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    Yeah that’s my mistake, I completely over looked the OTL when writing the missions and I agree they should have them. I would like to go back and retrofit the missions but unsure if the majority of players would like to see this change. Let me know on this thread

    But the argument of a lot of players are from Scotland doesn’t work, otherwise we would be basing this game of London (something I actively try and avoid as best as possible) as this is where the majority of players who play this game are based.

    I won’t rule out HART having a water rescue role in the future, in the same way I won’t rule out Mountain Rescue, Search and Rescue and Coastguard also having a role. But when it gets added, it will most likely only be for fire at the start until these other assets are added as fire are the primary provider of water rescue and flood response.

    If these are added it won’t be until quite far in the future, they also won’t function as the ambulance ATV carrier as they are completely different. Once can carry a patient, the other can’t, they aren’t interchangeable on callouts and you won’t find them responding to the same incidents as HART ones respond to.

    When adding vehicles, we want to make sure things have a purpose, we don’t want to look at adding things because they have a similar name or just to add them in. Just because there maybe a similar version to a vehicle already in the game for another service, doesn’t mean we will make them jump the update queue just to add them, they will need to serve a purpose. Case in point is the fire service Welfare unit. This hasn’t been added yet as we will need to add two vehicles not just one in order to account for the two most common types of welfare vehicle found in fire services, and then go back and retrofit all calls that may require them, it’s not a simple task of copy paste, and as I have said from the very start of this game, copy paste is something we want to avoid.

    I recommend using the L4P for these vehicles in the meantime.

    I believe the pod system is a different system more like the mass casualty equipment vehicle parking spaces. Expansions will not come to small stations

    I would like to see water rescue at small fire stations

    That will not happen. I have brought up to the devs many times about adding expansions to small stations but it’s not possible with how Sebastian designed the small stations originally out of fear of players cheating the system

    I may be wrong here so one for you Ambo fill out there but I believe only HART have welfare units. You have some other things for example the new East of England Ambulance service LOM vans have welfare facilities in the back but it’s not a full welfare vehicle (just a kettle, table etc).

    Welfare units for fire is something planned and has been planned for as long as the HART one. It’s not as simple as a stand-alone update for one though as several fire services don’t have a dedicated welfare unit. We have a solution for this though so stay tuned.

    So I spoke to the devs. They are not prepared to make it a new type of call and cap the number of times it spawns.

    I don’t want to look at making a cap system for regular missions as this could end up negatively effecting the game in the long run as it could mean they could cap large paying missions with the same system.

    The only other solution would be to reduce the amount of missions it can follow up from, but honestly I really don’t like this idea as it goes against my morals of if something should be done, it should be done properly so this half baked way of working it just doesn’t sit right with me. I’d rather remove the missions than that.

    Boundaries and area markings are not possible with OSM which the game uses.

    The expanding station radius isn’t possible as it will interfere with the anti cheat system. However, I have had an idea for a while about a call range booster. It’s a building that spawns calls depending on the service selected but you can’t buy vehicles at it and it doesn’t alter your maximum number of calls

    I know there are a lot of missions that can spawn it, I wrote the mission code for it. I don’t want to start pulling it off missions as all the ones it’s tied to currently make sense, I’d rather see if a system can be implemented to make it rarer. Not just for this game but also others.

    Maybe have it fall into its own category of missions, a bit like timed missions.

    It’s not a bug, but it is annoying. It’s because of the way this game spawns calls. There isn’t a way to change the frequency of calls in the game. I’ll speak to the devs and if there is nothing we can do we may just have to pull the missions. Panic buttons don’t seem to work in these games (using US as an example)

    People seem to not realise the purpose of this vehicle. This vehicle is used to transport a large amount of medical equipment to a scene, not as a treatment vehicle. Treatment is still carried out by ambulance crews, HART crews etc. This is why this unit is required on calls with 30 or more patients.…-response-unit-BPMNPR.jpg…f47d9--blues-presents.jpg

    I have asked about lowering or removing the limit. Ambulance services usually have two of these vehicles but may have more smaller ones.