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    Hello, new to the game. I do enjoy it. But on some units it says, “unit xxx has not enough personal (min. 1) or the given personal doesn't have the right qualification”. So how do I rectify this? Time, training academy, hiring more staff?

    I have a slightly different question - The code under your patient- It looks like an MPDS Code. Specifically headache. Does the US Server use them?

    I have wondered why Urology is there - IRL we get alot of urology calls but none on the game. I know ALCTW10 is working on content as he said above so we shall see :)

    The NHS defines Emergency Departments under 3 classifications. Local Emergency Department, Trauma Unit, and Major Trauma Centre, as I’m sure you know. In terms of ambulance decision making and the in game application of this, those 3 classifications is what I tend to use.

    I tend to do that too - Its just hard sometimes when you end up running crazy miles for say "PPCI" or MTC

    Alctw10 Hey I'm not sure if you know this but in the game if a mission doesn't specify a % for critical care and the patient is a cat 1 it is default 100. So with the cardiac arrest it should always have a critical care chance in the game as it always has a c1 call grade (unless a c2 call grade was added).

    My complaint with the Building Collapse and Firearms Attack is the chance is 100% so all 15ish patients ALL need critical care which can be difficult and annoying

    So does that mean the likes of broken ankle need critical care?

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone else utilises their hospitals as if it was IRL. For instance sending chest pains to hospitals with PPCI capabilities or the stabbing / penetrating trauma to a MTC?

    I find critical care frustrating sometimes - I have had several back pains need critical care which I find isn't really realistic, and then sometimes a cardiac arrest not needing it. Baffles me sometimes

    That’s a good point :)

    I meant the option to refer to GP. You click, get a set amount of credits and then vehicle goes clear.... just an idea to make it more realistic as I tend to refer a lot back to gp.

    It would also be nice to have urgent care paramedics but I think I’m pushing it there

    Hi - this might be totally impossible but it’s worth an ask.

    when an ambulance attends a job, it only ever gives the option to go to hospital, or it automatically clears on scene. Is there a way, to build in alternative destinations like GP / MIU....