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    How about a ems school that can train fire and ambulance crews to emt,aemt and paramedic in most states that will be realistic as fire can treat the patient that way you won't need a medic half of the time :thumbsup:

    EMT 3 Days
    AEMT 4 Days
    Paramedic 7 Days

    We've had things like this suggested, although granted it's been in dribs and drabs.
    There's still an ongoing debate as to whether it should be combined with the Fire School.
    Other notable problems are that quite a few players have massive setups and adding anything must mean that they can still play the game without a massive need for training places. I would definately like it, but it has to be balanced with being realistic about implementation.

    A good example from the East of England Ambulance service are the IRO’s. These often operate Land Rover Discovery Sports and Free Landers.

    Just going to disagree with you there.

    These are just your plain old RRVs, fly car in game.
    You will find LOMs, locality operations managers, which is what I think you're referring to, who will use unmarked vehicles.
    These unmarked vehicles carry everything barring drugs. They aren't therefore able to offer the full treating package of an RRV. Second to that an LOM is there to manage the scene, not treat. While I agree that they can, I feel like just giving them full ALS capability would be overstating their role and in at least this case, their equipment.

    So Just to confirm, the person supervising EMS operations CANNOT act as a paramedic - I.E. Treat to the same level as a Fly Car? What was the thought behind this restriction?

    This Video shows at least how duty officer paramedics have the capacity to respond as Paramedics as well as their role in a command role.

    They can do this, however in the situations which they are used in game, their role is not to treat, but manage the scene, certainly with a large number of patients.

    This is a good point, however it is rather nit picking. Not to say it isn't worth something.

    I think these issues need their own thread so a list of just corrections can be drawn up, rather than a thread for each individual issue.

    @me181 If there is no option for it in the LSS Manager, I still would consider it worth discussing here, as some people have stated they would find it useful. I've had a look and cannot find it in the LSS Appstore or settings.

    I suggested this as I have seen and used a feature such as this and thought it may have been under the LSS manager extension. I recognized after searching myself this is not the case.

    So, I totally agree with the first post, on the balance of probabilities a TIA is just examined and treatment is generally a long term thing (out of the remit of this game).

    What I don't like about the idea of having a medical side to this, is each area has different policies and demographics and I fear the universal nature of the game could be stilted by a 'medical' adviser/team. While I think it's important to get the basics right, we don't need to be getting into great depths regarding the various diseases and disorders that EMS can deal with. This isn't meant to stop debate, just a personal opinion.

    Not sure how often officers in the USA are trained to ALS standard - in the UK it's only firearms and some PSU officers who are trained as Police Medics. Not totally sure it would be worth introducing but it's an idea at least.

    It's an idea however the provision of ALS can only be provided by EMS in most instances in the UK, only paramedics and above can become ALS providers.

    It isn't about the time to assign them, it is about the time it takes every day to answer the questions "Do I have any educated personnel that aren't currently assigned to their specialty vehicle?" or "Can I reallocate some Personnel to another vehicle?". With a bunch of training going on, it isn't easy to keep track of what courses have ended since the last time I checked, and cycling through *every* department *every* day to figure that out gets tedious.

    Hmm, I'd always assign personnel when they're being trained to the relevant vehicle, this saves time finding them later, granted this doesn't work if you haven't brought the vehicle, however preparation helps.

    Where would I find the option for this list in the LSS Manager?

    AAO search for searching although not seeing the list option come up, sure I used it a while ago although it never was a really useful feature.

    100km from where is a question in this circumstance, the nearest station, dispatch centre. It doesn't make logical sense as we dispatch units to incidents normally through the incident window, not the other way around, although this can be done.

    Unless there is a course up with the training I am looking for, it is very tedious and annoying to try and track down where my personnel are for a given education type across all my buildings. I would like a screen similar to the "select participants for course" screen where I can see the education and assigned vehicles for all my personnel (the reason for wanting to see assigned is so I can find unassigned personnel and assign them). Bonus if there is a filter for education type so I can see just those with a given education.

    It's going to take time to assign them in any way, it's not much slower to view each individual station's staff list to view who's been assigned to what and their training in one place.

    I don't know if this can be done but instead of showing what vehicle has the most mileage do the vehicle or station that is the busiest because the one with the most mileage is usually the first vehicle you bought or the one that has to drive the furthest to calls(i.e. a mcv)

    I don't want the current order of alphabetical to be taken away, however some filters/order options would be nice, obviously including all of the above.

    I would like to see that be made possible, fairly universal solution and adds something to the game that isn't itself forced upon players.

    I do like the idea, it definitely adds depth. I'd want it to be implemented with heavy rescue vehicles remaining the same so the upheaval to our current setups would be minimal. However the current combination units can be limited in their roles with this.

    We do have to be careful with how the universality of the game will be affected, it's much more important.

    Almost right,
    250 for treatment
    500 for transport
    575 for transport to correct facility

    Patient transfers from urgent care Centres are a different kettle of fish, unaware of the formula, my initial guess was based on distance.

    Regarding patient transfers to alliance facilities, it's your discretion, but I always think that somebody wins at the end of the day.