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    I like the idea of a K-9 unit, I don't think it should do the building Collapse part as that is normally a USAR search dog instead of a police K9 ( A USAR search dog would be a nice addition to the game) but it would still be nice to see for some police calls.

    Hi, i was thinking of an update for the recruiting system in mission chief, rather than recruit for 3 days and get a maximum of 3 people i think per day its a random chance to get 1-5 recruits randomly. a way you could add a coin system as well is that for 10 coins you get a guaranteed 15 recruits over the tree days

    I love that we can make pictures for our stations but i think there should be an option to see aliance members building pictures aswell

    I know its not directly linked to this but it would be nice to see the ability to have 3 maximum personnel on a heli or if one of these cars becomes reality 3 in one of them

    I would do what you said with the ambulance station if it didnt cost 200K, i cant see much point in me placing down two ambulance stations at both of my Norwich and Cambridge helimeds just for 1 car at each, thats 408K just for two cars.

    Another thing that the Air ambulance cars can do is if there is a patient who requires and air ambulance doctor but is near the air ambulances base (5-10 miles) it is cheaper to send the car rather than to send a helicopter. This would only apply to uk based people i think as this program was on Sky 1 but i think it was called Air Ambulance ER and there is one episode where the East Anglian Air Ambulance get a call to a nearby school and instead of taking the heli they take the car instead because it is quicker and cheaper.

    These appliances are not crewed as they sit in a workshop rather than a firestation however more senior firefighters and fire enforcement officers still undergo training encase these vehicles are needed and/or they need more firefighters, another purpose these particular engines have is that they can be used by the military to provide fire cover if the fire service is on strike.

    Fair point, but if there was a MVA near your reserve station surely the long journey time from an active station would just be the reality? I'm sure where the vehicles are being stored there is going to be a public road, or something that could potentially catch fire?
    There are areas in my county where no calls generate because they're not near any station but of course in real life something could still happen.

    you do have a good point but the place I am talking about is actually on an RAF base

    The reason that I said about a reserve building is my county has a workshop that is not near the HQ and this is where they keep the reserve appliances, I think maybe the better option would be to have an option to disable calls around this building so if you have an appliance store in the middle of nowhere you can disable calls around it. The problem I see with not disabling calls around your building if it's in the middle of nowhere is if you get calls such as the industrial fire it could take a long time to get appliances to it, to get an appliance to an incident where my workshop/vehicle store would be from my nearest real life station takes 15 minutes and that is only a type 1 engine (I have tested this during a storm)

    Then you could have an option on appliances to share the appliance with your alliance members and then whatever call they dispatch them too you would also get credits as it's you vehicle.

    Or like what people in are alliance do they build a fire station and have that county's reserve vehicles there? And set the as state 6?

    yea you could do something like that, you could have all the vehicles in it state 6 until they are needed and then you could either deploy them straight to an incident or send them to cover at another station, maybe a feature you could also have is the ability to allow certain members of your alliance access to the vehicles

    I had an idea for a new building, it would cost 100k and would be very similar to a fire station however calls don't spawn around it, it would be a place where you could have reserve engines that you can use for large incidents or if they ever add the feature of having other engines provide cover at stations then these vehicles could be used for that aswell.

    Normally I can attend most calls in under 4 minutes however for the larger calls, such as the industrial fire it can take me up to 30 minutes to get a specialist unit to the call

    Hi, what is the purpose of fly cars, I always thought that they were rapid response vehicles for medics but I have been sending them to minor calls and every time it says ambulance is required but when I send an ambulance they end up not needing transport.

    My setup is based on real world locations within Kent, United Kingdom (located south-east of London and is the closest county to France, useless knowledge for you).

    • 26 Fire stations
    • 1 Fire School
    • 3 Hospitals
    • 3 Land Ambulance Stations
    • 1 Air Ambulance
    • 3 Police Stations

    Icons shown in red are mine, those in grey belong to friends in an alliance. I am still yet to cover the most eastern side of Kent and northern points but due to cost exceeding 500k for a fire station it's unlikely to happen.[Blocked Image:]

    I have tried to do the same in Norfolk and Suffolk but its now costing me 700K per station, its a shame because between me and my friend we almost have every station in Suffolk and i would like more in Norfolk but just cant afford it.

    Update to my setup.

    • 32 Fire stations
    • 2 Hospitals
    • 3 Ambulance stations
    • 1 Air ambulance
    • 1 Fire school

    I have custom pictures for every station

    These are pretty nice, I did try to keep mine realistic to my area but unfortunately with the type of calls I keep getting I have had to expand beyond what is realistic.