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    Name/Type of Mission: Aircraft Collision with Terminal

    Units Required: 3x Engine, 1x Platform, 1x Heavy, 2x Battalion

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Terminal

    Patients: 5 - 20

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 1500

    Name/Type of Mission: Aircraft Collision on Runway

    Units Required: 4x ARFF 3x Engine 2x Supervisors

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Runway (Large)

    Patients: 10 - 30

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2300

    Also do these suggestions still get looked it, just wondering as I don't think I've seen any of the suggestions be implemented recently

    sName/Type of Mission: Bomb Squad Assist

    Units Required: 1 Engine, 1 battalion, 1 Heavy, 1 Hazmat, 6 Patrol

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed):

    Patients: -

    Prisoners: 1

    Credit Reward: 1000

    Could be a successful defuse or could expand into building collapse or fire with x amount of patients

    Name/Type of Mission: Aircraft Fuel Spill

    Units Required: 1 ARFF, 1 Engine

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Aircraft hangar or Bay

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 500

    Name/Type of Mission: Smoke Alarm in Terminal

    Units Required: 2 Engine, 1 battalion chief

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Terminal

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 500

    It would be a really great upgrade if the K9 was able to act as a patrol car as well. It would add to realosm and usability of the unit. There is a very small amount of calls for a k9, so the unit is almost useless. However, if they could dual act as a patrol vehicle, they would be very handy. And in real life, k9's work patrol.

    the k'9 does work as a patrol, only it cant transport, it isn't counting as a patrol with the ARR's which is a bit annoying but it does count as a patrol on missions

    I have renamed a few patrol cars with a seperate custom class but it doesn't compare with having a real unit with real unit requirements lol.

    I thought that might be the case with forensics, would've been cool but since its more of an "after" service I don't mind

    Would be cool to get some more police vehicles into the game.
    Things such as,

    Police Supervisor, or SGT's
    Police Command Vehicle (similar to the MCV but for police)
    Forensics Team (not sure about this one as im not sure how teams like this get dispatched)
    Negotiator (could just be extra training for regular officers)
    Water police (would require police boat station)

    I Agree That the upcharge is Ridiculous! I get trying to add a growth curve, But the fact they Jump so radically so Quickly is unnecessary.
    I mean if the game only gets more and more difficult to continue playing is there really a point in even expanding at all?
    Don't get me wrong I do agree with having a growth curve, but the current one is just over kill and damaging to the appeal of the game for anyone that doesnt have $40-$100 to spend on coins every week.
    Enjoyable games generate paying memberships far better and faster then games that require it to grow and still don't fix simple problems that have been present from the launch of the game... Anyone that pays for premium on a game that can't correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, or functionality issues with almost 10 years to do so is slightly dense.

    Ive never spent money on coins. I still don't think the up curve of prices is radical. Also im pretty sure that the aim of a lot of games is to get harder as they go on. but if you're expanding properly and are in a good alliance who shares calls and has heaps of resources then its not really an issue making credits.

    The only thing annoying about it with K9s being sent as Patrols is the fact they can't transport, nor does it say in the radio it needs patrol car to complete it, so If it's going back to how it was, which I hope it is, we need a radio message saying "K9XXX requires a patrol car for transportation" otherwise larger built players like myself will take a long time to realise that it requires another patrol car.

    I see your point but the reason I don't like it tis that for larger police missions it priorities patrols from further stations instead of using closer k-9s which count as patrols anyway

    I understand for small missions when you only send one "patrol" and it sends a k-9 that it doesn't tell you if it needs a transport, that should be fixed

    I've asked the developers why there are so little credits for the missions. That was the above answer.
    Especially for Large and Major I find it too little because of the requirements.

    but that's stupid, with that logic the major train derailment shouldn't be 14000 credits seeing as there is so many patients

    What the hell is up with the payouts on the earthquake missions

    Small Earthquake requires 2 engines pays 300 credits <- this ones fine

    Medium Earthquake requires 5 apparatus 600 credits <- yeah I guess even though a similar mission pays more

    Large Earthquake requires 11 apparatus 650 credits <- similar missions pay a couple grand

    Major Earthquake requires 24 apparatus 700 credits <- ??? I don't even know what to say about that

    not sure if it was just a mix up but can it be looked into please :)

    if you get enough police missions you will get bigger fire missions and bigger police missions. also court house has been bought up before but its a dispatching game so it wouldn't really fit in

    missions will spawn depending how many stations you have +1 , not vehicles.
    if you have 12 fire stations, 5 ambulance and 5 police you will be able to get 13 missions at once because you have the most fire stations out of each type

    Alarm and response lets you create shortcuts for bigger mission so you don't have to individually click each vehicle

    Hope this helps.

    If you have a small fire Station, witch cost 50,000 credits.
    it will only cost 50,000 credits. To upgrade from a small to a full Station.
    That's at a cost 100,000 credits. Same if you brought it the full from the start.

    Once a small reaches level 5 and 6 vehicles. You cannot expand any further, until you upgrade the building. To progress further levels and vehicles it can hold. Also Ambulance, Airport extension and water rescue expansion. Within the fire Station. Extra vehicles become available.

    It take 24 hours to upgrade to full building. You still can use the station during this time.

    once you get to your 25th station the price goes up, it also costs more to get a full station not 50k. I dont think you really understood what OP was saying lol

    thanks very much!!

    Is anyone having the issue of k-9s not counting as patrols when using ARR's.

    it used to be when I clicked "patrol" it would select the next vehicle whether it was a k9 or patrol car but now for whatever mission I click its using only patrols instead of the closest patrols and K-9's