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    Stations: 52

    Water Ladder: 79

    Fire Officer: 71

    Aerial Appliance: 7

    OSU: 3

    HazMat: 6

    F/WRC: 2

    BFU: 2

    HVP: 2

    BASU: 1

    ICCU: 4

    Crew Carrier: 4

    Rescue Support Unit: 9

    Prime Mover: 8

    HazMat Pod: 1

    Rescue Pod: 5


    Stations: 33

    Hospital: 10

    Ambulance: 90

    OTL: 8

    RRV: 17

    SRV: 5

    PRV: 4

    Ambulance Officer: 1

    ATV Carrier: 2

    CBRN Vehicle: 1


    Welfare Vehicle: 1

    Mass Casualty Equipment: 1

    Crew Carrier: 2


    Stations: 30

    IRV: 218

    ARV: 37

    DSU: 12

    Traffic Car: 28

    PSU Carrier: 29

    Mounted Unit: 2

    M-RAV: 6

    Firearms personnel carrier: 2

    Police Helicopters : 2

    Trained Personnel:

    6 Police Aviation

    128 Firearms

    12 Dog handlers

    56 Roads Policing Officers

    96 Level 1 PSU

    72 Level 2 PSU

    19 Police Medics

    55 Sergeants

    33 Inspectors

    30 Critical Care

    23 HART

    2 Tactical Command

    4 SORT

    1 Ambulance Officer

    24 HAZMAT

    20 Command

    4 HVP

    And that's only with about half of London built.

    It is. It’s just not fully implemented with Part 1. Part 2 will see specific missions for it. Further down the line there will be a comprehensive technical rescue update for fire but that’s not part of the SAR update

    So for this are we going to be looking at things like RSUs with boats a large enough number of RSUs do carry boats or at least some advanced form of water rescue gear?

    On the map all my vehicles are showing a text box with their callsign and status. There's no scripts running or Dispatch Centre settings on and even after refreshing it still won't go away? Any fixes or suggestions?

    Having an issue at the moment where units aren't loading in the dispatch menu or ARR. This morning I got on and no units would load at all, ARR completely red crossed out. This afternoon it's only the most local of units looks like 1 or 2 stations in a 2 minute radius will load. Any help or fixes, I've got some large earner calls pending and need my units ASAP.

    Should add as well that it doesn't bring up the orange load more units button either

    NameFire Rescue Unit
    Purpose-Multi-role vehicle for HAZMAT, RSU; eventually water rescue and any other specialised rescues e.g. animal,line or USAR
    How many personel are requiredMin 1 Max 5
    Training-Fire Rescue Unit Training
    Building expansionTechnical Rescue expansion, or water rescue expansion
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsWill Not Transport

    I love the building Graphics, are they custom made by you?

    My very small but profitable set up, I've spent my time working on quantity in my stations. I've got 7 Ambulance Stations left and 1 police station which I definitely didn't forget about . The plan from there after to speaking to a Cadet mate is to expand into South West London, any ideas for expansion once I finish the tough job that is London?

    Just a quick question. I know we can do multiple trainings giving us the Armed Traffic Car, but does this apply to other trainings? For example training firearms officers to have medic training or making firearms officers sergeants or inspectors? Just making sure I don't undo any training or bug my personnel.

    Personally if you want to do ranks go into the staff editor and just add the title or initals after their name. So much easier that way, and much more optional/adjustable.