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    This is completely true. The community needs to keep in mind that Krys does graphics in his free time, and he is not getting paid to do it. He doesn't have to make anything the community requests, and it is admirable that he has done some requests. If you want a graphics pack made so badly, you should take the time to learn the craft and make sure it gets done right.

    The Philadelphia Fire Department
    - 63 fire stations
    - 5 EMS stations (currently working on an EMS expansion for each fire house)
    - 1 life flight
    - 6 Hospitals
    - 5 state police barracks in the immediate area (12 total)
    - 2 PD helicopters

    A closer view of center city

    PSP Headquaters

    Originally when I put the specs in for the call I had 20 patients. Hazmat didn't cross my mind at the time because imo PD is in charge of the scene and it is not a given that they will need a hazmat

    Think of it as the way a CAD would process it. Our county has ladder trucks with pumps, but they still are defined in the CAD as a ladder. You simply cannot define an apparatus to fill in as two different apparatus. We got dispatched to a building and had a rescue and an engine from a mutual aid company because our engine's generator was out of service. Computers have gotten better but they don't think like we do.

    The owner of the fire academy has to host a course. Then once the course is posted with a wait duration (if not it starts immediately), you go to the alliance tab and select courses. The course should be available there.

    From previous experience, in other games, lines could be drawn in the actual application without the use of openstreetmaps. Similar to the route that a helicopter takes (just a line, not using the map). It seems possible, but I'll take this to Sebastian to see if it is in this setting.

    THW is like FEMA for Germany, but we've interpreted it to include public works as well. There are currently no units under that section. I don't see any major issues with the calls

    I think the Gas leak is more like a CO type call.

    I originally thought of that as well, but it seems to be more of a fuel spill, considering it upgrades into a unknown tanker spill. (Also the gas can icon)

    I'd have to agree with TACRfan. Police are more likely to have Detectives investigate their fires, than a dedicated arson unit. That may be a detective subunit though. For the other units:

    USAR: Rename your heavy rescue and it's USAR.
    Rescue Engine: Proposed before, may be added as a reward unit.
    Traffic Unit: Maybe, I know Fire Police is a thing in some areas, the team could look into it.
    Brush Unit: Possibly in the future

    ALS/BLS could be added in the future as well.

    Detective, EOD, and K9 could be future PD units. Tow trucks may fall under the THW department if that is added.

    I would think it would be easy to just find random tones that aren't copyrighted though.

    German copyright laws are more stringent than other countries. Anything that is created gets a copyright in the author's name, as far as I'm aware.

    The issue has been passed on to the developer. Please be patient while they search for a solution.

    Update: Could you give us the link for your the SWAT truck? Every vehicle has its own individual url

    Please provide screenshots of your station, including the staffing, and vehicles affected. We need some more information before we can suggest a course of action.