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    Once again one has only done the very basic of searches but if one was to actually go into the pages given the full picture becomes clear . There is a grand total of 2 locations within South Australia, 2 in the NT and so on. Trust me we had this very in depth discussion with all this evidence with the developers when they wanted to plagiarise the US lifeguard content. We cannot draw boundaries around these areas, so the compromise was the MSAR instead.

    And on a side note frankly im getting a little sick of the nitpicking and half truths to suit a particular narrative. Its no wonder you guys burn through your Content Advisors, then when they quit you complain because you get no content. We spend a lot of time and effort to bring you good quality and accurate content with a quantity of missions that goes with it. We have taken on board your suggestions, we finally got the SES fixed somewhat, you got an specialist training academy instead of the courses being buried and taking up space in fire academies, an individual SES vehicle tab again unburying SES from within fire resources and we've given you a soft release to allow you to train and populate personnel in preparation for the release more complex and in depth missions ( all of which have been suggested in the past) but we never get any feedback on what we're doing right.

    1st point - lifesaving.

    Sorry to correct you but briefly looking through the links I posted, there are over 314 affiliated (with Surf Life Saving) surf life saving clubs around Australia. This figure also does not include all of the other lifesaving clubs that are not affiliated with Surf Life Saving Australia. There are 3 SLS clubs in the NT (not that you want to swim with the crocs up there), 22 in South Australia , 31 in WA, 57 in Victoria, 129 in NSW, 21 in Tas, and 59 in QLD.
    (also compares with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard - AVCG, there are lots of flotillas across Australia, but also many more coastguard and marine rescue flotillas across Australia that are not affiliated with AVCG)

    My "very basic of searches" has produced fairly in-depth results. This is suggesting that the information that was being discussed with the developers was not clear-cut or complete.

    2nd point - half truths:
    Given the developer's workloads and competing priorities, I'm really glad that they gave us this update for SES, they didn't have to at all, but it has been a long time coming. I know from my own knowledge that Corbz and I have been giving advice to the other content advisors regarding what it should look like, and there would be countless other players that would have also given their input. The narrative is that there are a lot of players on here who freely give their suggestions about future content for Missionchief, who then don't suggest further content as they are driven away with responses like the one that I have received back from you.

    Like anything in life, the feedback that we often receive never includes the good feedback, it is often left unsaid

    Having played the SES and VMR content pack since it's introduction, thank you EMS-Chief for putting forward all of my suggestions I gave you for how SES should start to look to the devs for implementation.

    Having the staggered introduction for missions that require the new vehicles was one of the best things ever and hope it is introduced to other versions of the game when new content is introduced.

    Also having the selectable service status for the SES stations has been great to also help manage them a bit more

    Again, thanks for giving us a good update that is going to fix a lot of long-term issues with SES since it's introduction

    Going over recent major fires with in NSW and surrounds lately and I have been seeing a lot of these fires having Logistical support vehicles being responded to them. Like any service in the world logistics make or break a service and emergency services are no different.
    I believe the topic of Hazmat pumpers has come up before but I am not 100% sure. I have asked around to firefighters from all states and territories within in Australia and I can safely confirm QLD, NSW, VIC, WA and SA carry Hazmat gear from a basic lvl to specific pumpers carrying more specialized gear. It simply adds something else to do within in the game and allows for players building in Rural areas where services won't commit dedicated hazmats to use hazmat pumpers. The next town over from me has a Hazmat Tanker which is responded to all hazmat jobs within a 2 hour radius.

    I can understand if hazmat pumpers are a no but I think the logistical support would be a fantastic addition to the game.

    I think that this area will be a natural addition to Australian MC in the future. Given we have just had a content pack released, it will be some months yet until another one is released, given what I've seen around Missionchief in rotating new releases around the different versions.

    Who knows exactly what will be released into Australia next [and what the devs are next looking to] - a lot of players have been asking for ARFF (airport fire and rescue for those not in the know) for some time now. Some players are also interested in introducing foam capabilities into the Australian scene, but modified from what is found in other versions.

    I have ideas to raise with adding in a logistical support-type vehicle for fire. Would blend in well with also adding in transporter-type vehicles that most fire services in Australia have (POD trucks / hook trucks). I don't know if this would be best as an expansion of fire stations or a new "fire support" building, would need a lot of input from other players - there's things for and against either option.

    Hazmat pumpers is another one that has been brought up before on the forums. Most fire service pumpers around Australia carry a limited amount of Hazmat equipment that allows firefighters to start Hazmat operations before a proper fully stocked and dedicated Hazmat appliance arrives. Most rural brigades in Victoria, if the truck carries breathing apparatus, also carry chemical splash suits to deal with certain Hazmat ops. I am also in favour (at some stage in the future) for Hazmat pumpers being introduced.

    i had to interview people in different states to get an idea of how their organisations worked ( again because they're all different) and try to combine it into something somewhat realistic for all states. That's also why there wont be lifeguard component as such because some states dont have them at all and some programs are run by the local council and so on.

    I have found all of this with 5 minutes of Google
    Every State has a surf lifeguard association that is linked in with the national association Surf Life Saving

    Northern Territory
    Western Australia
    South Australia
    New South Wales



    New Zealand - similiar logo but obviously separate

    Looks like they've done some wholesale changes to how the bushfire missions generate.

    Small/Med/Large/Major Bushfire & Forest Fire all still require "Fire Station or building with Bushfire Specialization"

    All other missions released with the bushfire update, and all other missions added that initially needed a station with a bushfire extension now do not need the extension to be built at the station and default back to Fire Station only

    For Example the mission: Smoke Sighting from Fire Tower.
    Although expands to bushfire extension only missions (and I know this mission was released to be generated at fire stations with bushfire extensions only), the mission now can be generated at any fire station as seen in the screenshots below

    And similiar to this, are the Staging Area missions, again were released as to be generated by fire stations with the bushfire extension:

    Hi All,

    There seems to have been an unannounced change overnight to the way bushfire (wildfire to you non-Australian players!) missions generate.

    They used to be only generated by fire stations with the bushfire specialisation built, but now all of the bushfire missions now state:

    Generated By: Fire Station or building with Bushfire Specialization

    Due to this change I am now finding that bushfire missions are being generated in by CBD areas, well away from any bushfire assets or buildings that have had any bushfire specilisations built. I'm only speaking for myself but don't think many in our alliance will have seen this change yet. Also I will also need to check if players without any bushfire extensions are seeing these missions and re-update this post accordingly.

    Are any other Australian players noticing this too?

    When I tried to explain that players want additional services such as tow trucks and the like that support the emergency services, and that I could do a poll to see if players like the airport, I was told that the forums only represent a minority of players which I think is so disrespectful to everyone who suggests things on here, clearly Facebook players are more valued than you are.

    Combine all of this with the lack of movement on both the ambulance standown bug, and the QOL pack which I am repeatedly pushing. I am starting to get the feeling that myself, and my teams voluntary services are not viewed favourably in the eyes of the devs anymore.

    Hats off to you and all of the other content advisors for the work and advice that you all put in to Missionchief.
    It is unfortunate that there seems to be little traction on here with the work you do and the mismatched priorities that the Developers eseem to have with juggling all of the other MC countries and their content packs.

    Even though I am an Australian player (only), you are thoroughly vocal with standing up for the UK player group and the content they deserve.

    Name/Type of Mission: Petrol Drive Off Theft

    [Added to Australian Game]

    Name/Type of Mission: LPG Leak from Refueling Car

    [Added to Australian Game]

    Name/Type of Mission: Petrol Spill from Bowser

    [Added to Australian Game]

    Name/Type of Mission: Petrol Bowser Fire

    [Added to Australian Game]

    Name/Type of Mission: LPG Leak from Bullet

    Spawned By: Fire Station

    Units Required: 10 Fire Appliances, 2 Bulk Water Tanker, 4 Support, 2 Rescue, 2 HAZMAT, 4 Police Cars, 2 BASU, 1 MCV

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Gas Station

    Patients: 15 - 40% chance for transport (General Internal)

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 5 min

    Credit Reward: 3000

    Hey Corbz3 - I've found the missions in my list changed to the updated "Tree on the Road" requirement today with the same issue as you described; but when all of those were completed and new "Tree on the Road" missions were generated they were properly spawned by SES stations.

    Have you seen this as well?

    Unfortunately, the decrease was due to the maximum being decreased, so it would automatically trigger the decrease.

    To increase, it is much more difficult and really cannot be completed in an automatic way (as some may want to keep different numbers of personnel in it).

    Thanks EMS-Chief on the update. I will have to persevere then and do the changes over time

    Actually it was, but just because ive coded it one way doesnt mean the devs actually use my coding as it was input. This is what ive been saying about not everything being guaranteed, I do not get the final say so, all i can do is suggest on your behalf and i encode it to save the developers time. This is where its important to make notes about what you actually want as the mission creation tool is limited in its capabilities ( but is so much quicker than coding by hand which i had major trouble getting my head around). Had I put something in the notes about what was trying to be achieved it may not have been overridden. As it stands they probably thought it was a coding error, and omitted it, (but as they've now deleted my coding from the spreadsheet we use to put the coding in as the new jobs entered will now be for July. I guess we will never know for sure.) and i completely get it because as a general rule fireys dont get dispatched for medical here in SA unless its a heavy lift or difficult access and even then its only after SAAS is on scene . HOWEVER i am willing to put those types of missions forward with the explanation in the notes ( I am not sure how i would code it given the creation tool limitations.) and hopefully if they're unsure, they'll reach out for a conversation?

    I will however raise your issue with the vehicle changes , I wasnt aware any of this was happening until i got the message myself and have an issue that i want to raise about some of the changes anyhow.

    Again thanks Katnip, what we ask for and what we get are two different things sometimes.

    Sorry, will add one more question/query to the mix:

    The mission cardiac arrest (thanks for coding that one Katnip and all of the other ones on there!) was one I had popped up in the mission suggestion list - it has a requirement for 3 ambulance stations and 1 fire station.

    Don't care about the mission payout (10 credits) because of the added payment of treating and transporting the patient, but the requirement for a firefighting vehicle wasn't coded into the mission (to simulate the Emergency Medical Response (EMR) of firefighters co-responding to priority 0 calls).

    Hi Team,

    A small nitpick but don't know if/how it can be changed.

    I liked the vehicle crewing changes that occurred on Monday with the various Australian fire appliances, however I have discovered that with all of my Medium Tanker and BASU vehicles built/purchased prior to Monday - the max crew number in the vehicle menu needs to be manually changed to the higher figure. I have over 150 of each vehicle so manually making the changes will be excessively time consuming

    Vehicles that have gone down in crewing have automatically changed to the lower crew number (I.e.: Pumper, Aerial Pumper, Pumper Tanker, Ladder Platform, Hazmat and Bulk Water Tanker).

    All 8 vehicles purchased after Monday have crewing set to the figures released on Monday

    Additionally (it may be different in the coding we cannot see), when it was stated that "Tree on the road" and "Biker fell off mountain-road" are now SES-generated missions, I have found that only "Biker fell off mountain-road" has been changed when viewing the possible missions list, "Tree on the Road" is still generated by fire stations. There also has not been an SES requirement added for "Tree on the road" either.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Change the timing on the daily alliance missions and weekly alliance event - this will help alliances with large player bases to better coordinate the free missions/events instead of the slow creep in lateness of missions and events that we see currently i.e.:

    Daily: instead of 24 hours after the last free mission, trigger it to be allowed to run once per day resetting at midnight local time
    Weekly: Instead of 7 days after the last free event, trigger it to be run once per week, resetting at midnight local time on Sunday

    - Allow admins and co-admins to delete messages typed into the in-game chat box

    - Fix the mass casualty unit bug that sees patients become stuck in it on missions unable to be treated or transported until the MCU is released.

    - In the board (MC forums), allow admins/co-admins and "moderator action log" members to mass delete posts instead of one at a time.


    - Allow unused Alarm and Response Categories to be hidden from view (declutters A&RR view if multiple categories created)

    - Increase the amount of timed missions available to the player, dependent on the # of stations built by that player

    - An option to automatically create alliance courses daily

    - An ability to bulk select players in the player list to modify options and/or admin rights

    - Addition of different search options in the alliance members list (admins and co-admins) to more easily separate players via options like earned credits, length of time away from the game, contribution rate, roles, captions etc.

    - An option to automatically change player discounts depending on their contribution rate

    Could the developers look at changing the required POI for today's new mission from "Rail Crossing" to "Railroad Crossing".

    This is because the Rail Crossing POI hasn't been used in the Australian server until now, and the railroad crossing POI is already in use by another couple of missions.

    Thanks in advance!

    What I would love to see is an option in the settings of police cars to toggle on/off whether they can transport prisoners.

    It doesn't make sense that the police car that is allocated to tow the mounted police float can transport a prisoner. I have had a look (a long while back) at custom vehicle classes but could never get it to work at doing what I've suggested.


    Today's suggestions are for Fire Stations with bushfire extensions

    Name/Type of Mission: Smoke Sighting from Firetower [Chance for mission to be false alarm]

    [Added to Australian Game 4/7/22]

    Name/Type of Mission: Crop Fire (small)

    Expands To: Crop Fire (medium)

    Spawned By: Fire Station x5, Bushfire Expansion x2, Police Station x1

    Units Required: Brush Truck x4, 40% chance for Bulk Water Tanker x1, Support Vehicle x1, Water: 10,000L, 60% chance for police car x1

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Field, Farm

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 8 min

    Credit Reward: 4000

    Name/Type of Mission: Crop Fire (Medium)

    Expands To: Crop Fire (Large)

    Spawned By: Fire Station x10, Bushfire Expansion x4, police station x2, fire airbase x1

    Units Required: Brush Truck x6, Bulk Water Tanker x2, Support Vehicle x3, 40% Chance for MCV x1, Water: 30,000L, police cars x2, 30% chance for airborne firefighting vehicle x1

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Field, Farm

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 12 min

    Credit Reward: 7000

    Name/Type of Mission: Crop Fire (Large)

    Expands To: Crop Fire (Major)

    Spawned By: Fire Station x10, Bushfire Expansion x7, police station x6, fire airbase x2

    Units Required: Brush Truck x10, Bulk Water Tanker x3, Support Vehicle x4, MCV x1, Water: 50,000L, police cars x4, airborne firefighting vehicle x2

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Field, Farm

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 16 min

    Credit Reward: 10000

    Name/Type of Mission: Crop Fire (Major)

    Expands To: None

    Spawned By: Fire Station x15, Bushfire Expansion x10, police station x8, fire airbase x2

    Units Required: Brush Truck x15, Bulk Water Tanker x5, Support Vehicle x6, MCV x2, Water: 80,000L, police cars x6, airborne firefighting vehicle x2

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Field, Farm

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 20 min

    Credit Reward: 14000

    Name/Type of Mission: Fire in Urban Interface

    Expands To: none

    Spawned By: Fire Station x20, Bushfire Expansion x10, 1x Fire airbase, police station x6

    Units Required: Brush Truck x10, Fire Trucks x10, Bulk Water Tanker x5, Support Vehicle x6, Major Rescue x2, Turntable Ladder x1, Airborne Firefighting Vehicle x1, MCV x1, BASU x1, HAZMAT x1, Police Cars x5, Senior Sergeant x1, Water: 100,000L

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 5 - 50% chance for transport (general internal)

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 20 min

    Credit Reward: 12000

    Name/Type of Mission: Campfire Left Unattended

    [Added into game 1st August 2022]

    Name/Type of Mission: Planned Ecological Burn

    Timed Mission / Planned Event: Yes

    Spawned By: Fire Station x8, Bushfire Extension x5

    Units Required: Brush Trucks x8, MCV x1, Bulk Water Tanker x3, Support Vehicle x3

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Forest, field, moorland, heathland, park

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 1 hr

    Credit Reward: 8000

    Name/Type of Mission: Investigation of Bushfire Arson

    Timed Mission / Planned Event: Yes

    Spawned By: Fire Station x 4, Bushfire Extension x2, Police Station x8

    Units Required: Brush Trucks x2, Support Vehicle x2, Police Car x6, K-9 x2

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Forest, field, moorland, heathland, park

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 45 min

    Credit Reward: 5000

    Name/Type of Mission: Cardiac Arrest

    [Added to Australian Game]

    Was able to replicate it again late last night - Again involved a senior sergeant with only one trained member and the other member unavailable (being trained). The vehicle in question pulled another trained member out of another assigned vehicle rendering that one out of service (due to no personnel available).

    Doing a bit more digging/testing this morning - if there is only one personnel available (who is trained) for the senior sergeant vehicle, then it will in the 1st instance select another staff member with senior sergeant training regardless if that other member is allocated to another truck and will not select a person with no training, whereas this does not occur with any other vehicle that requires prerequisite training like K-9 .

    Name/Type of Mission: Swift Water Rescue

    Spawned By: SES Unit

    Units Required: Police Cars 3, SES boats: 2, Major Rescue Vehicles: 2, Fire Engines 3,

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): river

    Patients: 3 (General Internal Specification) 70% chance of transport

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 5 min

    Credit Reward: 2000

    Name/Type of Mission: Roof Damage from Storm

    Spawned By: SES Unit

    Units Required: 1 SES Vehicle, 1 Major Rescue Vehicle, 1 Fire Engines , 50% chance of 1 Turntable Ladder

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 2 (General Internal Specification), 50% Chance of transport

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 5 min

    Credit Reward: 1250

    Name/Type of Mission: Roof Collapse from Storm (can upgrade from "Roof Damage from Storm")

    Spawned By: SES Unit

    Units Required: 2 SES Vehicles, 1 police car, 2 Major Rescue Vehicles, 4 Fire Engines, 1 Turntable Ladder, 2 Support Vehicles

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 4 (General Internal Specification), 80% Chance of transport, 25% chance of needing intensive care

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 8 min

    Credit Reward: 2500

    Name/Type of Mission: Building Collapse from Storm (can upgrade from "Roof Collapse from Storm")

    Spawned By: SES Unit

    Units Required: 3 SES Vehicles, 3 police cars, 3 Major Rescue Vehicles, 6 Fire Engines, 2 Turntable Ladder, 4 Support Vehicles, 1 MCV

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 10 (General Internal Specification), 80% Chance of transport, 50% chance of needing Intensive Care

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 10 min

    Credit Reward: 5000

    [Moderator Edit: Car Into Shop Wall implemented into game (ID: 410)]

    [Moderator Edit: Ring Stuck on Finger implemented into game (ID: 433)]

    Name/Type of Mission: Child Finger Stuck in Bath Drain

    Spawned By: SES Unit

    Units Required: 1 SES Vehicle, 1 Major Rescue Vehicle, 1 Fire Truck

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 1 - Traumatology Specification, 20% chance of transport

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 3 min

    Credit Reward: 800

    Name/Type of Mission: Flood Threatening Houses

    Spawned By: SES Unit

    Units Required: 2 SES Vehicle, 1 SES boat, 1 Major Rescue Vehicle, 4 Fire Truck, 4 Support Vehicles, 3 Police Car, 1 Senior Sergeant

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): River, Lake

    Patients: 5 - General Internal Specification, 20% chance of transport

    Prisoners: 0

    Time to Complete: 6 min

    Credit Reward: 2000