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    Random weather missions; Examples are as follows:

    Tornado - Causes building collapses, fires, trees on roads, down powerlines, etc. around an area

    Drought - Causes wildfires, field fires in an area

    Thunderstorm - Mix of high wind damage (downed trees, down powerlines, etc.) and causes fire hazards due to lightning around an area

    Please give up the ability to build stations but have the option to opt out of receiving calls around them. I had the idea to build an ambulance station exclusively for long-distance transfers but the problem is I would still receive calls around it therefore I would have to leave some units stationed there at all times.

    Please let me know your thoughts!

    Thats pretty much what dispatch centres are for. It would be good if we had the ability to get more.

    True but if you use the 'Alarm and Response Regulations' to dispatch your units (which if you don't you should because it makes it easier) it dispatches the closest units to a run. I have city police and parish police. If my Parish police are too far from the run, the city police from like 3 towns over takes the run and it makes it a headache. The whole point of having parish police is to have them respond to runs outside of city limits and handle major police events. Without the districts right now my city units leave their intended area to take a run that my I intend my parish police to take. I hope this makes sense and clarifies a little.


    Please give us the ability to set custom boundaries and assign certain stations to the limits of said boundaries. Pretty much let us mark our own districts for our stations to receive calls in.

    This would be good for keeping your units in the intended area so they don't end up on the other side of the state. You could even make it to where a confirmation message displays when you attempt to move units outside of their designated districts. These said districts could be marked off by setting markers (much like the POI markers) around the desired area and when submitted the area within the markers is a new district. Only stations assigned to a specific district will be able to receive and respond to calls in that district only (unless you confirm to respond M/A where it asks you if you want to move units out of the district.)

    I hope this makes sense; I feel like I repeated myself but I hope you get the general idea of what I was trying to get across. Thanks for your time!