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    It's not so much that - my area is a mostly rural area, and stations often cover a large area. I play as realistically as i can, but many of the stations (irl) only have 1 appliance, so yes I add an extra pump at some of these or the odd hazmat & WrC dotted kind-of strategically around. but its more that the missions are disproportionately generated in an area.

    Just earlier I had a station in the middle of nowhere with 1 pump generate 3 missions - 2 of which were 8+ appliance incidents - within minutes of each other - requiring units from 20-30+ mins away needing to be called. Now IRL 30 mins is perfectly reasonable - but 2 large missions like that in such a remote location is less so reasonable... meanwhile I have mainly smaller calls in the city which as 3 stations :S.

    Add onto this that there's only 1 HART base in the whole region, that puts it right on the far edge of my current playing area, then I'm usually left waiting around for up to 45 Mins for a PRV & SRV to arrive.

    IRL you'd be very unlikely to have as many large incidents at the same time as you get in the game.

    But I guess it adds to the strategy & planning side of the game.

    Does anyone else experience this?

    It feels like the game constantly clusters resource-intensive major incidents in a relatively small area, forcing me to draw resources from far afield, leaving areas without cover; Meanwhile other areas either get hardly anything, with only the odd small mission which can't be covered bc all the units are in at the MI.

    The area the cluster is in seems to rotate at least daily.

    Also just had a "Train Station Fire (Large)" in a town that doesn't even have a railway line, nevermind a station smh :rolleyes: & i dont have a POI there either so why it spawned there is beyond me

    My guess is possibly a event which likely have serial offenders in attendance. A Sports event with fans with a reputation of causing trouble possibly - hence the need for public order officers?

    It's not a major issue really.

    It is also can be a very inaccurate measuring system as it uses a direct measure of distance and not the actual road distance. Direct is great for Helicopter and Boats but can be utterly useless for land vehicles.

    I've got several situations where I need to often select a different destination as it is closer by road than the first one suggested. Got one where the closest station is 2 miles away direct but over other side of a river and the actual distance to it is 15 miles. The actual closest by road station is 3 miles away and you need to pass it to go to the other one any way, there are actually 6 stations closer by road.

    This is a fair point, I had had not considered that particular scenario as the I haven't had that myself.

    Although I still think consistency across the server should be considered. All distances should be in the same units across the server (whether that's miles or km).

    There are only 3 countries in the world that are officially non-metric. We shouldn't pander to this kind of mental laziness.

    Considering there are country specific servers, this argument is stupid and frankly uncalled for. By all means use metric on a countries server that uses metric, but for those countries that don't, at least have the option (as the original suggestion was).

    I'm seeing distances in miles in game.

    On the UK server?

    Oh wait yes; I see miles as the unit used for a vehicle's Total distance & Mission window, but in km in direct dispatch in the vehicle's window & on transport requests.

    A little constancy wouldn't go a miss

    Hello all,

    I'd like to propose a small Quality of Life update ... An option to show distances in Miles (rather than km). Since in britain all signs are in Miles, most people are more accustomed to thinking of distances in miles over km.


    “Kid stuck in climbing frame” Remove RSU, Remove FO, Remove Police Car, paitent code lowered form a C1 to C2/C3

    Yes this slightly perplexed me as well. Why do all these resources just for this? All they're gonna do is cut the climbing frame. Do you really need a FO to manage that scene? Maybe have it as any any fire appliance (fire engine or RSU) attent. As for the patient code - unless that child is impaled pretty sure it is not life threatening enough to be a C1

    They are pretty much useless within the game - but in the real world they are usually based out of a rural fire station and respond much like a community first responder, being sent to say a cardiac arrest to provide early CPR and defibrillation while waiting for an ambulance (typically quite a distance away) to arrive and complete treatment/transport. Although unlike most basic CFRs, Co-Responders do have the the training and equipment to administer oxygen/airway management and Entonox/basic pain relief. This is why they use a seperate responder car to carry this equipment and quickly negotiate tight rural roads.

    I'm pretty sure they have to be in a Co-Responder car, but not 100% sure if they'll work on another vehicle.

    When in a Co-Responder car, though, they act as a regular RRV as far as I can figure - just cant be trained to critical care level as you could with a paramedic in an RRV/GP. However I don't really find them much use as by the time it's got there and you find out you need an ambulance anyway, you might as well have only sent the ambulance - much like an CFR/RRV/GP.

    On what you said above:

    I think an easier change to implement would be to have a separate 'vehicle description' field when editing a vehicle.

    This works also, I only suggested a separate new callsign field as the current field is already filled and has an established 150 character limit. But maybe a rename the current field and addition of an optional callsign field, with a lower character, limit may be more appropriate? Obviously whatever is used it shouldn't be allowed to break people's current systems/setups, jus an additional supplement to it.

    In settings under 'show vehicle names on map' there could be 'show vehicle type' (like as the vehicles name on map), 'show vehicle callsign' (which currently is the only setting) and 'show vehicle description'. This would enable greater customization and would fix the issues you have above. I have actually turned off the vehicle name display because like you said, it got too crowded, but with these changes it would be manageable.

    I agree, this idea would work a lot better - having the ability to toggle individual parts vehicle parameters would be a good addition & solution.

    I actually used to have the Show vehicle names on map turned off, but recently wanted to turn it back on to better keep track of which unit is where, but it's just a mess how it is at the moment - to the extent i've considered removing the descriptor just to tidy up the map, at the expense of completely forgetting what each callsign actually represents 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Also on the topic of naming, I would like the character limit on dispatch centers to be removed. Some realistic dispatch centers have names longer than 40 characters. It is currently a thing so when you click on a dispatch center the name doesn't fill your whole screen. Instead of the character limit, we could have it so it is a character display limit. If it goes over 40 characters three little dots at the end of the 40 characters and to view the rest of the name/full name you have to click and open the building.

    I too have come across this little annoyance, not only on dispatch centers but also regular stations (such as a " & ambulance station") and have ended up having to us abbreviations which just look bad to read.

    Hello all,

    I have a couple of "quality of life" suggestions to put to you and would appreciate your input and with any luck have them put to the devs for consideration & hopefully implementation.


    Part 1

    I would like to propose a way to show a shorter vehicle name/callsign on the map.

    Currently I have my units named with a callsign and a descriptor (e.g. EC20A1 - Lincoln South Aerial Appliance; 31🞳 XA201 - Mansfield ARV 1; A4010 - Boston Ambulance 10). However, if I have the "Show vehicle names on map" option ticked it soon becomes a mess (see below,).

    I like to have the descriptor portion since it easier to search & differentiate units in a list, where as on a the map I mainly want to see the vehicle state & a quick "is that an rrv or otl" or "is this pump 1 or 2" kind of thing

    I would like a way to show just the callsign portion of vehicle names. This could be done by introducing a new callsign field in the vehicle properties, or (probably more feasibly) a setting to only show x number of characters. and possibly reveal the full name when you hover over the vehicle.

    Part 2

    The same as above but for mission names, currently it shows the whole mission name and address, which again looks very messy. I'd like to suggest only showing the mission name - or a shortened version of the mission name, then showing all the details once you hover over.

    EDIT: Added greeting paragraph

    I'm pretty sure when they first released the update, the fire course was called Technical Rescue training, but that appears to have disappeared?

    The SAR Part 1 FAQ states that a Boat Trailer at a Fire Station (small) with Technical Rescue Extension requires Technical Rescue education, but obviously this doesn't exist - which i'd assume is what the Lifeguard Training at a fire school is supposed to be, It just needs renaming.

    The trailers: graphics wise, will the car 'drags' the trailer image behind them,

    or it'll work like the PODs: you have to make a diffo graphic for the with-trailer version?

    Currently seems to be that both units, the 4x4 and trailer in the case of fire, show at the same time like it's being dragged.

    The update been out a day now, has anyone discovered how any/all of the trailers work? (both graphics wise and in general)

    Something minor but may cause confusion.

    The FAQ mentions firestations now having Water Rescue extensions available for Boat Trailers

    But in the game the extension is actually called Technical Rescue. I'd assume this is just a typo on either the FAQ or game.

    I was under the same impression as you, however since I do not use command pods it's not something I'm able to test out.

    I'm pretty sure that the other day I had an ICCU at a mission which did fulfil the FO requirement as I expected - so I assume it must be a command pod issue. but its hard to test as my command units are quite thinly spread accross my area.

    I'm looking for a little clarification here.

    As far as I thought I was aware;

    • An ICCU fulfilled a FO requirement (therefore only need 5 FO+ICCU instead of 6FO+ICCU for example)
    • A Command Pod fulfills the same needs as an ICCU

    So I was suprised when I sent a Command pod to a mission, and it still needing 1 extra FO.

    Are ICCU/Command Pods no longer considered FOs or is there an issue with command pods specifically?

    I have recently restareted playing a lot more again, and though maybe the mechanichs have beeen altered since I last played a lot?

    Personally I just have a regular station where I store spare units and put them either 300s response delay or state 6 so they aren't sent out reguarly.

    I then just swap vehicles between operational stations and the storage station periodically to emulate a unit going for repairs and a spare covering , without having to delete units I might need in the future.