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    Does having a premium account allow the use of the automatic staffing level? I’m looking at a major upgrade of stations and if it does I might have it for a month to make the staffing changes easier.

    Thanks in advance.

    If you have the forestry extension you will get wildfires even if you don't have the other extensions/specialization. I was getting wildfires way before the new wildfire expansions were released. However, there were not as frequent.

    I’m talking specifically about calls that need wildfire engines. I never got those until I had the basic forestry expansion. Those are the calls I only expected to happen in range of stations with the extension added

    When you add an expansion to any stations if the mission requirement doesn’t specifically say what station / POI it will spawn at it means any stations of that type attached to the same dispatch centre could have the mission spawn within its radius

    The station specialisation only means if that station is pick for the current generation of a mission it will only spawn a mission of that specific type however that mission still can be dropped on the map at any station attached to that dispatch centre

    The dispatch centre but isn’t working, I’ve got my stations split between two and I’m getting wildfire calls at stations attached to the dispatch centre that doesn’t have any wildfire expansions.


    It wasn’t my intention but as there’s no training involved I’ll just add the basic expansion to a few more stations so I can have some wildfire engines dotted around

    I’ve just added the basic Forestry Expansion to four localised stations, expecting the associated Wildfire Missions to only be generated by those four stations.

    I’m finding the calls are being generated by stations 80+ miles away that don’t have the expansion. Is this normal and I’ve misunderstood things or is there a bug?

    I’ve had a quick search but can’t see if this has been suggested.

    I like to try and keep the units from the correct authority attending to calls within the authority boundaries. To do that I have AAR’s set up so I can send them as such.

    It would be good if we could ‘colour’ in areas of the map so that if I call is generated within a certain colour, only units from stations tagged with that colour can dispatch rather than having to change between different AAR options.

    Having the option to allow a station to dispatch to multiple areas would be needed though as my ambulance trust for example covers multiple areas.

    Is there a difference in the payout for calls depending on the number of staff in vehicles? I don’t always use the maximum staff number, I use a realistic number but if I get more money I’ll increase them.


    I’m in the process of relocating my set-up to a different area, partly by moving stations, then moving some vehicles.

    I’m trying to move my Mass Casualty Unit but whatever station I try and move it to I get an error saying there’s no room even though there’s a space.

    What am I doing wrong as I can move everything else quite happily.

    Is there any kind of limit to the number of stations I can move in a time period or if I had enough coins could I move my whole setup in one go?

    Also, if I delete the smaller stations, will it reduce the cost of building newer ones accordingly?


    If a call is asking for a Fire Investigation Unit, does it have to be specifically an investigation unit with a trained staff member sent or can the prevention unit be sent?

    So far I’ve got a couple of investigation units with trained staff and haven’t bothered with prevention units yet but the game hadn’t asked for a prevention unit yet.

    Sorry to keep asking questions while I get going again….