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    Auto-Dispatching is in direct violation of the Terms of Service.

    Section 3.5

    As this topic is relating to a subject that violates the terms of service, I am closing this thread.

    any way to get something added that shows when an alliance member was last active

    This is already available to admins of an alliance. There are 5 colour groups that provide status for admins:

    * Online

    * Offline for less than 7 days

    * Offline for greater than 7 days, less than 30 days

    * Offline for greater than 30 days, less than 60 days

    * Offline for greater than 60 days

    When we get an airport update, how would the devs keep airport missions to airports and not have them spawn all over the map?

    Generally this is done by a couple of methods (from the US version):

    * The generating station has to have the ARFF extension active

    * The missions are generated using Airport related POIs (Terminal, Runway etc) as a requirement.


    The Police Supervisor can set a delay before the automatic transport.

    The delay is dispatch centre, so the delay clock will tick down on every mission even if a supervisor is not on scene.

    If there is a supervisor on scene at the end of the delay click, they will auto-assign transport.

    This is useful for those who want to manually send to a lockup but have a failsafe if they have to jump offline.

    I've gotten an update from the devs.

    The firefighter requirement to reduce mission time is only applicable on the vehicles that would fulfill the "Fire Truck" requirement (Type 1, Type 2, RE, Quint, PT etc), so this is why crew carriers are not impacting mission times.

    They are still investigating the dozer speed up, as that vehicle was created as a mission speed optimiser.

    Stay Tuned!

    That's not even the most annoying part of the rapid wildland missions... it's the part requiring 20 or so hotshots for each. As someone who builds realistically and my state only has 5 hotshot crews very spread out, it's so frustrating having to wait hours just so I can complete the mission. The amount of follow-up missions generated is also absurd. (as seen below)….png?width=409&height=676

    I brought this up to the devlopment team.

    The developers have advised me that they've reduced the spawn rates for this, so hopefully this will help out that issue.

    Thank you,

    Truth be told the US version is not setup accurately, in where generally when an Air Ambulance is attending to a scene, you'll generally almost always have a land ambulance or paramedic land-vehicle (ambulance, 4x4, truck etc) responding to the scene.

    ChiefBoden61 The timer he is referring to is when the mission expires (despawns) I believe.

    The timers you are referring to is when the mission countdown timer to completion is occurring.

    With regards to expiration, missions despawn after 48 hours (around 2300-0000 eastern time I believe).

    I believe that the point that DragonBlade was making if that the "Fire Investigation Unit" which requires "Peace Officer" training, is a dual-purpose vehicle, acting as both Fire Prevention/Investigation and covering the Patrol Car requirement.

    Therefore, if you wish to have "Fire Police" using this would be the equivalent of.

    I've recently gotten to the point where I have a large number of missions and im still constantly expanding. At times I can have a large number of small missions requiring patient transport request. So to those with really big set ups. How do you effeciently handle transport requests? Do you just manually go through all the transport requests? Do you send Ambulance officers on most missions? Or is there a method that i've missed? Some way to handle transport requests on a large scale really easily

    Using LSSM allows you to quickly go through transport requests and send them as required, it eliminates a lot of additional clicks like "Go to next transport request", so you can go through them quickly.

    Another option is to use EMS Chiefs with auto-transport capability who will auto-transport paramedic vehicles as required.