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    That unit was added as a gap filler between two updates, not because of Christmas. The problem with this idea is we design content packs for the devs, we can’t just pull a unit out of a content pack for people to vote on because it could derail the whole pack. If and it’s a big if this was to happen, it would be units that basically serve no purpose, like a ambulance bike etc

    It was ready from the sense that it was copy and paste from the US game, however we weren’t happy with that because we wanted things like it being available at small stations, more realistic missions, and other vehicles to tow the boat, so we delayed it.

    It also was going to include divers which again we weren’t too happy with seeing how rare diving units are now in the U.K. (met police basically covering half the counties in England) and are not used for rescue, more search and recovery.

    This has been changed. The Facebook post has been updated and you will be able to get coins for England, Scotland and Wales games. (Although I think if they are playing each other it’s only 1 coin)

    I told the devs this needs changing urgently as it should include Wales and Scotland. They have said they will forward what changes I have said need to happen to the correct people so hopefully it’s changed very soon

    That also has been included in these QoL updates that I talked about. If I get chance and remember I will go over it at the weekend in a short post on here

    When Sebastian ran things, everything from suggestions, to translations, to Facebook news and then the forums was done by us mods, this is now done in house for the most part, which makes more sense but I agree they could do with being a bit clearer

    willl hems bases spawn with extra staff or?

    I have a feeling that probably won’t be included but it’s only a 2 day recruitment if not. There won’t be any training for them

    To add on to what Vic said. An idea which has been pitched to the devs as part of a larger QoL update pack is to have tags that a user can create and then assign to staff called rank tags. So I could create a sub officer tag for example and then I can select all the staff who I want to have that tag at stations.

    Whether these will or will not have additional perks when added is unknown although they probably won’t but it’s something to be considered.

    And then as mentioned about we do want to have levels 1 to 4 for officers in the fire service as this is important to how fire services operate. Same has having a couple types of ambulance officer and then sergeant and inspector ranks for police.

    I have tried to get the devs to change HEMS to be more like the US one however they refuse and always go back to how HEMS works in Germany. I am not going to chase this anymore as it’s taking time away from other points.

    The change to allow HEMS to have 3-5 people is coming very soon. If you run HEMS with only 1 person you will need to recruit to a minimum of 3 however as part of the update, all HEMS will be switched to disabled so that players have chance to sort them out.

    HEMS RRV’s are also on the list of upcoming updates. They will count as HEMS but won’t transport, will probably go with an ambulance to hospital.

    There are missions that need re working however they aren’t high priority.

    The Cat 1 medical point however is a separate issue as it’s not possible with how the games patient system was originally made to do that. However I have spoken to the devs about this before and they are open to trying to change it in the future. It would be that calls require 3 pairs of hands as a minimum which is the requirement. Things like HEMS, OTL’s etc are additional resources and can’t count towards that base 3 pairs of hands.

    OTL is a specific request, that won’t change. The command unit is an optional unit that acts as the ICCU requirement (for example large aircraft crash could have fire and an ambulance). We do have plans in the future to have certain units that will be required at different numbers of patients but these are more mass casualty incidents rather than maybe 5 to 10 patients. The Ambulance command may also count as an OTL at incidents but I am yet to test this myself.

    Ok everyone, I am locking this because honestly it’s petty. If you want to argue, do it else where.

    If you want to make a discord for MC graphics then you can absolutely do that, no one is going to stop you and there are allowed to be more than one graphics server, so go nuts with it.

    Thread locked.

    I acknowledge Scottish SORT teams are basically HART, however due to them being called HART in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland, we felt it best to stick with HART and also it doesn’t make sense having two of the same.

    The SORT training we have in game is for SORT trained staff who assist in mass casualty incidents and decontamination which is separate to HART. Trusts normally have 1 or 2 mass casualty equipment vehicles and then several CBRN vehicles dotted around the trust in the event of a major incident.