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    Damn, I hope they can get their crap straight soon!

    Yeah, they've been having issues for quite a while now. I think last time (before this cluster) it was DDoS attacks, probably the same this time. Kinda sucky people feel the need to attack a small game made by presumably not a large group of people that doesn't have a very large playerbase.

    None of us are aware of who is on the team - we don't deal with that side of things. I, for example, am exclusively UK based and don't do anything with the Australian side beyond having an Australian account from 2018 on the US game. I'll be honest I don't know anything about the development, who's running it or if they even have an account on these forums as it was not them who requested this sub-forum to be created - thus there was no initial connection between players such as yourself and the AU content team through this forum.

    understandable, i appreciate the forum being created in the first place but i feel like there should be at least one person who communicates things back to the devs for the australian forum.

    Without sounding rude, how are none of the forum administrators aware of the members of the Australian team? I thought forum admins and the devs were in close contact? Or do you mean that there is an entirely separate internal team and you guys only know the UK/US team?

    getting a lot of (translated) page not found errors. Been like it most of the day. Had issues with other servers today on the odd accassion

    Yeah same, that's what I meant by the gefunden error, only thing I could remember. I recently got re-addicted to the game so frick

    Is it still on-going? I don't have aus mission chief but from the uptime and downtime monitor there was no reported outage for missionchief aus.

    To be specific - when the game doesn't load at all it is a Serverfehler but when it does load but refuses to let me dispatch to missions it's that one that ends with something like gefunden

    I've tried reloading it and sometimes it works but then it either dies when I am dispatching units or open up a mission. A few other members said they are getting the same problem.

    Australia United

    Australia United is a very welcoming, friendly, engaging, active and fast growing alliance primarily based in Victoria (however players from all states are welcome)

    We are very active with weekly storms and near daily large scale missions and all our players are highly engaged and happy to help wherever they can.

    We have 3 alliance admins to make sure that all our members can be safe and comfortable in our alliance at all times.

    We don't have a minimum contribution rate or anything like that and our only rules are to make sure our members can be comfortable.

    We also have a discord server that is highly protected from spam with many anti spam bots and complex verification systems to ensure that all our members will be safe in the discord server (because of this we only give the link to people who have joined to plan to join - sorry).

    Our alliance name is Australia United (ignore our logo, it's from our old name and we don't have a new one yet) and we're currently 16th on page 1 however we're growing rapidly!

    We also seek user input on everything we can so your feedback will be taken on board and likely implemented wherever practical.

    Anyway, thanks to all of you guys who've read this and we hope you'll at least give us a go :)

    Have a great day!

    2nd In Charge, Australia United

    When I delete units from staging areas (on desktop or mobile) they don't always go home, a few of them decide to stay there even if the staging area expires (as in it runs out of time and disappears) they just stay there. You can make them start going home by sending them to a mission and then cancelling it.

    I have over 80 vehicles so that could be causing issues but it's still really annoying.

    I messaged the devs about this a whole back but have yet to receive a response and seeing as we now have a forum I thought I should post it here.

    Welcome to the new forum section for the Australian version of the game. Please bare with us as we need to bring the content advisors on board so they can actually relay what's posted here to the devs.

    I agree with demonic, thanks so much for making this happen!

    I’d love to see there be some reward for collecting these, even if it’s only 500 credits per pumpkin/Easter egg. Always has confused me as to why there is no incentive to do so?

    I was thinking a coin every so often, so they have a random chance to give you a coin.

    All they do right now is give you an award when you get enough but thats it :/