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    I feel like getting mocked by the Power Plant Fire and I think there is a bug with it. … Here’s what happened:

    Mission Power Plant Fire – Major was generated. I send all vehicles to the mission, including all requested EMS Units with an EMS MCV. Then the mission expanded to Power Plant Fire – Explosion and I did a second alarm.

    As the mission takes some time to be finished and I also shared it with my alliance (with 1 firetruck missing) all patients have been treated and transported to hospitals. Due to my settings at my (main) dispatch center ("Automatically stand down EMS units when not needed." is activated!) all EMS Units went back to their stations once all patients were treated.

    Now all vehicles are on scene (Alliance member alarmed too) but the mission doesn‘t get finished. It requires 2 educated personnel: EMS Mobile Command. And this is what I think is a bug: Coming from the german LSS I know that missions have this behaviour, but they are processed until the end and if there are no patients left the mission will be finished / closed. I suppose normally there is a query done to find out if there have been patients AND if there are now 0 patients and if this is true all requests for EMS vehicles or personnel are ignored to finish the mission, but not here.

    As the mission did not proceed I re-alarmed the EMS MCV to this scene and what do you think what happened? The re-arriving EMS MCV expanded the mission to Power Plant Fire – CBRNE and re-created patients. :rolleyes:

    I mean … well … the expansion makes it a new misssion and so there might be new / more patients. That‘s not my point. My point is the mission was not handled / processed due to missing EMS-MCV personnel that already did finish their job and went home again. The setting at the dispatch center is years older than the EMS MCV.

    At least I already have the EMS MCV on scene for third alarm. :S

    Hey guys,

    I've got some questions related to the building complex, search didn't help me .... I have a building complex (Level 2), containing each one fire station, police station and ems station.

    1.) I do have personal in the complex, but I can't either buy vehicles in the complex nor can I assign the personal to any vehicle at an attached station. And I can't move personal from Building complex to any other station. So personal in the complex is useless?

    2.) Complex's benefits: Are there any? I see "vehicle effiency", does this really affect anything? It seems I've gotten an extra slot in each station at level 1 odr 2? At level 5 it shows to get an extra slot in each attached station and a heliport at the complex. Which heliport? Police or HEMS?

    So, as a resumee it seems to be just a very expensive way to get 2 extra slots in each attached station and one Heliport?


    I've just assigned building images to all my firestations. But there are 2 stations that fail as well saving the image as being renamed.

    The affected buildings are:

    I thought the ' in the station's name could be the issue, so I tried to rename the buildings. After saving the edit, screen stays at "Edit station" and when clicking the station's name in the top bar to get to the normal view, the station remains the old name.
    It is curious that I've had no problems assigning a building image to my station "Chicago FD - O'Hare Rescue 3" (link to building:, which also has the ' in its name. That makes me feel like there might a problem in the database with my two stations? The only difference I see is that Rescue 1 and 2 have the airport extension while Rescue 3 doesn't. All three of them are "normal" station (not small ones).
    As I did not have any problems with any of my other >50 stations, I don't think my system is pertinent, but it's Ubuntu 18.04 with Chrome Version 63.0.3239.108

    I hope someone can help me ...

    Greetings, Taliesin

    Edit: I seems as my O'Hare police station has the same problems, so the airport extension seems to be pertinent. Building name: "Chicago PD - O'Hare District", Link:

    We are still growing and evolving, but it could be better with you, if you have your stations in or nearby Chicago or Milwaukee. But if you are anywhere else in Illinois or Wisconsin, you may join us, but you should be aware that we would need a little time to get vehicles to your missions. If you are not sure, please contact me ingame (Taliesin) so we can see whether and how you could fit into our alliance. Or the allliance to you ;)

    Wir wachsen und entwickeln uns weiter, aber es könnte noch besser gehen mit dir, wenn du Deine Wachen in Chicago oder Milwaukee (oder in der Nähe) hast. Aber auch wenn du irgendwo anders in Illinois oder Wisconsin bist, kannst du zu uns kommen. Du solltest nur bedenken, dass wir ein wenig Zeit brauchen, bis unsere Fahrzeuge bei dir sind. Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist, schreibe mich einfach ingame (Taliesin) an, dann können wir in einem Gespräch klären, ob und wie du zu uns passt. Oder wir zu dir ;)

    Mobile Air can also not be set as required while creating an own large scale mission. Would be nice to have the possibility to add all vehicle types to a mission.

    So there is a feature in the German version where the player can set their own vehicle categories so you could rename a police car a traffic car and then have the ARR select traffic cars. Would players be interested in seeing this brought across?

    Definetely yes! I think this feature is more useful, than the travel time, which makes loading the dispatch window noticeable slower, but is nice to have!

    For those of you who are not familiar with this I'll translate the facts from the video posted by Sebastian (

    To understand the basics of the video: the german DLK 23 equals a platform truck / German DLK 18-12 is a smaller one, but let's say you want to have a platfrom truck as "Tower Ladder", so "DLK 18-12" in the video is replaced by "Tower Ladder". While editing a platform truck, you set up the name "Tower Ladder 1" an then you've got the option to set up your own vehicle class "Tower Ladder" for this vehicle. If you additionally activate the option "Use only own vehicle class in ARR", this vehicle is no longer alarmed when you dispatch a platform truck.

    But: While editing or creating an ARR, there will be a new tab called "Own vehicle classes". There you'll find your class "Tower Ladder" and you may set up an ARR dispatching your Tower Ladder, but not a platform truck (or quint).

    So this feature would help us differing Patrol Cars, K-9-Units and Motorcycles in the ARR. I think it's annoying to have an ARR "1 Patrol Car" thats dispatches a motorcycle to "Pickpocketing" and later I have to dispatch another real Patrol car to transport the prisoner. Or vice versa: A Patrol cars goes to an obstruction of traffic (where a motorcycle would fit all requirements) and then IÄve got a motorcycle free at station, but no patrol car for a transport.

    And one can stop dispatching "Heavy rescue + Boat"-Vehicles to a fire with "Heavy rescue" in an ARR (where another firetruck is needed then) and not having a boat for a "Sinking boat" ...

    I'm sure Sebastian and the moderators here can give a better explanation for this feature than I can, but I hope you can understand the possibilities this feature provides.

    Hello all,

    as expected, we have evolved. Our alliance now provides the first hopitals in Chicago and Milwaukee and a fire academy as well as a police academy. Together with our member's hospitals there is a good coverage in Chicago City, the O'Hare area (with surrounding suburbs) is a third spot.

    We have also updated our policies, english and german are with equal rights in our chats, basic information in our forum is provided in both languages.

    If you are looking for an alliance in Illinois or Wisconsin (NY is still on the schedule), we would like to welcome you in our alliance.

    Yours, Taliesin (Alliance admin)

    Hallo zusammen,

    wie zu erwarten war, haben wir uns gut entwickelt. Die Alliance hat die ersten Krankenhäuser in Chicago und Milwaukee, ebenso wie eine Feuerwehr- und Polizeiakademie. Zusammen mit den Krankenhäusern unserer Mitglieder haben wir in Chicago City eine sehr gute Abdeckung, Die Umgebung vom O'Hare Airport ist ein dritter Bereich.

    Wir haben auch unsere Richtlinien angepasst, deutsch und englisch sind im Chat gleichberechtigte Sprachen, im Forum werden alle wichtigen Informationen in beiden Sprachen angeboten.

    Wenn Du auf der Suche nach einer Allliance in Illinois oder Wisconsin bist (NY ist immer noch in Planung), würden wir dich gerne bei uns aufnehmen.

    Grüße, Taliesin (Alliance-Admin)

    I'm happy to see that the EMS-sector will be updated and expanded.

    What about this idea: You have to know, my stations are situated in Chicago. IL and I'm building as real as possible. There are a bunch of special vehicles at the CFD and I really don't see each of those to be implemented here. But as I also play the german "Leistellenspiel" (which is the originally version of missionchief), there is one EMS-Vehicle that I am missing.

    Chicago FD has got Battalion Chiefs and Deputy District Chiefs (which I use as MCV as well as the Command Vans) on the firefighting side. On the EMS side they have "Paramedic Field Chiefs" which I would understand as some kind of an EMS-Battalion Chef or even EMS-District Chief.

    Maybe it would be possible to implement the "Paramedic Field Chief" as a tactical leadership unit, that is required if more than 5 (or 10) patients occur? A very nice feature for this unit would be the option (to be activated in the vehicle's settings) to handle transport requests automatically. (FYI: In the german Leitstellenspiel there is a vehicle doing this since a long time). I would not mind the personnel to require special education (could be called e.g. "EMS operational management")

    I have to agree with LennyK. Especially compared to the german (originally) version of this game the amount of patients with transport is a multiple. At first our thought was it depends of the number of stations (as I own 28 stations with 29 ALS (just as in real) an I have to have 9 !!! fully expanded hospital with 30 beds each and get sometimes introuble due to full hospitals. In the german version (where both of us has more stations than here) is not this massive volume of patients.

    We think of 2 solutions: Either make hospitals larger (50 beds each or even more, as fire stations can hold up to 40 vehicles here =/= 16 in german version) or decrease the number of patients.

    I totally agree with you, @me181, that this game should be a challenge anyway. But one should be able to handle a challenge and not feel overwhelmed.

    Edit: @Mark_ 1. He is in an alliance on Point 2 and 3: One should be able to afford this, but if you are a small (new) player you can't.

    Our intention is to improve the game balance, that's why we would rather prefer to be able to build larger hospitals than decreasing patient's volume. Any yes, We dicussed and know that 10 beds in a hospital cost onny 10,000 less than a new hosptial, but you have to consider the distance as well.

    I Think what "ManyFireman" want to tell is the samething I'm thinking about:

    We've got Patrol Cars, Motorcycles and K-9 Units all responding to the ARR-Option "Patrol Car", althought a Motorcycle as well as the k-9 unit max not transport prisoners.

    So my suggestion is: Please make those 3 units separate in the ARR, so I can call either a Patrol Car OR a k-9 OR a motorcycle just as I want to.

    Another thing is: If I call a Heavy Rescue in my ARR, my "Heavy-Resue + Boat" will be called if nearest.

    In the german "Leitstellenspiel" there is a feature available since beginning of december that might help us here with all the issues at once. In Leitstellenspiel any player may set his own vehicle categories. So I can set the vehicles mentioned aboce to categories k-9, motorcycle and boat on my own and use these in my ARR. I think this feature woud be very helpful to have here in!

    Dear all,

    since we founded our alliance about a week ago we are now recruiting new members.

    The admin team consists of 3 experienced players form germany, all with a lot of stations in the german "leitstellenspiel", but we would like to welcome players form all over the world, no matter if you live in europe, america, asia or anywhere else.
    We have gathered together in Chicago, IL to be able to help each other with our missions and we recently put the fire department in Milwaukee, WI in service as well as the first alliance fire academy. A police academy is next to come, hospitals in Chicago are provided by a memeber (me) at the moment. But our plan is to provide affordable coverage of hospitals and jails in IL, WI and NY as well as courses in our academies on request.

    We provide help with all questions (beginners as well as advanced) through our experience form the german game, as well as you can get help for specific things about missionchief as I started playing here more than one and a half year ago.
    We recommend english as the major language in our alliance, but especially in our slack we may provide channels in other languages too. As we are a young alliance you may take part in building up and forming an alliance, maybe as member of the admin team too.

    We have only very little of rules you have to follow, the rest are policies you should follow. There is only one prerequisite you have to fulfil: Your (main) stations have to be within the borders of IL, WI or NY. This is the area of our alliance and this is where you can get and should grant mutual aid. If you'ld like to have stations in another part of the world, it's up to you. You can do it if you want to.

    If you've got any further questions don't hesitate to PM me ingane (same name as here) or directly apply to our aliance!

    Yours, Taliesin

    Link to our alliance / Link zu unserem Profil / Lien vers notre profil:

    Hello @Rene1709, Hello all,

    I'm Admin of a new alliance founded a week ago. We are currently 3 players all from germany and we would like to welcome other players not only from germany but from all over the world to our alliance. As this is an english website, english should be the major language with in our alliance too, but we would not deny helping in german. The only prerequisite we have is, you have to have your stations within Illinois, Wisconsin or New York. That's why we call ourself "IL-WI & NY Emergency Services". At the moment we have got all of our stations in Chicago and Milwaukee, but we are expanding and NYC is definetely our third base.

    So, if you would like to join, just PM me ingame.

    Hallo @Rene1709, Hallo alle anderen,

    Ich bin Admin einer neuen Alliance, die ich vor einer Woche gegründet habe. Wir sind derzeit 3 Spieler aus Deutschland und wir nehmen gerne Spieler aus allen Teilen der Welt. nicht nur D in unserer Allianz auf. Da dies eine englische Seite ist, sollte englisch auch die Hauptsprache in unserer Allianz sein, aber wir würden auch deutsch nicht verweigern. Die einzige Voraussetzung die du erfüllen must, ist dass deine Wachen in Illinois, Wisconsin oder New York liegen müssen. Deswegen nennen wir uns "IL-WI & NY Emergency Services"- Derzeit haben wir unsere Wachen nur in Chicago und Milwaukee, aber wir sind ständig am Ausbauen und NY wird definitif unser drittes Standbein.

    Also, wenn du Lust hast zu uns zu stossen, schreib mich einfach ingame an