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    Same person is running the alliance... but thanks

    That is an internal alliance matter, not an issue with game play. Missionchief does not determine internal alliance ranks or roles.

    The "Roles" you speak of are not missionchief roles and are designated tags placed by an alliance administrator. Changes of such tags would be only completed by an alliance administrator.

    As indicated by Whitchit, contact the administrator of your alliance for any inquiries.

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    My transport isn't working. In my Ambulance Accident, which has a 100% chance of patients needing transport, didn't make me transport any of the 6 patients. I didn't send an EMS Chief or any other vehicle which can auto transport. All 6 Ambulances were still on scene at the end of the mission.

    I don't recall having to transport patients for at least a week.

    Is this just me?

    I've had regular patient transports throughout the week. I would contact support via the app channel if you are experiencing this issue.

    If your using LSS-Manager, you can configure your vehicles/tabs accordingly.

    I would wager a guess that Rescue Engines are appearing that category for the "Heavy Rescue Vehicle" component that the vehicle also fills.

    I have an ambulance station built, but, no hospital (yet). There used to be an inquiry about dismissing a patient upon completion of a mission. Is this a bug issue or is this something that the devs pretty much decided to do away with? Just curious.


    If you are in an alliance, you can use alliance-built hospitals or hospitals built by other members and shared to your alliance. As such you can run the medical missions without having your own clinic or hospital.

    If you are not in an alliance, or your alliance (or alliance members) do not offer a hospital within your area, you can release the patient after treatment is completed.

    Do take note, releasing a patient in a medical only call will also release the credits (meaning you will not receive credits for the release patient).

    Hey Faolan

    I have brought this up to the developers are a while ago and even provided the ProQA document on the Omega-response level to back it up.

    I will re-escalated to see if we can get this corrected.

    Ideally, Omega level patients should be able to be handled by a Fly Car/EMS Rescue, with a small chance of requiring BLS transport.

    Stupid question I'm not a medic at all. But doesn't a obvious death need a paramedic and doctor approval to officially call doa?

    Again I have no idea in real life. (Just what I watch in TV) ;)

    Each service will have different protocol for an Obvious Death. In Ontario for example, the provincial ministry of health and patient care standards define what is an obvious death (Code 5). This still requires a paramedic, defined patient care provided or medical professional on scene to determine this.

    I will not go further into how an obvious death is defined, as the game does not involve death.

    If you wish more information, find me on our discord and I'll give you some.


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    To echo what was said in the UK forum where this originally was posted:


    This will not happen as it is too open to abuse. Same with disabling calls, people will just disable all but calls such as large aircraft crash etc

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    See the screen shot above taken a few minutes before I posted it.

    I believe the point being made here is that the feature itself is still working. There may be a reason it is not working for you. I would suggest contacting support as it is not a global issue.

    What does "First responders can take full care of patients" mean?

    I see it under 'Requirements for this Mission' in some EMS missions. For example, Nosebleed or Fallen Person.

    This is a screenshot of it:

    Essentially First Response Units (Fly-Car, EMS Rescue etc) can treat and release the patient without the need of an ambulance to attend.

    Just saying that it needs to be spawned only in jurisdictions that can handle it or that it is realistic in. My community is nowhere near the water and therefore I have no boat docks and no large fire boats and could never finish this mission.

    If a mission requires boat docks then it will not spawn the mission if you do not have a boat dock. That is how the system works, there are station requirements for specific missions to spawn.

    Based on the mission, it would require one if not multiple boat docks to spawn. You do not need to comment that a mission doesn't work, simply because it doesn't work for YOUR setup. We encourage everyone to put in suggestions to be reviewed.

    There are a bunch of missions that require it, including:

    Weapon smuggling by water

    Underwater weapon stash

    Undefused naval mine

    Undefused air bomb

    Office used for firearms black market sales

    Branch of firearms black market organization

    Illegal Fire Arms Factory (Minor)

    Illegal Fire Arms Factory (Major)

    CBRN explosion on cruise ship

    CBRN explosion on container ship

    CBRN explosion on tanker ship

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    how do i use the large mass casualty trailer i have the right personal but i can't do any thing what am i doing wrong can you please help me?

    Please limit responses to the original inquiry for topic. If you need assistance, please feel free to open a new thread.

    Thank you.

    Some expansions give you additional bays (such as senior sergeant), generally you will need to purchase the required vehicle before the rest of the vehicle options become available.

    You can purchase an additional bay and then all vehicle options should become available.