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    I'm not overly fussed about how the time missions are done, just the fact that it's a more involved game means that allocating a number of resources to an event where they are going to be out of service for a while doesn't make sense. I get that there's a much more passive income element but it doesn't line upto to what comes in from other missions. Also the income levels between the various timed events are ridiculously wide, there's just no relations between time taken vs units required.

    On a greater point, any chance of simply having multiple custom vehicle types/tags. I'd love to be able to give my PSU and IRV vehicles sergeant tags for those with sergeants in.

    The new missions are spawning before I'm getting units ready to deal with them. Any chance of making sure the missions don't spawn without the public order extensions being set to ready?

    Name/Type of Mission: Speed Check - Timed Mission (1Hr)

    Units Required: 2 Police Motorbikes, 2 Patrol Cars

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Highway

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 800

    Name/Type of Mission: Community Engagement - Timed Mission (3Hrs)

    Units Required: 1 Patrol Cars, 1 Ambulance, 1 Fire Truck

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Park, School, Supermarket(big)

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2,500

    Name/Type of Mission: Mental Health Emergency/Mixed

    Units Required: 2 Patrol Cars, 1 Ambulance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 1 (Probability 30%)

    Prisoners: None

    Credit Reward: 400

    Once you have one ambulance station, multi agency calls can spawn requiring ambulances whether or not their are under separate call areas provided by dispatch centres

    Im adding all these to my list

    The EMS rescue will probably be brought over, maybe with some other features just as a temporary measure and it probably will be the base on which to form HART. HART is definitely i want to see added, we would have to work out a system for HART to be properly utilised. Maybe patients could have a chance of needing HART so once the ambulance arrives on scene they can request HART for that patient. Ambulance Officer probably wont require training, not because of a realism point but for the same reason that the Fire Officer doesn't require training etc

    Noted, sounds good. This would be the ideal end point.

    The Fire officer doesn't require training?!?! I thought it was just a copied over Bataillon chief that required command training.

    Ideally an Ambulance Training building should be added.

    HART should replicate their role as providing patient treatment and extraction where the normal ambulance service resources wouldn't be able to go. They shouldn't be copied over as just an extra heavy rescue, rather a requirement by some patients where appropriate - Road Accidents, Accident Involving a Buses, Fire in Hospital, etc...
    HART training for this should be added.

    The EMS chief in this game would need some other changes before being copied over as well - should also be renamed to Ambulance Officer.
    Rather than for just over 10 casualties, it should be added as a requirement for any multiple casualty incident and all cardiac arrests.
    Ambulance officer training should be added for this.

    Other resources that could be added:

    Critical care - In the form of an additional car and Helicopter
    Required by some patients with trauma specialization.
    Critical care training should be added for this.

    This is more in lines with UK way of working.

    Patient transport is a resource under the ambulance service, however they are not emergency ambulances. The current patient transport missions can be regarded as a doctor's urgent, which do require an emergency ambulance. It's not therefore appropriate to include PTS in a game about the emergency services.

    would it be possible to establish some kind of way to keep track of active players in an we can get rid of those that are part of an alliance but dont play

    Those with other ?3 months inactivity show red in the alliance members list to admins only

    To be honest, I regard all Water carriers that I buy as High Volume pumps, since all vehicles can be renamed, this makes perfect sense. I'm sure there'll be a be a renaming of the unit type later which I can totally agree with.

    No - as you said - "there are hopefully going to be significant differences between the two games". So our setups will become very incompatible in this game, and as far as I know, pretty much everyone who has a built up setup is very concerned with the situation.

    But this is the main idea of the new game. There will be differences as this will be a new game. There are difference between the US and UK emergency services and these should be reflected between the two games. I don't understand why you are expecting compatibility with this? I'd suggest being less concerned with duplicating profits and more concerned with suggesting how the UK game will develop.

    What about us that have spent money? I've spent a lot of cash on this game, and I don't think anyone who has done the same wants that to go to waste. I think its fair everyone is able to get a refund and transfer the coins/cash over

    You'll have lost nothing though, you can always go back to the old game. I'm not by any means annoyed that I have to start again even though my setup on MC US is quite significant.

    My only issue is that I already have two full fire authorities plus the start of a third running on the US version, added to a huge chunk of the associated ambulance and police services. I don’t really want to have to start again just to play a UK variant. I’ll happily fudge along with the US variants until I can up and move my existing setup, or copy my existing setup so I can continue in both.

    I don't really see any way of that happening, there are hopefully going to be significant differences between the two games. I've quite enjoyed having a new challenge as well. I'd rather see new stuff being done for this version rather than the same stuff being copied over.

    Ok I am trying to swap my EMS Chief from a fire station to the urgent care and it does not show up on the list as a possible place to move the unit.

    Seems to be some problems already noted on this front, the game should allow you to move them but this has yet to be implemented/fixed/sorted.

    The option that I currently go for is individually adding vehicle graphics to each an every vehicle, this gives the ultimate level of customization. Granted, this can be tedious and rather time consuming.

    I'd like to see your idea come to fruition as it's ultimately an easier to manage method.