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    So apparently it was intentional due to the large amount of casualties the missions spawn. I believe it’s too low but I’m not sure what else I can do. My advice would be to contact the devs via the support channels on the app and show them that people are not happy with it.

    So by that wording, are they planning on changing credit amounts to other large missions too (aircraft crash, hospital fires etc)? That would be a real shame... All they have to do is come onto the forum and they will see several threads showing disappointment in these payouts :/

    Over the past few days I have noticed an increasingly common bug. When clicking onto alliance member stations or staging areas, there is no 'x' in the top right of the pop up to close it off. You either have to click outside the pop up when possible, or refresh the page.

    Luckily we can still close it, but I'm having the issue on probably 90% of the alliance buildings I click on. Can this please be looked into? :D

    Some further fixes are now necessary...

    Large earthquake should be approx 2000-3000 credits - several more units than medium, yet same credit payout.

    Unless I was seeing things, I am 99% sure I saw major earthquake with earnings of 7000 credits - but then got changed to 700 soon after... This needs to be changed back to reflect the high number of required units :huh:

    The major earthquake also requires a police car, yet does not list police station as a requirement.

    You have the option to refund a station within 24hrs of purchasing. You must however have the original vehicle type at the station for it to give you the option to refund 8)

    There is currently no way of turning off specific missions, but you could always select the non-transport option when the mission asks you to transport - it awards half the credits, but it's better than nothing!

    Something that bugs me quite often, and could definitely save some time if this were to be added... :thumbup:

    When a mission requests a prisoner to transport and you decide that you will or won't, it then doesn't allow you to keep going through your transport requests like it does with the ems side of things. Can we please have the same button that appears on ems transports ('go to the next vehicle with a transport request') for the prisoner transport screen?

    There seems to be a few mistakes with the most recent earthquake missions...

    Two types were added - small and large, yet they said small and medium were added on their social media (also listing different station requirements).

    The large earthquake that was added seems to be giving a credit amount that was possibly meant for the medium? It's way too low for the units we send. Were there meant to be three versions in total?

    Can these problems be brought up and fixed please? :thumbsup:

    Yep, you need a fire academy to train people in hazmat to then use in a hazmat vehicle.

    Costs a bit at first, but you will soon earn back the credits! Alternatively, you can join an academy course if one is offered by an alliance member, but worth getting an academy yourself at some point 8)

    I always thought it was n+1 where n is the number of your most populous building type. Cause n being just fire stations wouldn’t work for, say, someone who starts out with PD.

    You are correct :D The total number of missions that can generate at a single time is the service type with the most stations, not fire only.

    Looking for a friendly and active alliance based in the United States? 911 Emergency Dispatch is the place for you!

    We are actively seeking members who are positioned in California, New York, Florida, and Texas - a strong player base is located here.

    You are more than welcome to join if you are situated in any other state however. :thumbsup: Join in on the fun and apply today!

    It's recommended you build your setup centred around fire for a little while before going into the other services. For your case, I'd probably say keep building fire stations until you have around 10-12. Then, consider getting into the ems side of things. Then more police.

    It may be wise to purchase a clinic (instead of a hospital and separate ambulance station) once you're at that ems stage - credit saving... :D

    Just a cool idea I came up with... :D

    An example to help - a player has 3 separate cities they have coverage in, each grouped with a separate dispatch.

    On the mission list towards the right of your screen, where all of your missions are listed if you toggle the far left option, alliance missions etc... Can we have a separate button for each dispatch building/zone?

    A player may wish to dispatch units to missions only in a particular city at any given time. The player may for example know that they are out of ems in a particular area, meaning they wish to focus dispatching in one of their other cities. Instead of going through each mission and finding out where they are, a simple toggle switch to enable/disable 'dispatch zones' would make this process a lot easier and quicker :thumbup: Thoughts?

    The ability to move units to cover other stations for a temporary time has been brought up several times in the past. However, we're yet to see it actually implemented. Let's hope we can do it one day... :thumbsup:

    I suggested a similar thing a while ago - the option to create an ems station with a bls ambulance as your starting unit. I know of several stations that don't have any als vehicles, so it would definitely help those out instead of deleting and buying alternatives.

    I too agree with having more options when creating fire stations - I see no issue with adding more options either, as the cost of building the station goes up/down accordingly depending on the vehicle you choose.

    Hopefully we can see some edits in the not-so-distant future... :thumbsup:

    This would be a cool addition, I have mentioned something similar in the past... It certainly would be good to say 'alright, I just want small missions for now' - and it can't be seen as cheating either, as the credit earnings wouldn't be anything special :D

    This has been on my mind for a while now, and I certainly think about it every time I get either of the two missions.

    Fleeing suspect and vehicle pursuit missions should be edited slightly - in fact, swapped. A 'fleeing suspect' makes more sense to involve K9, as they are quite possibly on foot. While a 'vehicle pursuit' generally shouldn't need such a unit as dogs can't exactly trace tire tracks... :D

    An edit of the station requirements would also be necessary, to make sure the K9 component is taken into account. It also makes more sense to have two units that require special training to reward the player more credits upon completion, instead of the other way around.

    So in summary, what the edited missions would look like:

    Fleeing suspect - 4 police cars, 1 K9 unit, 1 police helicopter (7 police stations, 1 police helicopter station required - 3000 credits)
    Vehicle pursuit - 5 police cars, 1 police helicopter (4 police stations, 1 police helicopter station required - 1000 credits)

    Hope this can be done, as I definitely believe the above is much more appropriate than what they currently are :thumbup: