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    I'm pretty sure when they first released the update, the fire course was called Technical Rescue training, but that appears to have disappeared?

    The SAR Part 1 FAQ states that a Boat Trailer at a Fire Station (small) with Technical Rescue Extension requires Technical Rescue education, but obviously this doesn't exist - which i'd assume is what the Lifeguard Training at a fire school is supposed to be, It just needs renaming.

    The trailers: graphics wise, will the car 'drags' the trailer image behind them,

    or it'll work like the PODs: you have to make a diffo graphic for the with-trailer version?

    Currently seems to be that both units, the 4x4 and trailer in the case of fire, show at the same time like it's being dragged.

    The update been out a day now, has anyone discovered how any/all of the trailers work? (both graphics wise and in general)

    Something minor but may cause confusion.

    The FAQ mentions firestations now having Water Rescue extensions available for Boat Trailers

    But in the game the extension is actually called Technical Rescue. I'd assume this is just a typo on either the FAQ or game.

    I was under the same impression as you, however since I do not use command pods it's not something I'm able to test out.

    I'm pretty sure that the other day I had an ICCU at a mission which did fulfil the FO requirement as I expected - so I assume it must be a command pod issue. but its hard to test as my command units are quite thinly spread accross my area.

    I'm looking for a little clarification here.

    As far as I thought I was aware;

    • An ICCU fulfilled a FO requirement (therefore only need 5 FO+ICCU instead of 6FO+ICCU for example)
    • A Command Pod fulfills the same needs as an ICCU

    So I was suprised when I sent a Command pod to a mission, and it still needing 1 extra FO.

    Are ICCU/Command Pods no longer considered FOs or is there an issue with command pods specifically?

    I have recently restareted playing a lot more again, and though maybe the mechanichs have beeen altered since I last played a lot?

    Personally I just have a regular station where I store spare units and put them either 300s response delay or state 6 so they aren't sent out reguarly.

    I then just swap vehicles between operational stations and the storage station periodically to emulate a unit going for repairs and a spare covering , without having to delete units I might need in the future.

    It's been a whils since ive played, but im starting to get back int o the game again.

    my question is how do i add an Amulance Officer to a station? Because they don't show up in my vehicle market list.

    Does the station need mass casualty extension to unlock?? as they are available in my single station (a HART Base) that has the extension.


    They're about 40 mins away - so about 50 ish km?

    And I just noticed the button at the top 🤦‍♂️

    I guess it makes sense to not load all the units at once but it's still annoying when you forget and you suddenly have no units available


    I seem to have an issue with HART units always being "unavailable", they don't appear in my vehicle list and won't dispatch via ARR?

    I have the station turned on, all staff trained, and all units set to status 2.

    EDIT: They work now but only when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the vehicle list and click the "Vehicle Display Limited! Load More!" button. This is still an issue though, since there shouldn't be a need to have to click that button to use ARR imo.

    I just noticed this too. Quite confused tbh.

    I can understand maybe sending a PRV instead of an RRV, as they're small, and possibly an SRV, but definitely not an ATV carrier or Welfare unit.

    The new HART base does allow you to have all the vehicles of a normal ambulance station as well as the new HART units, so technically this is a large station with a HART extension. but I see where you're coming from.

    Although in the area I'm based they do have a separate HART base where all their resources a based rather than at a normal ambulance station. Ambulance services don't seem to like people knowing where their HART resources are located, so they're not marked on maps like normal ambulance stations are.

    Hello, I was wondering what is the mechanism behind the tags of forum members?

    Right now it says I'm a "beginner", at what point does this change to the next level up?

    Is it related to the length of time on the forum or the number of posts or something like that? or is there a way to relate I to the length of time playing the game?

    I ask because I've been playing MC for more than a year now and would consider myself a little more than a "beginner" at this point?

    I know it doesn't really matter, but to some people in the forum, they may not take on the input of someone labelled as "Beginner" as much as say an "Intermediate" or "experienced", even though they may have been playing the game a long time and just not joined this forum until recently.


    The idea of being able to upgrade individual units is an intriguing one. This would also bring an extra bit of strategy into the game, of deciding whether or not to send units with the upgrades or a regular base unit will suffice.

    Or for adding foam to water carriers, or a welfare augment to a BASU unit?

    I like these ideas also - they'd probably need to introduce a Foam tender before a foam upgrade could be added to WrCs and a dedicated welfare unit before a welfare upgrade for both BASU and ICCU (possibly Crew Carrier as well) would be needed a bit all great ideas!.

    I think the ability to upgrade units, in general, would be a great addition, like adding extra capabilities to ambulances to carry more advance equipment or traffic cars to have a TPAC addon (although a TPAC may be more suited as a staff training course)

    Firstly, I personally don't get what it is for???

    Is it for a situation where say I have 5 ambulance stations in one place (to accommodate a large number of ambulances In that single IRL station), I use this "complex" to combine them into 1 building which will show a list of all the vehicles in those 5 stations at once?? (EDIT: having read what I put below, it cant' be used to combine 5 ambulance stations, but maybe that should be the use for it)

    I have asked members of my alliance for feedback to pass onto you and will post with an update during the weekend but here are some initial comments so far:

    1. (as others have said above) the cost is too much, especially if it is 1.5mil to add each building.
    2. The requirement for each building to be fully expanded is ridiculous, as not a single fire station in the world would have 24 appliances attached to it. Since this addition is in part claimed to aid realism, what part of 24veh / station is realistic (yes ik many don't play that realistic but some people do)
    3. the limit of only 2 of each type of station per complex (see attached image from FAQ section) doesn't make sense, if it's intended to combine into these "superhubs"
    4. (question) What is the 10km radius for? why would stations 10km away want to be combined?
    5. (question) once created, do all the vehicles "come out of" the single building complex icon, or where the original station was.

    (Edit: I forgot to attach the image I mentioned!)

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