Patients allocated to Mass Casualty Units unable to be treated by Intensive Care Paramedics

  • Hi Team,

    A bug that we discovered overnight with a Major Hotel Fire mission that I had shared with the alliance -

    I had 5 patients being treated by a Mass Casualty Unit (MCU) in this mission. All 5 patients also required Intensive Care. No matter how many Intensive Care paramedics and units were sent to the mission by myself and other alliance members, it was like the patients being treated in the MCU were in their own separate bubble. What is even more fascinating was that I have (some) intensive care trained paramedics in my MCU and was still not enough to satisfy the requirement.

    Once I had cleared the MCU from the mission this morning, the patients were able to be processed and treated as normal.

    With Thanks, Zoodles

  • I'm going to bump this thread with some updated information -

    It looks like the above issue is not able to be replicated if all staff allocated on the Mass Casualty Unit (MCU) are trained in Intensive Care. If there is even one staff member not trained in Intensive Care, then patient's that have an intensive care requirement, their treatment stalls. Patients allocated to the MCU with an intensive care requirement cannot be treated by intensive care staff in ICP/ICS

    Patients initially treated by a fire or police unit which are then formally treated by the MCU look like they are removed from the mission requirements until that patient is released, but there must be something stuck in the background because no matter how many vehicles you throw at the mission to complete it (including meeting the vehicle requirement), the game will not register any additional vehicles meeting the requirement

    Below I have attached some screenshots of a current mission shared to the alliance (not by me) showing that the mission fulfills all vehicle requirements as per the vehicle on scene list but cannot register them to complete the mission - My vehicles (in issue2.png below) were sent to try and clear the mission requirements 30min ago

  • Looking at the mission again - I don't know if it is the MCU causing the issue, but each patient has been claimed by an ambulance or an MCU so don't know what's causing the issue, and of course the person sharing the mission is offline so cannot release the 2 MCU's until they are back online to see if that solves the issue.
    I'm one of the transport admins as well, and do not have an option to release the patients from transport (for the 7 that have finished their treatment)

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