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    Hear me out….

    Most departments have a fleet services or a division of equipment, something along those lines, but the main idea is that apparatus that need to be maintained. Maybe, just an idea, we get a building to service vehicles at certain points. Say every 4500-5500 miles, an apparatus needs an oil change and the game randomly chooses a mileage point within that area. Now your vehicle needs to go out of service and head over to fleet services, and the oil change takes maybe 2 hours.

    You might think, “Why the heck would I want to have a building that takes away my resources for valuable hours”

    To combat this, most departments also have a reserve fleet. As a player maybe you build a fire station just for reserve apparatus that are out of service until they need to get shifted to a station to cover a vehicles maintenance time.

    Better yet, maybe the fleet services has reserve apparatus room where you can put however many units you need.

    Maybe your ambulance breaks down and you need a fleet services utility to go and fix it, or a fleet services tow truck to bring it back to the shop? (New education: Tow Truck Operator??? Mechanic???)

    The possibilities are endless!

    Just some ideas, I think it would add realism and be a cool addition.


    Hey! So just referring to the fire apparatus ideas, with light and medium rescue, the department I run has light rescues, I just use utility units because they can act as rescues on calls.

    I was asking because I had the same issue and don’t see them in FD anymore just wanted to see if you did or had any new information.

    They told me they resolved the issue, the issue being that they even showed up in the fire station, I no longer am able to buy them but I have the 4 I bought still.

    New issue I ran into, coastal aircraft do not show up when trying to dispatch vehicles, Have not gotten any coastal calls yet but it hasnt been that long, maybe you need the coastline poi?


    Right, id like to start off by saying fantastic work devs, update looks great. A few things I have noticed; I can buy vehicles from the coastal update if I have a fire station with a water rescue expansion, however these stations do not appear when I try to train personnel for the vehicles in the coastal rescue school. I am not sure if the bug is that the vehicles are available to purchase under the water rescue expansion, or that the stations dont appear within the school. I spent coins to buy the vehicles in the fire stations so it would be unfortunate if this is a similar bug to seeing the MCU in fire station ambulance expansions.

    If I shouldnt be seeing the coastal vehicles in the fire stations with water rescue expansions, please, contemplate adding a coastal extension to fire stations? The department I base off of has 4 coastal rescue vehicles that run directly out of fire stations and I would really appreciate it, though I understand if this is not a possibility.

    I play the game on iphone from the app. I did not see any error codes, and I did not clear my cache.

    Name/Type of Mission: House Raid

    Units Required:

    Swat Vehicles: 2

    Swat Personnel: 12

    K-9: 1

    Patrol Cars: 2

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: None

    Prisoners: up to 5

    Credit Reward: 1125(Plus prisoner Transport)