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    You are correct in that multiple accounts within the same "world" are against the TOS.

    However, we are not experts on the interpretation of implementation of the TOS, I would recommend contacting Support through the app support channel or web support channel to get clarification.

    We can offer suggestions from the forum (but realistically, it is only a suggestion, even from the CAs).

    Hey guys,

    The devs require some additional information:


    We will have a look. Can you describe the exact setups, like vehicle x with equipment y

    Oh and if the ARR is using the new Equipment setting. Sounds like it could be related to that.


    This seems to be a local issue related to your system or setup. This issue is not impacting en masse.

    My recommendation would be to use the app support channel, as specific account issues can only be handled by that group.

    I can tell you that I have not had any sound issues with MC.

    Thank you,

    You are referring to an LSSM module ("BLS can be used instead of ALS").

    You would need to contact the LSSM development team about that.

    Looking at the patient code (33-D-2T Transfer/Interfacility/Palliative: Just resuscitated and/or defibrillated (external), Transfer / Interfacility)

    Delta Determinant requires ALS ambulance.

    The transfer mission requirements for ALS vs BLS are the same as regular calls.

    I am still working on getting Omega determinant codes fixed. It seems to be a harder process than I had wish, but I'll keep at it.

    I did.....nothing came out of it...but thank you Chief for the response

    Sorry mate, unfortunately when it comes to individual account issues, we really cannot do much on the forum. The real only option is a direct contact to the customer service team via the app support channel or web support channel.

    As indicated before, this seems to be a local issue. You will need to contact support via the app support channel.

    I can tell you, that I've had multiple Fedpol missions today, and I'm only running at 0.5x speed (just casually playing).

    I can also validate that I have multiple federal police missions waiting:

    Those are 3 pending missions that I have out of 56 missions (again only running 0.5x)

    I've also checked and found I've completed 4 fedpol missions today.

    For stats purposes, I have 62 police stations (all active) and 11 Fedpol stations (all active)

    I have a total of 676 buildings.

    The CAFS extension is purchased / available on the station (hence attached picture of the CAFS part). I've also checked other stations with and without specific extensions and can't buy normal trucks (Pumper or Tanker for example) either.

    When you purchase the CAFS and Foam Expansion, it comes with 2 free slots (that's why you have 4 of 6 vehicles used).

    ONLY THE EXTENSION VEHICLES CAN BE PLACED INTO THOSE SLOTS. (In your example, from the CAFS and Foam Extension).

    Meaning that normal vehicles, and vehicles from other extensions cannot.

    CAFS vehicles should be included with that, and hopefully that will be purchased soon.

    To purchase normal vehicles or vehicles from another extension, you'll need to purchase another slot (at which point all vehicles will become available again).