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    I've recently gone to create another staging area, but it says I'm unable to at the moment.

    Currently I'm allowed to have 4 at the one time, so when and how often will that number increase? 8)

    I think the total number is kept to 4, correctly using staging areas shouldn't lead to any more needed.

    This post isn't to complain about the price for the station after station 25. I had seen in one of the post an algorithm for how the station prices were calculated. I was curious if anyone could help me out with that.

    The reasoning or the actual mathematical equation?

    Reasoning is complex, going over the many previous threads will give you the gist.

    Mathematical equation wise, it will basically just keep going up till around 2/2.5 million a station and hold there.

    Add a way to add more coverage areas because I would like to cover a new area without messing with my current one. I want to have two dispatch centers.

    You can already do this.

    Make sure one area is covered by one dispatch centre and the following option is selected, found when editing a dispatch centre:

    Create your own coverage area. Stations belonging to this dispatch center are considered for missions in the assigned dispatch center area.

    The you can place another dispatch centre for another area and select the same option, this will limit what you get in both areas to only what they can handle.

    sounds like a good idea to me. maybe it could include a unit getting damaged by fire or bullets on a mission or just a chance of a vehicle needing maintenance.

    Hmm, vehicles are more likely going to be damaged by bumps on the road.

    I think a general maintenance thing would be better rather than specifying what's caused the damage. There needs to be a clear idea of what's going to be wanted though.

    I believe this is what you were talking about…shop-and-garage/?pageNo=1

    Indeed it is, that one had more of an emphasis on alliances, with sharing of vehicles as an option. Although the purpose was still questionable. If vehicles were as valuable as the bays required to hold them, then there'd be a point. However, in the meantime it seems a little over the top to be putting such a comprehensive thing into game when the benefits gained are relatively little.
    That said, the alliance benefits highlighted before take this a step further giving the whole thing a lot more purpose.

    not sure if this have been brought up or not (apolgise if it has) what happened to the P.O.I's other people had set. my Only use own POIs (default is unchecked, which means it uses POIs others have set) in settings is unchecked. but i cant see or confirm the pois now. thanks

    The checking of others POI's has been removed a while ago. Not sure about being able to see them or not...

    Would be nice to see, I'd rather see some potential alliance co-operation stuff as well. Although the viability of that is known not to be too high

    These aren't improvements, they just make the game easier.

    On the note of alliance transport admins dealing with prisoners, I suspect it won't be as easy as the system works in a different way.

    i say this is a bad idea because of all the people that will make 2 accounts and do this

    Whoa, okay, that's one old thread to bump there.

    Leave them alone, they're generally resolved.

    (Just saving someone else saying the same thing here)

    Search dogs are used a lot in UK. Fire and Rescue have them for USAR for scenting around collapsed buildings and also assist in missing persons stuff. Both Mountain Rescue and Lowland have SARDA (Search and Rescue Dog assoc. Members) and some coastguard teams have them as well. Predominantly air scent search dogs, fulfil a different role to that done by a large proportion of police K9 units. I could see that they may be of use in game as an additional unit, not necessarily a main unit. (They're used as a 'force multiplier' in search as they can cover ground quicker than human search teams depending on conditions).

    Hmm, maybe some research on their wider use worldwide would be in order?

    The reason this is the way it is is because prisoners in the game are different from patients, its not the same system. This could probably be looked into in the future though.

    Please, that would be useful, granted, the 'treatment' is different, but in game, the prisoner transport system is different. Can make both systems together feel a little clunky.