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    Maybe a rescue unit or two be added? Even swift if needed

    Then the calls need to be adjusted, also don't make a sergeant unit make a training so you can have a sgt motorbike, swat sgt, k-9 sgt patrol sgt sherriff sgt etc

    Yh, probably sergeants can just be trained personnel... could make graphic cooler with 3 stripes next to the person's name 8obut ngl, its gonna be quite the work for MC

    I just checked. I have 3 stations. Not sure why I wrote 2. But even then it shouldn’t be triggering sheriff calls. Could it be because I built the jail cell in the main station? Even then I shouldn’t be triggering calls like that. And that was the base call. Not even it being extended. I had to spend the coins just to clear them so I could get fresh missions.

    I believe Gooochy just mentioned it being at 3 instead, at this point, just suggest going into an alliance and having them clear it for you

    I see that the issue you are having right now is that you are unable to get help, I would suggest going into an alliance so they can support you with this.

    You shouldn't be getting Sheriff Calls at 2 stations. It is either a bug OR you have stations at other locations with a total of more than 7 stations. (Leaning toward the bug)

    There is a way where you can pay coins to end missions but from the speed the sheriff units are coming out, I doubt thats going to get you enough credits.

    You still get credit but not as much as if you do. You can definitely still transport it there. I think the only exception would be if you are running out of beds there and you have patients that you want to transport to that hospital as it has the appropriate departments.

    I like this idea, I would say add this as a realism type of thing. Maybe if the battalion chief assigned was with its crew, the crew would be able to work more efficiently?

    I am also suggesting the Division Chief unit. All major operations of the major operations will get that requirement. I don't think sending 4 battalion chiefs to an incident without a higher ranking chief would be realistic in real life.

    Hi, for West Midlands (second largest ambulance service in UK) I have this which was taken from a FOI they released (which now seems to have vanished). It is from 2018 but still pretty much accurate, as far as I know.

    Off topic, check out Youtube videos about that haha, its pretty cool.

    i would be suspicious why with level 6 I would have 9 slots. When regular station without any expansions has 7 slots. :D

    Oops typo?

    Maybe thats the answer. I have 7 regular cars, and then a boat. So that boat takes up spots 8 and 9? It would be cool if the UI reflected that somehow.

    Agreed! It would be great if more specific unit info could be added and have the description be available in areas outside of vehicle market. As of right now, I think the only place where you can see some form of unit description is Vehicle Market

    Oops sorry, just to clarify, I use the PC version too. Apparently, it does have a filter but it only works once. So if i click onto the next transport request, it will reset and it is a pain going through that list again.

    A suggestion would be the feature of filtering out alliance hospitals. If there could be an option that saids "filter only hospitals with needed departments and 0% tax" then it will be very helpful for players not wanting to pay tax and not needing to click next multiple times.

    I would say that is a valid idea but unfortunately, if such feature was implemented, it would be unfair for some players as others will set extremely close spawn radius to minimize response times.