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    royal london hospital

    I do assure you that on the London Ambulance Service website there isn't a F3 as all stations are updated reguarly on the website. Unless you can show me the its F3 It won't be on the sheet unforunately because the Royal London Doesn't have a ambulance station they just have Cars for LAA

    All the pack is complete LAS icons fully done. If you would like another force please leave what force you would like and if what service if its air ambulance police ambulance fire etc. Pop a message in this thread and Ill get working on them :)

    I think their should be a testing mode for all players so they can all the vehicles and calls it could be like private server xp or money don’t convert into the Original server

    I like your idea basically like a SANDBOX Mode were you can test things out with infinate money and doesn't transfer.

    This thread is were I will post my graphics onto here for my station icons. I will take station icon requests if you like my style. At this time I'm doing london but can branch out if you request to do so.

    I have currently in London

    Fire Stations : 21
    Ambulance Stations : 2
    Police Station : 6
    Hospitals : 0
    HEMS Bases : 1
    NPAS Bases : 0

    Fire Training Centres : 1
    Police Training Centres : 1
    Ambulance Training Centres : 0

    Water Ladders : 28
    Incident response vehicle (IRV) : 11
    Fire Officer : 7
    Rescue Support Unit (RSU) : 7
    Ambulance (DCA) : 5
    Hazmat Unit : 4
    Aireal Applicance : 4
    Water Carrier : 3
    ICCU : 3
    Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) : 2
    HEMS : 1
    BASU : 1
    Operational Team Leader : 1
    Dog Support Unit (DSU) : 1
    Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) : 1

    [Blocked Image:]

    Some Graphics Ive made

    These are the DIM units based at Lambeth in London

    These are the new DCS Units for London Ambulance Service

    These are the skoda octavia RRV for London Ambulance Service

    These are the Volkswagon Tiguan RRV for London Ambulance Service

    These are the skoda octavia RRV for London Air Ambulance

    Disclaimer - If you would like to use my graphics in your pack and publish the pack to private, do contact me on here On missionchief at : 2020realisticgamer or contact me on discord : thewolfgameshybrid#5056

    As above, public order units will be added eventually. They most likely won’t be called TSG though as this is a London thing

    With the comment of TSG have them as carriers as that is what they are also referred to, also maybe have Mini-Buses Idk if its only London that uses but it would be great crewing 6 in a mini-bus and with carriers they usually hold 8 or so people in the carrier as a whole.

    Think we sould get water rescue teams for boats so we can do marine deployments for police and fire etc, would be good to also include a few calls eg, drowings, stranded at sea or in a river etc.

    Name/Type of Mission: Cell Extraction

    Units Required: 4 Police (IRV)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Prision


    Prisoners: Depends

    Credit Reward: 1700

    Earlier today the Option to turn Allinace Buildings on or off has disappeared and wants to put it out there that it might have been accidently deleted by one of the devs but its missing n now i can't see any of the alliance buildings as i turned them of for some screenshots.

    Yes i re-made my template but i chose to do the style how i choose by using a line tool in the shapes options on photoshop. All my stuff is now documented with PSD's and photos of my work.

    If they are your graphics and you have evidence you have made them then there is no problem, lets be honest fire engines in the UK for example all look similar and there are a few variations between fleets, so graphic pack designs will be similar . It is wrong to take a graphic make a small modification and pass it off as your own, if you have made it yourself then there is no issue and I cant see why your getting so much hate for it.

    ye i have used my template i have used that was made in photoshop it might look similar to BenSmall20 but they are my own and i have proof if anyone asks :) thanks