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    Yes, that's exactly what I do .... the developers are clever. The fire stations are only 35(?) coins, no matter how many you have. But the points keep rising. So, you get to a point where it is better to buy your new FS with coins, and use your credits to buy other things instead.

    As you say, I don't buy coins until the specials come about.

    and to expand on that point -wait until the devs offer station builds at 1/2 coin cost, then build like crazy - then expand those when you can, and turn off the others until ready to expand

    I believe the 2 open slots are for the 2 larger k-9 units. you will need to buy another slot for the swat units

    did you put any expansions in the station? some have vehicle slots for only that specific unit - but still shows in the total slots

    to back up EMS-Chief - when Ems command ( unit and staff) came out there was an uproar because all of a sudden the EMS command unit - with 6 trained staff was needed for many calls and players didnt have unit much less staff. and If im correct on timeline - after a week - the requirement was switched to just 2 EMS command trained were needed - and as EMS-Chief stated many players trained their EMS Chief units with 2 and the EMS command unit became redundant ( as it was not specifically required anymore)


    actually the first response did answer your question, if you actually read the response.

    I just found discovered today that if the mission "requires" smokejumpers you have to send them by plane. I had a mission today that required "20 Smokejumpers". I had Brush Trucks in that area with all folks trained as Hot Shots and Smokejumpers, so I sent 10 brush trucks more than the 5 required on mission (meaning there would be 20 smokejumpers there. But it still would not finish until I sent a plane with smoke jumpers.

    yeah - smoke jumpers - jump (parachute) into some areas that are inaccessible to land crews ( similar to SWAT only counted in SWAT vehicles)

    a few tips - train all your wildland staff as hotshots - also buy a crew carrier and train that staff as hotshots - and when you build an airborne firefighting station - and get smokejumper plans going - cross train all smokejumpers as hotshots too ( the larger calls require many hotshot trained)

    i like the concept in general - my change would be to make it as a warden spim off - but allow wardens to have say a type 4 or 5 engine to their warden truck?? Since the devs have gone and added Hvy. rescues to both PD and EMS

    just a small insight - the fire investigator could also be doing some initial work for the FAA which would be responding to investigate the plane creah, granted there is no FAA unit in game , but i digress

    In today's world when Command Post Units respond, the folks that are managing them are "All Hazards IMT Trained". At least in Fla

    IRL id agree, but in game - no - only because - as stated earlier - 2 trained in EMS chief covers the requirement, and the EMS chief is needed anyway, plus it would only really work if the specific fd station has the ambo extension

    i agree with the fire based trailers - but not the EMS, riot police, or police atv trailers,( unless they are in a complex together) though the fire service should get their own ATV trailer

    have noticed all weekend that units are being dropped from calls across the board.. Not just medical. But mission showing patients such as active shooter, i have sent Ambulances and go back later and none are there and mission says still needed. Same with various fire equipment. Sent Battalion Chiefs only to go back and see they are not there and still needed for mission

    if you do use rescue ambos - that might be the issue - many in my alliance have had this and I have reported to devs and game mods