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    Does this mean the towable boat isn't meant to be the Water Rescue Unit? or am I misinterpreting what you've said

    It is. It’s just not fully implemented with Part 1. Part 2 will see specific missions for it. Further down the line there will be a comprehensive technical rescue update for fire but that’s not part of the SAR update

    Hi, Loving the update so far so well done to all involved. I have a query over the lifeboat units when on route to an incident. Currently they appear to be like aircraft and travel in a direct line regardless of objects or coastlines. I had a thought of something that might not be possible. But thought I would ask anyway. But similar to a patrol route would it be possible to plot a generic path from each station using waypoints that the boats would then follow to its last set point, at which time it would revert to its default system and travel to the mission. As we can currently set the spawn position for each building I don’t know if it’s something that is possible to add to the building tab. Again loving the update.



    This unfortunately isn’t possible. The way it’s implemented is the only way for boats to work. This is a big improvement over what it was originally due to the custom spawn area system which has been added. Unfortunately this does cause problems for lifeboat stations on rivers, however we are looking to hopefully come up with a fix for this using a combination of the radius system and POI’s. But this isn’t in development at the moment

    This is because I’m the future there will be more than just the boat trailer under the technical rescue extension. So it’s a problem with the FAQ. I’ll let them know

    There are several reasons that have been brought up in the past against the idea. One of the main ones was the biggest players have thousands of vehicles, to manage all of these with spares etc would be a huge task for those players

    An update on the SAR update.

    This update was due to be released before christmas, originally last week, and then today. Unfortunately there are some major issues with it and the devs don’t want to release it in its current state as there won’t be anyone over the Christmas period to fix issues.

    It’s a tough call and trust me, the team wanted this as much as anyone because of how much work we have put into this, but this is the right call.

    In game, “rescues” are only needed for major RTC’s. I personally would use WrL’s and then have the major rescue unit available. If I needed more and didn’t have neighbouring counties I might add in a few rescue pumps at wholetime stations

    One thing that has always bugged me as a player of the game is the timed mission feature. Personally I feel the feature is basic and was never implemented in the way it should be.

    My question to players is if you could change anything about the timed missions. What would they be?

    As above. And as I keep trying to tell the devs, planned missions need higher payouts to be worth the time. Why would I commit a fire engine for 5 hours for 1K when I could earn 50/60K in that time with the same resource

    NSARDA often work as part of Lowland Rescue teams. Cave and Mountain whilst part of SAR are not included simply because until we get an advisor with real world experience in those teams, we don’t want to add them wrong as it’s a lot harder to change existing content than add it correctly in the first place

    I get the frustration, but we want this to be right, not a copy paste. Lots of things to be considered, lots of time spent making sure things are named correctly, used correctly, getting things working as players would want to see them. Hint hint, helicopters. Obviously until I have played it I can’t 100% say this is how it’s going to be on release, but it’s looking good!

    I don’t want to give too much away, but for coast guard and Lifeboat it’s safe to assume that most modern photos of these two would represent something in this update.

    As for SAR, that’s a bit more difficult as every team is different. But look up ALSAR teams to find more out

    I have had a meeting with the devs regarding the content last night. This was a first for the game and I can proudly say that the UK game is the first game out of the 24 versions that has had an actual sit down meeting in a zoom call with the devs to run through new content. This is a massive step in the right direction.

    In this meeting I have seen a preview of the first part of this SAR update, and trust me when I say it’s looking good. Still work to be done but it should be in the near future.

    The meeting was really positive allowing us to make it clear the desires of the community, and advisors and we really hope that this shows in the final release. It’s taking it’s time because we want it to be right.

    I wasn’t sure if you were meaning where the helicopters are based or not at first but I then realised you meant graphics so I have moved this to the graphics thread and hopefully someone helps :)

    I play 90% realistic. For those areas that i dont know about or that there is no information on, i put 2-3 at Wholetime stations, 4-5 at HQ and then between 5-10 at Home Response Locations around the county