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    G'day all,

    It seems that we cannot add more than 2 police boats per station? For my build most police departments have 3 or more (Niagara Region and Toronto have a closer to 10).

    Can this be increased? I don't see why it is limited to be honest.


    Where is this? I am not seeing the tab your talking about. and Yes I am using LSSM 4 though very new to it

    This is available under the Extended Alarm Window App.

    Within the settings you should see the following:

    As you can see you can create or edit categories and add or remove vehicles from each one, or create new tabs (see I have "Rescue" and "CBRNE")


    The only Reason Why I would back it. would be exactly the same as a Quint, Rescue/Engine, or Pumper/Tanker. it can double as both. Otherwise I agree with Winwin, you can just name a K9 Sherriff K9

    Not quite like the other units you mentioned. The units you mentioned are only a dual-purpose (Quint being a Pumper and Aerial, Pumper-Tanker being a Pumper and Tanker). This request would make it the first tri-purpose vehicle (acting as a Sheriff, as a K9 unit and as a non-transporting patrol car) as both the Sheriff Unit and K9 unit are dual-purpose.

    I would agree with the other on here, I don't see the need for the Sheriff K9.


    Shouldn't the ICP (Intensive Care Paramedics) units be able to transport patients. I would understand the ICS (Intensive Care Solo) not being able to transport as it is a single paramedic responder, but I would figure the ICP (2 Intensive Care Paramedics) should be able to transport.

    As noted in the screenshot about an Intensive Care (ICP) unit is on scene but it is still asking for an ambulance.

    For reference purposes, here is the vehicle details below, showing 2 ICPs in the unit.

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    Good Afternoon,

    One of our members today was attempting to buy a Large Fireboat in the Fire Boat Dock and there was no option.

    Looking at it, it looks like the following has occurred:

    * Large Fireboat was REMOVED from Fire Boat Dock but any existing fire boats do remain. (Unable to purchase new Large Fireboats in Fire boat dock)

    * Large Fireboat was ADDED to the Rescue Boat Dock (Able to purchase Fireboats in Rescue Docks)

    * Large Rescueboat was REMOVED from the Rescue Boat Dock (Unable to purchase Large Rescueboats at all)

    * Existing Large Rescueboats have not been removed.

    * Unable to purchase a Large Rescueboat from any location at this time.

    Thank you,

    -- EMS-Chief

    I had to expand a fire station near the rescue boat dock to water so that it triggers calls.

    I keep the station downstaffed with no boats in it. I essentially just do the expansion.

    kinda joping there will be calls demanding the new units

    like a highly

    bv like transporting a contagious person or stuff like that otherwise it seems kinda obselete (as the flycars have become)

    There still might be, they roll out new calls every Monday. Perhaps they were waiting to roll out new calls to give the players some time to build?

    Also I use Fly-Cars quite regularly, as they will upgrade a BLS Ambulance to transport an ALS patient OR will treat & release a patient not requiring transport.

    There are numerous vehicles which may be "obsolete" in the standard of pure gameplay, but as a lot of people build realistically, they are still used (think Bike Police or Type 2 Engines).

    Canadian Primary Care Paramedics have a high scope of practice as numerous delegated medical acts, I would put them closer to EMT-A myself, looking at the document.

    With that being said, an attempt to roll out ACP training for medics to work on ALS ambulances in MissionChief would be very troublesome for every user who has an EMS base built up.

    Perhaps building Aeromedical (CCP-F) training for HEMS, but even then it could get dicey.

    (Side note, I'm building in Ontario, Canada and doing a fully realistic build).

    I have built them up as any RCMP Detachment (our Federal Police), but I've used built Railroad Police Services as Federal Police, since by virtue they are more of a national police service. (CN Police / CP Police).

    I have been building for a while and have a large build which includes 8 Federal Police stations.


    Totally not agreed. The hospital building is more like an ER service in an hospital. Do you know many hospitals with more than 30 beds in the ER ?

    Actually yes, I can name many hospitals with more than 30 beds simply in the Emergency Department alone.

    A lot of hospitals will have 6 - 10 Resuscitation rooms, another 10 - 20 acute care, 5 - 10 urgent care and a rapid assessment zone, which has another 8 - 15 beds plus a treatment area which will house another 10 patients in chairs.

    In addition to that:

    I can name a hospital with 5 Care Centres dedicated to their Emergency Department, with another 10 beds in it.

    I can name hospitals who have 10 emergency rooms beds dedicated for mental health only in addition to the above numbers

    Trauma Centres will generally have more beds as they are a regional/provincial point for medevac/air ambulance.

    There is a difference between a Christmas task and Christmas mission.

    The Christmas Mission, which is what you are referring to (ie, Burning Christmas Tree, Traffic Accident - Ice, Burning Advent etc) do not count towards the Tasks in the "Events and Tasks" menu. These only count towards the "Award".

    Thank you,

    I know for myself, except for my CCGA (Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary) rescue docks, all of my rescue docks at police marine units (Peel Police, Halton Police, Hamilton Police, Niagara Police, Ontario Provincial Police), as most EMS providers will jump on a police boat to assist in rescue.

    Perhaps, an additional training be added to Police Academies for Rescue Dock station of "Marine Law Enforcement" to make a Rescue Boat eligible for Marine Law Enforcement Missions?

    Hey Mike,

    In all honesty, a lot of the Paramedic Services are using more of a hub and spoke model (Reporting/Satellite station setup) now. Meaning that ambulances will go into the big reporting station for cleaning and restock.

    Paramedics report to the reporting stations for work, are assigned a vehicle then get told which station to go to afterwards. Making it an actually impossible to assign vehicles to stations. Same with ALS / BLS / Response Units etc

    Details on this structure are available here (from Peel Paramedic Association).

    Unlike Fire Apparatus, even in a station-based deployment situation, vehicles are move very often by Logistics teams so assigning vehicles to each station still becomes a very difficult task.

    Toronto Paramedic Service has recently opened a new 01 Station which is acting like the Peel Hub and Spoke model for the West Quadrants, a I believe another is planned for Scarborough for the East.

    Both Halton Regional Paramedics and Hamilton Paramedics also have these large station setups (Halton uses the Woodland Operations Centre just south of Station 14 on Bronte Road and Hamilton has Station 30.

    The smaller communities (Haldimand EMS, Six Nations EMS, Brant-Brantford Paramedics) have only a few stations so their vehicles generally don't move however. With that being said, I've found no real easy way of identifying which vehicle is at which station, apart from searching council reports, pictures of the station seeing if I can catch the vehicle number etc).

    Myself, I've resigned myself to just making sure vehicle numbers chosen are assigned to the EMS service and making sure there are no overlaps.

    A note about BLS Units, this game doesn't take into account the training that Ontario Primary Care Paramedics receive, as MissionChief considers the BLS level to be more of the EMT-Basic level of training. In addition, a some services will stock all of their trucks to ALS standards and only provide keys to ACPs or CCPs to access ALS cabinets, thus allowing an ACP/CCP to just on a PCPs truck and be able to work without impediments. In Ontario, even the smaller services are making that push to bring online ACPs into their service but that does not mean you'll always have an ACP on the same vehicle all the time. EMS in Ontario is very dynamic that way. For the purpose of the game, I've tried to maintain a 3:1 ALS:BLS ratio.

    If you need anything else, please feel free to ask :)

    -- EMS-Chief