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    Hems would be awesome. As it stands, there is no way to own an air ambulance in the UK version, although the skins are out there for it under SAR helicopter.

    Have thought about HART too! They work hand-in-hand with the Fire Brigade for major incidents in real life.

    So I've been wondering in regards to the UK version how to acquire a HEMS (Air Ambulance) helicopter. I realise by looking at the skins this is the equivalent to the SAR helicopter, although I've no idea how to get it.

    Is there a certain building/extension I need? Do I need to train personnel? And most importantly is it even in the UK version yet?

    has anyone else come across this? I sent 2 ambulances to to a cariac arrest. Once stabilised I cancelled the transport ambulance to try and let my secondary vehicle take them to hospital.

    However, now it is stuck at status 4 (treating patient) and not giving me the option to transport with both vehicles now. How long will the job take to disappear if I release the units? I am now unable to complete it! ?(

    So I have in hindsight made the mistake of creating a fire station next to a large body of water. Ever since, I get jobs to shed fires and fallen trees in said water! At first I found it quite funny, until I realised that vehicles move very slow on terrain that isn't a road (I can see how water is a problem for them lol!)

    Understandably, it is difficult to smooth out some of these terrain issues with such a large game literally the size of the world! Just wondering if devs know?

    Just invested in my second station! EMS is definitely my second favourite to get into but it's a bit of a stretch until I can afford a hospital lol.

    In the meantime it'd be pretty helpful to join an alliance. I'm based in Southampton UK.

    So I am just starting up. Already hooked as I heard I would be lol, but can see it's a bit of a grind at first.

    Considering getting a small police station as my second facility, should I do this? Or focus on Fire & Rescue for a while?