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    I was wondering when we are likely to see Water Rescue and Airport Firefighting in the UK version.

    - Will we get a dedicated water rescue station.

    - Are we likely to get water rescue for firefighting/search & rescue and also for RNLI

    - Will we get dedicated airport fire stations.

    Thanks for the time and effort you all put in.

    The way you get round that is by having your units still atached to a station but temp out at the standby location

    Not sure if this or somthing like this has ben posted. It would be nice if we could buy a marker for like 5,000 and then place it into areas that do not have fire stations so that we can still get call outs in that area. IN my area of devon and somerset I have fire stations in Exmouth and Topsham but never get any calls in limpstone but there is no fire station in limpstone would be good to have a marker there so that some call outs get spoawned.

    So I feel that an over hall for ambulance is needed. I work for south western ambulance service in ambulance control and there are many things that area needed.

    • Ambulance ranks such as Emergency Care Assistant, Paramedic, Lead Paramedic, Operations Officer, HART Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, Urgent Care Paramedic, Doctor both in critical care and urgent care working on HEMS and BASICS.
    • More ambulance service vehicles such as pathway support vehicles, operations officer vehicles, motorcycle response unit, HART teams, HEMS, BASICS, community first responders, co-responders.
    • St John Ambulance for events
    • Ambulance control like dispatch centers but for ambulance
    • HART vehicles, such as water rescue vehicles, off road vehicles and command vehicles

    I am happy to offer any advice and support for you on how ambulance control do things its like mission chief but for real lol 8o and we get paid 8)

    It would be nice to have some form of standby location a bit like a staging area but perminent it coukd cost 10,000 and you could send ambulance and police units there and it would not spawn any units there untill you assign a unit to stand by there

    How many dispatch building are you aloud to have because I have 3 at the moment but i need 5 for my different services but when I go to build another one it say you can only build 3.

    I have some Ideas for training courses.

    Fire Courses

    Driving- Needed to be able to drive any of the appliances. Each appliance must have one person trained in it.
    Casualty Care- Used to speed up the treatment of a casualty like a fly car. Optional course.
    Officer/ Basic command courses- Used to put an officer in the fire truck Each truck must have one of these.

    Police Courses

    Driving- Needed to drive police vehicles. Each vehicle must have someone with this skill
    Interview- Can be used to decrees police mission times quicker. Optional course.
    Police Sargent- Each station must have one of theses. Must be sent to all big jobs.

    Just a few ideas for you guys.

    If a search and rescue helicopter was to be added in the future it would be a 1,000,000 + 300,000 price scheme to keep it inline with the other helis.

    It is an interesting idea though

    Sorry TACRfan that's what I meant

    I think we should add search and rescue into the game.

    Search & Rescue base 100k
    Search and rescue helicopter base 500k

    Vehicles: 4x4 serch vehicle 5k, equipment van 10k, serch control unit 19k plus command training from fire service, search helicopter 300k

    Missions: missing persons, injured walker,helping other emergency services

    I think we should be able to promote staff in our stations and give them ranks and roles that you can rename like the buildings and vehicles. You should also add training courses in the training centre such as vehicle driver courses and leadership courses.

    Under the stats window it says that there is water rescue station and riot police but there not in game. any ideas

    I have an Idea where you would use a tool to shade an area of the map and then assign it a use for example shade a big housing estate and make it residential area and have a system where it only gives you call types expected in that area within the shaded section

    I think that we should have a feature where we can set a call grade when dispatching units so that I grade would be a fast response and S grade would be a slow response could work for calls like tree on the road or calls that done need an emergency response but still require the emergency services. E.G. Grade 1 = lights and sirens Grade 2 = lights only (e.g night calls in built up areas) Grade 3 = under normal driving conditions no lights and sirens.

    Also have the ability to upgrade or downgrade a units response grade if the call changes.