I'll see what I can do!

    The national target for a Cardiac Arrest is 7 minutes. Perhaps we could get a 500 credit bonus for reaching category 1 emergencies within their timeframe.

    for mass casualty incidents, you have als crews assigned to pick up Alpha & Bravo call types. I’ve had 10 ambulances dispatched to an earthquake with a mix of call types. ALS ambulances will transport A/B patients when they should be attending to C/D/E patients. It would be nice if the correct asset treats the appropriate victim. When they treat the A/B patients, the BLS crew dispatched will require another EMS asset to respond. Also, why can’t a BLS crew have a QRV Medic or Shift captain jump on board to make an ALS crew? It does happen in the real world.

    Also, the maximum number of crew for HEMS is 1. There’s usually 2-3 minimum. 1 pilot and 2 medical crew. Maryland SHP flies medevac with 2 pilots and 1 medical crew. Trained crew members should be able to be assigned across stations. For example, why can’t a deputy who’s been through aviation training be “promoted’ to police aviation? Instead, you have to hire new personnel and pay to train them.

    This is the UK forum. Not sure if you're playing the UK or US game, but it's done very differently over here in terms of patient categories and crewing etc.

    I appreciate what you're saying about critical assets treating critical patients and not lower acuity patients; I totally agree with this idea, the game needs to implore some intelligence.

    I'd also like to see more staff on the HEMS vehicles.

    Big Just a quick one- any chance this could be changed into an event with a timer and make it spawn pretty often as it’s probably 80% of what officers do day-to-day including whilst at certain emergencies etc...

    +1 for this. Great idea.

    I like the idea, however generally speaking patients are not taken straight to a specialist burns unit. Very few hospitals have this speciality. In the case of burns, patients are transported to a regular A&E and then further transferred after initial treatment, stabilisation and referral to a burns unit.

    Perhaps we could implement a "Time Critical Patient Transfer" which is a C2 patient category?

    Hi all,

    I'm sure this has ALL been requested before, but I thought I'd reiterate it.

    I'd like to see the ability to have a mixture of retained and wholetime staff on stations. IE 6 staff which can crew a vehicle without delay. Then you would have a number of retained staff attached to that station. Once the first 6 staff are used, the next 6, or 12, for example, take a user set time to arrive on station before crewing the appliance. This enhances realism as currently having vehicle delays isn't always correct.

    EG - 6 staff have 60 second delay to crew whichever vehicle is being sent first. Next 12 staff have a 300 second delay before arriving on station and crewing whichever appliances are sent out.

    I would also like to see users able to set a MINIMUM number of people on a vehicle.

    For example, station 58 has 4 vehicles, but only 12 staff.
    58P1 and 58P2 both require a minimum of 4, but a maximum of 6.
    58R1 has a minimum of 3, maximum of 4.
    58M1 has a minimum and maximum of 2.

    If they sent both 58P1 and 58P2 to an incident, they'd crew both appliances with 6.
    If they sent 58P1 and 58R1 to an incident, there'd be 2 staff remaining, meaning 58M1 could be crewed with 2.
    There's no way of currently crewing vehicles realistically where MC is intelligent enough to choose wisely.

    Similarly, sending 58P1, 58P2 and 58R1 out is possible, by crewing each vehicle with 4. Currently MC will not do this.

    Please up-vote this post if you're in agreement or have any further suggestions.

    The update is good although more warning regarding the qualifications are needed.

    I believe your Medical advisor is indeed an ECSW and not a paramedic and is quite junior in their career.
    Some of us have offered our services where we have been in the service a lot longer such as myself @Alctw10 and @Josh2101 to name but a few.

    You can criticise all you like, but where does that get you? You've mentioned the issue with the qualifications and regarding the way they were rolled out; I prompt you to read the below, written by TACRfan, as it does explain pretty well that all we've done is pass the content we'd like to see. The way it's released is well out of our hands, Dan, but we have passed on feedback.

    You're correct, I'm an ECSW and relatively new in to the career having recently left EOC, but the information I have supplied and units/features I have requested don't seem to be problematic? The main problem seems to be the way the update was rolled out, which, by the way, I totally agree with. It was not well thought out, it was not particularly fair on players either for the simple fact there was no time to prepare.

    If you have problems/disagreements with my suggestions, or would like to see other implementations I'm all up for listening. As you say you've been in the field longer, you've no doubt got more experience than me, like I just said, I'm happy to listen, pass on requests, highlight issues, but there's a way of going about that without needing to be critical. Aside from MC, we all do the same job and we all play this game for the same reason and are all looking for improvements. The devs are flat out trying to deal with numerous requests on a daily basis and are trying to cater for EVERYONE! The one thing I ask, and this isn't aimed directly at you, is that everyone stops winging and bitching and being rude to eachother, trying to knock people down etc. It doesn't help, it doesn't make you look clever or better, and it doesn't benefit anyone. The devs will very quickly lose motivation to develop the game if everything they do seems like it's for nothing when everyone throws their toys out of the pram and doesn't stop winging.

    This is a bit of a rant which I don't really want to write, but it needs to stop. Content advisors and moderators shouldn't need to baby sit forums to keep people in check, it's ridiculous. The UK player base on the whole are appreciate, but a select few are really making us look bad and unappreciative.

    Can I give a bit of advice to those who want to volunteer to join the advisory team. Don’t try to muscle your way in by trying to take down those who are already on the team. I can tell you now it doesn’t make us want to add you to the team as it makes it look like you aren’t a team player and that we would have to all watch our backs from your own ambitions. In the future we will be looking to expand the team however there are ways to go about expressing interest and then there are ways that will make you very unfavourable to join.

    The medical update was going to come out in 3 parts. Critical care and essential features like the code system, other ambulance resources, and then HART. The devs themselves then broke the updates up into more manageable chunks for themselves at the last minute. We have no say over this and the way the update was implemented was not what was originally planned.

    Unfortunately it seems like on every other emergency game/group (like Facebook) the British side is again showing their pettiness. I really don’t understand why people in the British side of emergency services communities can’t just work together and always have to try to turn everything into arguments and derail things. Yes something weren’t implemented by the devs in the correct way and we are trying to pass on your feedback and make suggestions to the devs but being petty and always trying to turn things into an argument isn’t the way.


    What I've done is trained up my HEMS crew as Critical Care, so therefore they can function as both.

    I'm working on getting HEMS cars also.

    Hope this helps,


    *You can choose to play without the Critical Care Training! To do that, go to "Dispatch Centre, Settings", where you can simply uncheck the box about Critical Care so that future missions will not include this requirement. This can be turned back on at any time!

    This is written in the release message.

    Hi all,

    Currently we can toggle mission names on and off and it also populates an address. I would like to see the ability to toggle only an address instead of a mission name too.

    Real CAD systems tend to show addresses or incident numbers and not the name of the incident on the map. It means we could use the address for information but doesn't take up half the map by including the name.

    Vote up if you would like to see this easy but useful adaptation.

    im not sure if its in the UK version, but if so, use AAR's you can tailor them to your specific need and does save time

    You can use groups and send specific vehicles one by one, yes. However this can clutter things too.

    Being able to drag and drop a nearby vehicle or divert them from another call without opening it would be brilliant.

    Hi all,

    I'm mindful this is a big request, so if ever, I don't expect it any time soon; if it's even at all possible.

    Currently to send vehicles we open the mission and tick vehicles, before clicking dispatch.

    I would like to see an ability to dispatch through the map itself, dragging and dropping. Perhaps holding CTRL and then dragging a vehicle onto the mission icon would assign it - this would be useful for vehicles nearby, or diverting a vehicle without having to open the window etc.

    Another implementation I would like to see is to type in a vehicle's name into a search box and that sends it when you hit enter or something.

    These are all real ways of dispatching. Map dispatching is a brilliant feature that would be a fantastic implementation into MC.

    I see what you mean. It might be just me but I tend to share calls early though, I don't hold on to them for a while and dispatch/wait for units to arrive and build up a "role play scenario" prior to sharing.If I ever want to type some considerable notes on a call (I often do with shared custom alliance missions) and I don't want to have to type it all out after I have shared the call I just type them beforehand (just in notepad or word or similar) and copy the text then just hit paste into the call notes when I share it. Could be a work around idea for you.

    Could be - though it might also be useful to note when you stand a vehicle down and divert it to another call so you can keep track of what has happened to each vehicle and where it is etc. Sometimes just having notes in an organised format and know where to find them would be very helpful!

    And leave a freshly resuscitated patient at home or on the streets w/o taking him/her to hospital? Weird and not so pro...

    That's not what I'm saying. Some cardiac arrest calls should be cleared without transport - IE - they've died. They'll be left at home. If they've been resuscitated patient they'll be taken to hospital.