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    What version is this on as to me this reads as if it is the US version of the game due to terms used.

    This has only just happened today, in last hour or so.

    The unit counter in the bottom left of the dispatch screen is not working properly. It is only registering one click on any AARR option and not registering the total number of units being dispatched.

    This is not a major issue but a frustrating one for those of us that use it as part of our dispatch confirmation. I use it to let me know I've clicked correct AARR button or count up ambulances I'm sending to a call.

    Just getting it registering 1 AARR click is no help.

    My only concern with Helipads is that it would likely also need HEMS missions as well, and whilst Im not entirely opposed to this, I do quite like not having to worry about my HEMS capacity. At the moment they are an entirely optional unit, helpful and great for RP, but could be completely ignored if you wanted too. I have enough issues with not having enough NPAS units at times at the moment. If/when we get the ambulance update, and HEMS because more valuable, then it might be a nice addition, but im fairly certain all hospitals with MTC have a helipad out of necessity and so I'd just consider it bundled with that. Though I wouldnt be opposed to them not being able to transport to a clinic

    HEMS needs overhauled majorly.

    It needs reintroduced to calls but make it so that it is a % chance on calls that's needed and then calls that have loads of patients make it so that only a % of patients need it.

    They also need to be able to act as a full ambulance too so they can be sent to do patient transfer calls this would be really good for folk playing remote areas where transfers to specialist hospitals is needed.

    Has anyone got a school that is showing it has a course running but that course has failed to finish.

    Just went through my alliance schools and noticed we have a course ongoing since October 2022.

    It has no one on it and says it's finishing in a few seconds.

    Now I could pay the 6 coins for it but why should we pay to clear a bug. Also what if it doesn't clear.

    We would also need one without need for ILB that can spawn more inland as not all Gorges would have boat access.

    I don’t understand why I keep getting calls where I need an inland water boat when I don’t have anybody trained in that.

    is it calls for the ILB? This is a In-shore Life Boat.

    I've not fully ventured into this update yet, but will be adding a few other parts this week.

    If you have bought the in land boat and trailer then you may have calls for that and that needs staff trained in lifeguard training so could be this.

    First of thanks for the update I was wondering if someone could explain to me why evacuation of a cruise ship or vessel needs a ILB not a ALB.

    This is a known bug I believe, there are several calls where the ALB should be able to cover the ILB especially now as the newer ALBs have a small daughter boat they can launch.

    Will a flood rescue unit work as a inland rescue boat

    Hopefully, but believe that going to be added to in part 2. Don't think it currently has any calls.

    As the game has developed we now have 4 different services all with educational needs.

    This is not too bad for smaller players that are developing but there comes a point where managing educational requirements can be a bit of a challenge.

    We now really need a way to manage the education side more both for individual players but also for alliances (like I posted before).

    Individually we need a system where we can see quickly what each station has in them, yes we can see this via the staff screen but it doesn't provide a quick summary of the numbers educated.

    It would also be great if there was a way to send staff from a station directly to education courses without the need to open a school. The school would obviously be built.

    Also a way where we can send staff off on multiple courses that run consecutively for example, I train my public order in both L1 and L2 (also for the Firearms Carrier they get L1, L2 and Firearms) it would be good to just be able to send them off once and once the first course completes the next automatically starts.

    As to Alliance education systems we now need a way to assist alliances to schedule courses more efficiently. Some alliances have quite extensive education provision now and are using 100s of rooms each day. So a way to help us schedule things would be welcomed across all versions of the game.

    Small changes to make the education systems more user friendly and easy to manage for larger players.

    I was wanting to send one to an alliance.mebers shared call to help out and didn't get the option.

    I've then and went and looked to see if I could send to one of my Lifeboat calls and nope.

    What's the story with the Helicopters.

    I've built 3 stations, added hangers, got the Helis, trained staff, switched them on, added them to AARR and everything they are not showing to dispatch in either my AARR or my unit list.

    Dose anyone know why the coastguard helicopter can transport straight from the scene the lifeboat has to take it a shore first and why the critical care personnel on board the helicopter don’t work have I missed something.

    Also can the coastguard helicopter be used as HEMS


    First the heli will transport from scene to hospital direct as they do that in real life anyway.

    A lifeboat can not go from scene to hospital they need to go to shore and transfer the patient to the care of the ambulance service for onwards transport to hospital.

    There is an issue around the CC element of calls just now as part of this update, so would take it this is part of that issue.

    Could the Spawn area have 1km and 2km added would make it a little better for some. I'm just thinking more for the narrower parts of firths and river mouths. 5km has lots of land covered in some places.

    Not a major problem for me more a bit annoying.

    There's whole alliances who regularly bot, have been temporarily suspended by the devs, and returned to the same behaviour. Reporting any botting to the devs is like pulling teeth, they want "proof" yet what proof can you reasonably gather besides their earnings, but it seems that isn't enough most of the time. Only way to get botters banned seemingly is to get them to admit it.

    I sent full proof in to the Devs including admissions of doing it by 3 players.

    What did the Devs do? Absolutely nothing not even a reply.

    The Devs don't care about it.

    Gave up worrying about it.