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    Name/Type of Mission: lift assist (upgrade to an active medical call)

    Units Required: (option of one) fire truck, platform truck, fly car, second ambulance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 1

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 350

    I would add in rescue/police helicopter units to aid in search, that's what would be done if you were searching for people on a mountain.

    Honestly the best approach with the whole thing rather than creating a whole new unit, especially since in lots of big cities all firefighters are required to be EMTs or paramedics as well no matter what apparatus they ride, would be to add specific training options so that they can be put on any fire vehicle but function as both a firefighter and a paramedic.

    I brought this up way back about having MCVs for LE, I don't know any fire departments within my county that have a mobile command since they're all small and mostly volunteer. County SO provides the mobile command unit when necessary.

    POVs for urban and rural fire stations

    I personally just set a longer response delay to simulate volunteers responding to the stations, but wouldn't be opposed to an individual building setting to set it as a volunteer station that would automatically set a delay for all units for that building by default

    I'd like to see the ability to send units routine instead of priority in the way of response. For example when sending units to scheduled events they still show up as status 3 but they don't go any faster than when they return to patrol or to the station, and the graphics don't flash lights while responding. I'd like to see that as a choice for us to be able to have. Say I have a low level patient on a standard call, like the drunk person calls, realistically EMS wouldn't be running full lights and sirens. It would obviously make the mission take longer due to response time but it would be a choice for players so it wouldn't have to be something everyone does. It would be pretty cool to not see a fly car rushing down the road for just a nose bleed, would add another little aspect of realism.

    In real life, you normally have some sort of treaty between nearby fire departments that will send units here for you. Eg. Alliance.

    mutual aid, in my county because most of the departments are volunteer mutual aid is always dispatched to reports of structure fires or an alarm activation being updated as a confirmed working fire. There's always about 6 or 7 departments paged but often a bunch of them get cancelled because we don't get many severe fires. But in the end it's very helpful when your department can't get enough people to respond cause they're at work or out of town.

    Yes. I would say the majority of players play realistically (or as realistic as they can get). Not everyone plays like this though.

    I can agree here, I play realistically as I can. My department switched around the location of 2 of our engines. Basically just moved them to eachothers spots in 2 of the 3 stations. I mimicked it in the game.

    It's a unit for transporting crews ahead of the fire lines during wildfires. The crews then deploy with hand tools to areas where vehicles can't access and tear up brush and cut down trees to create fire breaks. If you're trying to send it to regular incidents it isn't gonna work because neither the crew or the truck carry hoses or ladders, just shovels, chainsaws, and Pulaski tools used in wildlands firefighting.

    Not sure if it's just me but I've had an issue since yesterday with vehicles not responding the first time dispatching and it keeps giving me the message saying the unit doesn't have the minimum of 1 personnel even though I have full crews assigned to all my units.

    My game setup is where I live and volunteer and one of the neighboring departments at a military port has a heavy rescue/hazmat unit. If there's a serious accident or a hazmat situation they always respond.

    If you go I to the dispatch center then the settings tab make sure that the setting to cancel unneeded EMS units is not checked. That's about the only thing I can think of that I have seen.

    Oh definitely! Ever since I started playing this has been one of the most talked about units players have wanted to see in the game. Will def make a major impact in game play that's for sure.

    definitely would like to see this. I have a setup in my home town where my department is volunteer and most of the departments in the area including mine have pumper/tanker combination units for mutual aid units.

    I have dispatched to several missions and each time I have to refresh to get the icon to change color and when a mission is complete I have to refresh to clear it off the screen. Not really that big of an issue more of an inconvenience for the most part but definitely a bug.

    I agree this is a good idea, in a big city if a major call happens units will be temporarily moved around to fill gaps in city coverage.

    Well that's actually a thing, it was an update a while back. It still says it requires a firetruck but you can send a platform truck, heavy rescue or utility unit and they can deal with it unless it becomes a road accident in which case it will require a fire truck.

    Well that's probably just the games auto logic. Which btw supports my point of view that technology could never take over the world. Just wait till the transport is done before cancelling the units.

    A minimum and maximum radius option would probably be the easiest solution for the devs, and would solve your problem. Or some coding work to make really close calls less common. Third and easiest option, act like it's a walk in reporting to the police or walking up with a medical issue or even pulling up after their vehicle or trailer catches fire. That's how I think of it sometimes.