The First Mission Chief Graphic Design Competition

  • Hello Everyone.

    I Have decided to create a MC Graphic Competition, I have done this so you can meet other graphic designers, have fun and also learn from the experience.

    It will be on Saturday 13th of March and the entire event starts at 3pm GMT. Exact timing for the categories will be announced in the Hosting Server

    So here is how it will work:

    The First Competition is being hosted by MCGD, Mission Chiefs only dedicated graphic design server.

    How to join:

    Step 1- use this link to go to the server (MCGD)

    Step 2- Say to someone with perms to role you " I am here for the Mission Chief Graphic Design Competition" (they should give you a role that says Mission Chief Graphic Design Competition)

    That's all it takes to join!

    Now, i am aware that there are 2 main styles of graphic design here. So there are 2 Categories, 2D Design and 3D Design.

    The competition is judged by 3 judges - Myself, a person from MCGD and a winner.

    To be the winner judge post your best graphic below with your discord. The winner will be chosen by me :)

    I hope that's everything, this is just an idea. I hope it works!

    Thanks, Herts

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