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    I think it's in the settings on the dispatch center too, but when you go to the dispatch window you should be able to see where you can change the distance that the mission is able to spawn from a vehicle, I have it set to 400 km and it works great to spread the calls out across the map.

    That distance is how far away from the mission your vehicles are shown, not how far away missions spawn from your vehicles

    We already have K9 training for staff, to add in dog training as well would make things unnecessarily complicated to me. It already takes a week to train the staff, unless you pay the coins to shorten it, it could make it even longer if you had to train dogs as well.

    A step to far in my eyes.

    Just to what I do, send however many units is needed for an officer down to shoplifting / animal attack, along with an ambulance, problem solved :D

    Saves alot of time haha

    Not everybody, me included, has the resource to just send that many units to every call on the off chance it’s going to turn into an officer down. It would be better if the game was adjusted to reduce the amount of calls that re-spawned into one

    These are really beginning to get annoying now, I’m getting four or five calls at the same time expanding into officer down. I get that it can happen but that quantity in one police force, getting unrealistic now.

    It’s not possible to export them or import them from an external spread sheet however if you highlight them in game on the browser version you can copy them and paste them into a google sheets.

    Thanks, looks like it’s rewrite all my AAR then. Unfortunately as I generally play on an IPhone or through Chrome on an Android tablet I can’t use LSS Manager for the mission requirement add-on

    Morning all,

    I know it’s possible to export and import AAR lists between players but is it possible to export AAR lists as a CSV or TXT file and view them in a spreadsheet or word processor?

    I want to modify a bunch of mine and create new ones based on existing ones for my second fire authority but don’t really want to rewrite them all through the browser so thought it might be easier to export, modify, save and import them.

    Thanks in advance

    Is someone able to tell me what the difference is between 'swimmer in distress' and someone drowning?

    I feel like we are having repeats of the same missions.

    Any other opinions on this?

    I may be one of the new boys on the block but I feel we should be grateful for whatever we get. From what I've seen, the majority of people who do things for the game have a real world life to live too so we may be getting similar missions, but at least we are getting something.

    If you’re playing through a web browser, when you add a new POI all your existing ones show on the map. Click on the one to delete and confirm deletion.

    My setup is in the UK where we have a different police layout to the US, but within each county force, there is the 'local bea't cars and then the 'motorway and traffic' cars so even over here, a different highway patrol might work

    From your menu, select Alarm and Response Regulations.
    Once in there, at the bottom you will see a button that says Own AAR Categories, select this.
    Click the green + button, give your category a name and use the sorting number to give it a tab position in relation to the others, then save.

    I don’t want the quint to be a custom thing, I want it to be called as a platform if it’s the nearest platform or an engine if not. The game is calling it as an engine then calling other platforms from further away rather than using the quint as the platform. A custom AAR type won’t make any difference because I would loose the engine capability if I lock it to a olatform

    There isn’t the option to assign as a Quint, the game obviously assigns it as a ladder or an engine but it seems to pick engine over ladder which is opposite to what I wanted. If I make a new class to use it as a ladder I may as well have just got a ladder.