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    This is not a bug. It’s actually a specific requirement of this mission. Some of the larger super high paying missions in the future may require the same in order to justify the payout of the mission

    Firstly, I personally don't get what it is for???

    Is it for a situation where say I have 5 ambulance stations in one place (to accommodate a large number of ambulances In that single IRL station), I use this "complex" to combine them into 1 building which will show a list of all the vehicles in those 5 stations at once?? (EDIT: having read what I put below, it cant' be used to combine 5 ambulance stations, but maybe that should be the use for it)

    I have asked members of my alliance for feedback to pass onto you and will post with an update during the weekend but here are some initial comments so far:

    1. (as others have said above) the cost is too much, especially if it is 1.5mil to add each building.
    2. The requirement for each building to be fully expanded is ridiculous, as not a single fire station in the world would have 24 appliances attached to it. Since this addition is in part claimed to aid realism, what part of 24veh / station is realistic (yes ik many don't play that realistic but some people do)
    3. the limit of only 2 of each type of station per complex (see attached image from FAQ section) doesn't make sense, if it's intended to combine into these "superhubs"
    4. (question) What is the 10km radius for? why would stations 10km away want to be combined?
    5. (question) once created, do all the vehicles "come out of" the single building complex icon, or where the original station was.

    (Edit: I forgot to attach the image I mentioned!)

    To go through your points. This was put forward to me as a way to combine multiple buildings that might sit on one site into one allowing for a larger building and with the ability to have it comprise of different services.

    1: Apparently this is a flexible cost so could be more if you have more of these. I agree it’s way too much.

    2: I personally think it should be a 10 vehicle minimum rather than max extended as stations that size would make more sense for a complex.

    3: I was told by the devs this could be implemented for use of tri stations and in the screenshots they have three types. Unfortunately I don’t have enough resources to test this feature.

    4: Not sure about the radius as it’s supposed to combine a site rather than a town.

    5: Not sure sorry.

    I think they should have delayed the release of this until April 1st. Seems like a waste of credits to me. Also seems like something a free plugin such as LSSM could potentially do, which would save me from having to spend 1.5 mil credits on it. My feedback is the same as always: maybe they should add something that we actually suggested.

    God bless the forum team btw

    If it had more flexibility like what has been suggested I think it would work well, but not in its current state. Like you say you could use a plug in to just combine icons that are close to each other into one.

    Putting the cost aside - you could make it free- and I still don't see the point. You can already expand fire stations to have EMS. IRL no American stations will have 40 bays (or more). The only tiny reason to do this is small towns that have 3 fire trucks, and 2 police cruisers in one public safety building. Note SMALL towns. I'm not expanding those two buildings to 40 or even 20 bays to make it into a complex.

    A few stations do have 40 vehicles + (I’m not talking bays but just buildings with that many vehicles like some large city police stations or ambulance stations for companies like AMR). In the U.K. we have stations called tri service stations which have some fire vehicles, maybe 1 or 2 ambulances and several police cars as it saves money. I was told this could be used to replicate that however in its current state there is no way.

    They are definitely some interesting proposals so thank you for that. This feature, whilst being in the U.K. game only at the moment is likely to be released elsewhere in the future. Like you say the price is crazy at the moment.

    Its been up'd to 24 for fire stations in the update

    So I didn’t know that was for this update. I had been asking for stations slots to be increased in line with the US game for ages now and assumed that the increase to 24 was the first step along that road. It appears it was just for this which at the time of the slots being upped I didn’t know about.

    I think if this gets implemented as currently described not a single player outside maybe the top 5 players will bother to build one because it is way too expensive to be useful. There is no way I would spend 20+ million for this. That is several weeks of income even for most late game players who are active daily. I am honestly baffled that it is even being considered to be developed with these requirements. In the nicest way possible, is the person in charge of gameplay balance familiar in the slightest with how the game is played?

    I have over 1000 buildings. I can spawn 759 calls in one go, even I struggle to come up with the money needed for one of these buildings, and the price goes up as well.

    With having a large enough account to be within the top 15, I wouldn't even consider building this. My full sized stations cost me 1.8m, 2m after the EMS expansion and some vehicles. Why would I want to pay millions more just to be able to stick police units in it? Lets get back down to reality here when it comes to pricing stuff out and think about what the majority of players could pay.

    I agree it’s too expensive.

    Ultimately, you could just put all stations in the same spot and achieve the same result without the need to fully expand a station, then pay an addition 1.5 million to "make it a complex".

    I honestly don't see the benefit of this at all.

    The concept is good, the execution is the problem. Like you say players will just do as they did before by building multiple buildings on the same site which is cheaper.

    I think it could work better if: If a station is expanded to level 24, it automatically qualifies to be a complex building (free of charge). If someone doesn't want to fully expand the station but wants a complex, then charge the 1.5 million (maybe reduced to 1 million)? Would also be useful if we could get more than two of a certain building and have a reduced minimum (as some have mentioned)

    That’s not a bad idea. A price reduction based on how upgraded the building that’s being combined is.

    As players are mentioning its very epensive for little gain.

    Why purchase it when you could spend the 1.5 million per building on another station?

    If I put 4 stations in a complex building, I could purchase 4 max small fire stations or over 60 ambulance stations.

    the cost does not justify the expansion for me sadly.

    It’s very cost prohibitive

    I realise i didn't go through peoples points on here so i will do that now. I will reply to everyone here.

    A station shouldn't need 20 slots then after 20 slots you need to buy the station for 1.5 million! You should be able to do asing small stations ans it shouldn't need 20 expansion!

    I agree this should be lower, if they want it late game make it 5 or ten, not 20.

    A: I agree, i have stressed this with them. Excluding the cost to build stations it costs around about 16,800,000 credits, or 4,575 coins which works out to about £240gbp. Way too much.

    B: I also agree it should be a minimum of 2 buildings.

    C: Again, as above, i agree it should be 5 or 10 expansions rather than 20 or 25.

    I would really like to see this in the US game. I would like to see it cheaper, gotta be less than 1 million or even 500k. To have small stations get the same ability. And to merge up to 10 stations...

    As far as i am aware the UK game is a testbed for this.

    I personally like the concept and the distance makes sense as its to combine multiple buildings that are on the same site rather than spread out across the same town, city, or region.

    I have spoken to the devs about the price. They want this to be a late game feature hence the price.

    I have said it’s too expensive. We are going to collect feedback over the weekend on this and I said I will speak to them again on Monday about this.

    My personal view on things is this. If they want it to remain late game then fine, even leave the price of combining them the same.

    However some things need to change to make it a good system.

    Allow players to combine 2 or more buildings rather than the current 5.

    Allow players to combine buildings once they are expanded to level 10 or higher (this keeps it late game which is what the devs want it to be) rather than having to max a building out.

    Raise the cap on maximum extension levels for ambulance and police stations so they are in line with the US game.

    One thing to note about these. They are not intended to be tri service stations, I have spoken to them about adding a police expansion to the fire station like ambulance for this. These are supposed to take the place of super hubs that are becoming a thing for ambulance and police etc.


    I keep asking for the maximum crew to be raised to 5 and the minimum to 3. In regard to allowing HEMS to be not reliant on a ground crew. I massively agree with this however the devs are standing firm on this and are refusing based on how HEMS works in Germany. Whilst I’d love to keep pushing it, I don’t want it to get in the way of other features etc

    Its also because the OSm might not be updated so certain roads are not counted in pathfinding such as the NDR in Norwich. Unfortunately it costs a lot of money to update the system so probably wont happen

    I do think this would help players in a lot of players, also city players to not get things like tractor fires. Im not sure when we can kickstart something like this but just know that i will be putting something together and will hopefully chat with the devs about this sometime soon. Probably wont be before the HART updates though.

    I had an idea before but honestly it wasnt put to the devs as i didnt want to distract them from working on the content updates as they are taking along time as is.

    My idea was to have a slider in stations that at one end is urban, the other rural, depending on the calls would depend on how far that slider would be moved, there would also be a box that you can tick for industrial. This option would then be in dispatch centres as well with an option that would override the station ones in case the player doesnt want to set one for individual stations.

    What do you think about this? Balancing is something i really want to do and is something i do try my best to make the game as balanced as possible when putting content forward to the devs. Its why for example we dont base anything (mission requirement wise) off London because its just not a realistic place for the UK.

    I know its a buzz kill to wait but just wait if it takes an hour for Hazmat to arrive it takes and hour, I get islands having little chances for some of the larger calls but irl these calls can happen. The difference is irl in more rural and I mean rural like Scotland the key is not fire power but more education and prevention. I personally have a fully realistic set up with 5 min delays to retained stations and 1 min for full time, for me it makes the game more fun and a challenge instead of having everything arrive withing 5 min.

    Please don’t double post. I believe you had made a mistake since one only contained a quote and the other your reply so I have merged them

    How do you suggest the call system can be improved for players in the most rural locations without massively reducing the amount of calls the player can get in those areas and causing players to get jobs spawn that have no large requirements which will mean players get financially punished in these areas? I know there are several places that are like this around the U.K. (Highlands and Islands, Northumbria, Cumbria, Cornwall etc) but I don’t think there is a majority of players in these areas for the very reason of the response times.

    The majority will not play in these areas and whilst I would love to see the game work for all areas and players, I can’t see a way to easily change this without breaking the majority of players who don’t play in these areas setups.

    There are valid points raised about realism that in real life the response times would also be extended in these areas.

    I am genuinely curious though about ideas to improve this situation so please feel free to suggest some ideas here.

    How would it work?

    As you can do it now in a way.

    One of the ways would be to set multiple different dispatch delays, so for example between 08:00 and 20:00 the vehicle can dispatch at 12 seconds, and then between 20:00 and 08:00 it will dispatch at 30 seconds.

    We also had planned to add the out of service times to crew members but also add it so you can maybe select by day and week as well so you can create watches

    Is the increase in station unit totals an indication that the update is imminent? I’m starting to get excited again

    I wouldn’t read too much into this if I was you. It’s a change we have been pursuing for quite sometime however we wanted it to be a lot higher than what it was increased to as we wanted players to be able to replicate the largest of police and ambulance stations.

    Things do seem to be running slower than normal at the moment. I’m not too sure why but I’ll keep pushing for things