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    You don’t need to campaign as it’s something I’m going to get put in the game. I’ve always thought the UK game needed more event days. Honestly I have spoken to the devs about this in the past and it’s something I need to write a list for them on. I just haven’t had time and have been way to busy.

    Please (and this goes to everyone here) if there is an event you would like to see covered, let us know and if appropriate we will try to get it in

    Just seen something kinda funny, the new bike responders have the exact same speed as any other units. just watched one follow and keep up with another ambulance on a motorway. I now have a mental image of a cycle responder holding onto the back of a blue lighting ambulance. Looks like those are going to need custom vehicle tags as they are just considered ambulances,

    I did set the max speed of the vehicle to 20kmh but obviously that didn’t do anything haha. Unfortunately the way the games been coded often it prefers to just use the signposted speed

    Yeah Prestwick’s larger is often military and it seems that things go out the window regarding to military haha

    So this requirement is some kind of game-technical stuff, not IRL connections?

    Btw have you got any info about Newcastle and Carlaisle airports?

    Anything could be useful, im quite blind on this.


    If your still talking about HART, it’s an IRL feature

    I take it this is all via POI system.

    If so I take it for the likes of Glasgow and Edinburgh I'm going to need to place all 3 levels of POI as they do cover stuff from small single props right up to the A380 at Glasgow and sure Edinburgh can handle up to the 747s although rarely does these days if at all.

    Large will cover Code B-F in game, Medium A-C, Small A-B. Glasgow would be Code F (which has always confused me as their fire service doesn’t really have enough resources to handle an A380, but here we are haha) Edinburgh would be an E as far as I’m aware. Although if it handles 748 then it’s F

    There is a known bug where Cat D missions are spawning as medium and a medium airport wouldn’t have the equipment to handle one so we are getting that changed.

    You should be able to simulate them fairly well and cat A and B would cover those small fields.

    There's a lot of missions already in the game not requiring more HART stuff than some 2xHART based airport missions btw.

    As new content gets added, it will use existing content in the game as well. Chances are big missions that don’t have a HART requirement are legacy missions. I don’t think we could add an airport update without missions having a HART requirement

    We can’t make content that works for 100% of players. The majority of locations in the UK have at least two HART bases. Ultimately it is the players choice to choose their play area, if they play realistically or not, and if players want to play realistically then they should build HART bases further away. For example for my setup I can have HART travelling 150 miles to jobs because they are the nearest team and I have bases way outside of my coverage area. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh are the main airports in the UK and all of these have sufficient resourcing around them to makeup all the requirements. Other airports outside of those listed, it will be down to the individual players to work out how they want to proceed and if they want to build the airports

    technically the P-8's aided in SAR with HMCG here :D

    If we are going down that route so do the A400M’s

    CG SAR does fly out of St Athan

    Correct, I just meant I’m not sure if it’s from the same facility on base sorry.

    Indeed. I meant using them as some kind of semi-real setup.

    At least retro. Like RAF Boulmer.

    I personally don’t, but that would be up to the individual player

    I've not tested out the airport bits and bobs yet but is this update still making use of POIs?

    It does. Unfortunately there is no way around this. I have spoken to the devs about overhauling it as they aren’t too happy with it either but it’s not going to be an easy change due to it being a Legacy feature.

    just one thing: worked for 7 yrs in an airport.

    It's called airside ops.

    This pack has been designed by people who currently work in the industry and in the relevant fields. You can rest assured that it’s realistic.

    Any issues please report them here as normal. Lots more missions will be coming, we have all just been pressed for time IRL.

    Hopefully you can see how hard the team has worked on this pack. What was supposed to be a “small” content pack that was put to us in between SAR, I personally feel is now quite the decent update.

    Thanks :)

    And whats with the old RAF and Navy SAR bases? I mean from the Sea King era

    All the Military SAR helicopters are now gone. I’m not entirely sure if Coastguard took over flying from those bases but I know a lot of them didn’t. Wattisham for example closed and east replaced leaving a massive hole in coverage along the east coast of the UK.

    Bases such as St Athan may have had military replaced by CG but I’m not entirely sure

    I want to get it updated so RRV’s can have up to three crew. In terms of personnel treating individual patients, I’m not sure this works as I believe it’s tied to the vehicle rather than personnel.