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    that would trigger and/or offend ppl lolol, probably never going to be implemented^^

    A little bit of "worst case scenario :

    Name/Type of Mission: Deep Vein Thrombosis
    Units Required: Ambulance
    POI Required : None
    Patents : 1
    Credit Reward: 300

    evolving into :

    sPESI - High risk patient) :

    Name/Type of Mission: Pulmonary Embolism
    Units Required: ALS (100%)
    POI Required : None
    Patents : 1

    Credit Reward: 400

    evolving into :


    Name/Type of Mission: Fairground Ride Collapse
    Units Required: 2 BtC, 6 ENG, 2 LAD, 2 RSC

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Fairground
    Patients: maximum of 5

    Prisoners: max 12 (Transport aprox 65 % ? I´ll take suggestions)

    Credit Reward: 2500

    Name/Type of Mission: Stampede at Fairground
    Units Required: 6 Patrol Cars, 2 K-9, 2 BtC, 1 MCV, 4 ENG, EMS-Chief
    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Fairground
    Patients: maximum of 12

    Patients: max 30 (Transport aprox 30-50%)
    Credit Reward: 8000

    Sesional (winter) missions.

    Suggestion one :

    Name/Type of Mission: Ice Rescue

    Units Required:

    2 Type 1/Type 2

    1 Heavy Rescue

    POI Type : lake

    Cash Reward :


    Suggestion two :

    Name/Type of Mission: Ice Rescue

    Units Required:

    3 Type 1/Type 2

    1 Heavy Rescue

    1 Battalion Chief

    1 Boat

    POI Type : River

    Cash Reward :



    Type of Mission : Severe Hypothermia

    Units :


    Number of Patients : 1

    Transport : 100%

    Hospital ward :


    Cash Reward 140

    Name/Type of Mission: Suicide Threat

    Units Required: 1 Engine, 1 Police Patrol car, 1 Ambulance

    POI Required : none

    Patients: 0-1

    Prisoners: 0-1

    Credit Reward: 400

    Name/Type of Mission: Person Threatens to Jump

    Units Required: 1 Engine, 1 Patrol Car, 1 Platform, 1 Ambulance

    POI Required : High rise, Bridge

    Patients: 0-1

    Prisoners: 0-1

    Credit Reward: 900
    Would also be possible to have the first mission expand into the second upon arrival. This is the first two missions I suggest, also am new to the game and not familiar with procedures in the US, so please go easy with criticism :D

    I´m sorry if I come across a bit harsh sometimes, obviously have no intention to blow off steam at you Mods-it´s just kinda hard to see things we are concerned about passed on to them, mostly because of the lack of transparancy on the Dev-Side...

    I would really appreciate if you're using the app if you could directly inform the developers through the app itself. I did ask them regarding issues and they said they hadn't been made aware of them previously so any time this happens, please report it.

    Dev-Team has been messaged multiple times and it´s still goes on laggin, still no notification or explanation of them on facebook either-now in the old days and on Leitstellenspiel the Forum Moderators had a very good connection with Sebastian. I made this thread and adressed the issue in the hopes of you gentlemen having the same connection to to the current developers-because what´s the point in contacting them someone via this app-thing if nothing is being done ?

    Hello everyone,
    I don´t often post here, but it seems there´s not much other opportunities to get your voice heard.
    Over the course of the last few weeks I have heard people of my alliance complain of loads of lag, and expirienced it myself. As well as multiple Server crashes.
    Yet-unlike when Sebastian was still running the game there is-at least that´s how it feels to me-next to no transparancy, there are no notifications, explanations etc.
    can we PLEASE get information ? I am a long term Leitstellenspiel & Missionchief player now, but I am getting increasingly frustrated by how the game is being run since the take-over. We used to be talked- and listened to it would definetly help- and make the game more enjoyable if that legacy would be continued.

    yes, both the American and the Australian versions, Leitstellenspiel runs as usual, don´t know about the other versions-there´s probably about a hundred now ^^

    TBH, it would be better to have both, but the option to select either. There's not going to be an agreement on what would be used.

    the option to select would be nice...same as to select a timezone...but that would prolly be a different topic, so back to the distance-thing :D

    Noticed there are both metric and imperial mesurements for distances in the game (the max. distance for vehicles is in Kilometers and the other ones are in miles) it´s all mixed up. Now for me as a European it´s not as big of a problem, but idk who else is familiar with either metric or imperial mesurements...if we´d decide on a specific one we´d safe the conversion, right ?
    kind regards,

    As some of you may know Sebastian recently implemented the "Kleinwachen" (Small Station) concept for the German version of the game. I approached his team ob fb about a possibility to impliment this for missionchief as well, as I thought most of the Stations in the US aren´t that big anyway, maybe it could come in handy and safe us a little money. He did however said he´ll only implement it when he is suggested to by the missionchief board admins.
    A station with a max. of 6 vehicle slots for half the price-what do ya´ll think of that ?
    If it was for me, I´d be all for it-let me know what you think :)

    Please use the edit button instead of posting multiple times as per our rules in future.

    please help me keep this post on topic. I haven´t offended anyone, nor violated forum rules, there was no complaint by any user, please try to buisy yoursef with more important things and leave me in peace. I am a new user to the forum and to the game, I want to have fun and understand the game bettert-instead of being told off by a moderator for something like thi, with all due respect. Now please either remove my thread for me voicing my oppinion or let´s get back on topic. Maybe you have an idea or a suggestion Sir ?